UPDATE: This morning, they stated they're not planning on voting when our local Elections start in August.

They said they haven't looked enough into the people running for judges and so on. Thing is, they used to be the most politically active person I knew for the Democrats so I know what the real reason is. The Supreme Court's decisions demoralized them along Biden shilling out millions to Ukraine.

So, yes definitely very interesting paradigm shifts are occurring!

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@Argentum47 @ADudeFromNowhere @Lumuz @justhuman @DuaneCates

You can only drag the useful idiots out of the basement and away from their games and porn so much.

One or two get clonked on the noggin by the cops and interrupt some of those Soros-bucks and you lose your masses.

The professional rioters cannot get away with their crimes if they are not surrounded by abundant useful idiots.

@ADudeFromNowhere @Lumuz @justhuman @Andre @DuaneCates

As for the “Summer of Love”, they wasted their political capital on Wright, Smith and Toledo last year. The best they could get was Lyoya this year.

@ADudeFromNowhere @Lumuz @justhuman @Andre @DuaneCates

Wow. A 6-3? I guess Roberts wasn’t being a sissy today. Of course Lil Andy looks at any good news through the lens of accelerationism and hopes that he’ll be installed a leader some day, somehow.

Really hope this news from Overlord DVD is correct. If so, Disney is next behind Netflix to dewokify itself.


No, Poporba. This is not going to lead to "balkanization". When the Democrats lose power, their base gets demoralized.

They couldn't even start up a sequel to their "Summer of Love" because they have too much dissention in their ranks.

After November, their base will not only be too demoralized to vote, they'll start gunning for the Democrats.

@Lumuz @Argentum47 @justhuman @Andre @DuaneCates


That verbiage used by the Justice is enough to send a narcissist rushing for the comfort of the nearest mirror for reassurance.

All this is happening with the current Congressional make up.

Sure they are unrelated but the Supreme Court will feel the sentiment and support come November.

Things will only improve.
More so and more so.

Better times ahead.
We are winning.

But I doubt that this will get unwound before November by a Congress with knife-edge majorities or a President embroiled in scandal and in the terminal decline of dementia.

It will be fore the new Congress, a MAGA Congress, to take action in this new environment of a legislative lead on 'major decisions."

This is a mortal blow to the Administrative State, so long as there is a MAGA will to drive it home and see it have that effect.


We caught them all.


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We see here yet again a return to the rule of law. In this case, we see that 'major decisions' are not to be made by executive fiat or by the Administrative State itself. The authority to make such decisions rests with the representatives of the people who are directly elected by them.

As noted by SCOTUSblog, this decision will reverberate throughout the out of control federal agencies.

There will be an abundance of legislation and litigation that will result from all of this.

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I find it amazing that the destruction of the Obama era pen and phone model of ruling by fiat, the era of unrestrained authority to issue Executive Authority, was ended by Chief Justice Roberts, even if it was Justice Gorsuch who could not resist inserting the 'pend and phone' phraseology into his concurring opinion, just to make it clear who he was hating on.

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"Roberts’ full-throated embrace of the major-questions doctrine – a judicially created approach to statutory interpretation in challenges to agency authority – likely will have ripple effects far beyond the EPA. His reasoning applies to any major policymaking effort by federal agencies."

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From SCOTUSblog:

"The Supreme Court on Thursday truncated the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate greenhouse gases. The ruling may hamper President Joe Biden’s plan to fight climate change and could limit the authority of federal agencies across the executive branch."


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SCOTUS eviscerates the EPA's delegated authority to regulate CO2.

Roberts wrote the decision, but it was Gorsuch who sharpened his quill and delivered a killing stroke to the Obama-era Imperial Presidency:

"But the Constitution does not authorize agencies to use pen-and-phone regulations as substitutes for laws passed by the people’s representatives. "

The Roberts decision invokes a 'major decisions' doctrine that suggest that only Congress may make such decisions.


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"I've got a pen and I've got a phone - and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward."

B. Obama

@akelm88 @h53pilot

Our good friend, @THEDodgerPrincess who is trained in the law is of the informed opinion that what we have seen this far is a legal wet fart. Nada.

I respond by saying that if there is deception being undertaken, it would include the technically legal layers too.

To put it another way, I'd expect to see a 'psyop' for lawyers too.

Deception up to and into the courts.

Maybe Durham is all smoke and mirrors, but I remain confident that something of substance is to come.

@akelm88 @h53pilot

What I gathered was simple.

Jovan said it in a sentence.

They failed each and EVERY test.

There was not one single way of looking at the evidence that revealed anything but a dirty election.

What Jovan assembled is ACTUAL evidence.

The Sheriffs working with TtV, plus some well crafted warrants, equals evidence too.

Gathering evidence is EXPENSIVE & you generally only do it when you're confident that the effort will be successful.

I don't think Jovan wastes his time.

If I wasn't convinced before, this convinced me that @Andre & @h53pilot solution to our crisis is the correct one.

The magnitude of the variables raised by Jovan make it crystal clear that these people had to be cornered with this evidence and leveraged to stop. Slowly but surely, the lights are coming on:


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