I'm almost done with the Patel Patriot/Jovan Pulitzer/Patrick Gunnels & Richard the Saint podcast.

If you saw it, did it leave you as discouraged as it did me?

It's hard to stop writing when it comes to the Newfoundland because the breed is beloved in literature (Peter Pan's Nana), was the only dog to accompany Lewis and Clark, was precious confident to Emily Dickinson, music credit and pet of composer, Richard Wagner, and I didn't even BEGIN to talk about the Newfoundland as a hero to war troops. To see more about the breed working with the Italians, check out this link:


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Jack always responded to cries for help from the water by diving in & pulling whoever was in trouble to safety.

He remains the only dog ever to have been awarded 2 bronze medals (the canine version of the Victoria’s Cross) by the National Canine Defense League which awards the medals in recognition of deeds of daring, selfless risk-taking, & mostly happy endings. A happy ending did not come to Jack.

He died in 1937 after eating rat poison. In 2000, Jack was named ‘Dog of the Century’

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History is replete with hero Newfoundlands. Meet Swansea Jack. Jack lived in the 1930′s & looked more like a Lab, but he was a Newf. His first rescue was in June 1931 when as a 12 month old pup, he saved a 12 year old boy. A few weeks later, Jack rescued a swimmer from the docks in full view of a crowd. His photograph appeared in the local paper.

Over the next 10 years, Jack saved 27 people from drowning in the most dangerous river & docks in Wales. Many believed the number was even higher.

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To its credit, the Newfoundland Club of America holds water rescue tests & dogs can earn coveted titles.The tests are: The “Search for Abandoned Boat,” exercise, the “Rescue an Unconscious Victim," “Rescue of Victim with Capsized Boat,” “Delivery of a Line td the “Rescue of Multiple Victims.

The Italian tests are at least as vigorous, and that's why there are over 300 of these canines on duty across Italy’s beaches. They have, to date, saved around 3,000 people each year.

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Today is Canada Day, and of its native dog breeds, the most beloved might be the Newfoundland. There is SO much to this breed, but I'm going to post about its instinct to save drowning people. This will have to be a thread.

The dog in this photo wasn't pushed out of the helicopter. If anything, he probably had to restrained until it was safe to jump. He is a member of the Italian Coast Guard's special K9 lifeguard unit that is made up entirely of Newfoundlands. They are trained for 3 + years.

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FA friends know of my connection to National Purebred Dog Day. Please do mention this to artists you know, it's the link to the Call for Entry for National Purebred Dog Day's sixth annual Fine Art/Poster competition. The contest is open internationally.

One "Best in Show" winner will receive $2,000, their winning image made into a poster representing National Purebred Dog Day for 2023.

My juror is Alan Fausal, Director Emeritus of the AKC Museum of the Dog.


Sorry @Andre, I had to edit the Bedlington Terrier post since it was riddled with typos

Why on earth are Bedlington Terriers groomed this way?

Make no mistake, this is a vermin hunting terrier. Bedlingtons were bred to go after badgers, weasels, polecats, & rats. The “fall” over their head protects the dogs’ eyes and ears from the sharp teeth of prey. The ear tassels acted as decoys since to grab a wiggly one was to get a mouthful of fuzz.

Over time, grooming was stylized by humans who like to embellished hair, but at its roots, the grooming served to protect!

Having mentioned My Fair Lady earlier, here is a bit of fun with the woman who actually sang the songs in the movies we loved. Marni Nixon died in 2016, I think, at the age of 86. What a talent: youtube.com/watch?v=8gHWroo5F8

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I hate it when Steve Bannon says there are no conspiracies, but there are no coincidences.

Well, STEVE. i disagree. I believe there ARE conspiracies.

Exhibit A: The 2020 election.

I also suspect that photographs reveal more than we first suspect.

Exhibit B.

In 1987, I put Mexican vanilla beans into a dark bottle holding a gallon of vodka and a pound of coffee beans. And then I forgot about it.

When I remembered it, I always figured, "Eh, some day. I'll tap into it some day."

Erma Bombeck always said to use the guest towels. Tonight, I'm drinking the 35 year old homemade Kahlúa.

It's been making nightly appearances.

When the urge to have your opinion count, what do you do?

You share USELESS TRIVIA with people who never asked for it.

IMO, Jeremy Brett was the best portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. Ever. Quirky right down to the ticks. But did you know that he was also THIS GUY?


The Teddy Roosevelt Terrier is descended from terriers brought over by English miners and working class immigrants to work as ratters. This is a BIG dog in a small package: Bold, lively, STINKING CUTE, it's a mighty mite.

Before 1999, the Teddy was known as the Type B Rat Terrier, but it was renamed for the 26th President.

The terrier is closely related to the rat terrier, but with shorter legs. Affectionately known as “Teddies,” the breed is close to AKC recognition.


I'm still reading your thread, but your statement, "I truly believe that Trump could not totally avert the mRNA attack. So he accelerated."

This reminds me of a scene from the movie, "The Hunt for Red October."

In the scene, a torpedo has been fired at the submarine, "Red October." Instead of trying to outrun it (and to the horror of the crew), Sean Connery's character propels towards the torpedo & closes the distance before it can arm itself.


Back to reading.

Don't you just hate it when people contradict you when you've lied?

Uh, not this girl.

it shouldn't happen to a dog.

The Curly Coated Retriever is the oldest surviving English retriever, the first breed to be used seriously as a retriever in England, & may also have been first breed of dog known formally as a "retriever." With its soft mouth, great nose, webbed feet, famous astrakhan coat, & WICKED smarts, the CCR was once one of the most popular breeds in England & found on most estates.Today, it's on the vulnerable breeds list. Only 62 were registered in the UK last year.

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