My brother is seeing a Cancer specialist from Nashville today. He can use more prayers its a good appointment. 🙏


UPDATE: My brother was told by the specialist to keep going along with his current treatment. Said there isn't much that can be done, and he could be dead sooner than later.

I still believe God can make a miracle happen. 🙏

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@ADudeFromNowhere if i were diagnosed i would reduce sugar and carbs to zero immediately

good luck and good vibes to your fam and you both


We will pray for him. It is the best thing, more so than any human wisdom. G-d made him, He loves him, and He already knows every moment of his life—and ours, as well.

@ADudeFromNowhere I continue to pray for your brother! Praying for a miracle! I believe too! Praying for you and your family as well. Sorry for your worries. 😪 🙏🏻

Saint Peregrine on your brother and Mother Mary for your family.


If it was me, a heavy regimen of Ivermectin/ HCQ and Zinc would be in order. Why not? Including 10,000 iu of D and 1,000 mg of C daily.

Doctors fear prescribing these banned drugs for any reasons if not for pre-Covid conditions. Audits and loss of licenses to practice if they do. The majority of doctors are also trapped by protocols they're mandated to follow by NHS and FDA.

@GetsGreased Unfortunately, I don't know if bringing up Ivermectin will do any good since he thought it was useless horse dewormer when people first brought it up during Covid.


It's just one story, but my mother started an HCQ protocol weeks before she was diagnosed with multiple large lung nodules. It was a coincidence that she did it.

Doctors tested for everything, but all tests came back inconclusive, but her doctor was convinced it was Cancer.

She was 83 and decided chemo was out even if Cancer, but miraculously, 3 months later they were gone.

Doctors couldn't explain it.


I'm so sorry your brother is going through this tremendous struggle... I pray he gets through... I believe in miracles... I pray for a miracle. 💗 🙏

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