DBurg_64 thank you for the gift sub to Duane’s Twitch feed… I didn’t figure out until today who had done it!

"...Just pay your fair share" -Biden leaning into the mic...in his creepy whisper.

Side note- He owes 500k to the IRS. His son is selling Crack Art to undisclosed buyers. "FAIR" Should never be uttered by this POS...EVER!


I explained that incident in some detail in part 3 of the CCW series. I haven’t migrated that over from SQV yet.

In short, this is the deal with the KR shooting:

A-O-J tripod was there, it was a good shoot,


The ground the tripod was established upon was not the best terra firma. In other words, he chose to be there - the event did not happen upon him.

That’s a subtle but important legal distinction that can help a use of force case.

I’ll stress again that this is a guess. But if I’m right, we just saw “The Hunt for Red October” play out for real.


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What are your thoughts on the Rittenhouse case as far as fitting in with the tripod of self defense?
I think at the point it came to him shooting… he was in jeopardy of imminent harm. But I also think he shouldn’t have been there to begin with. If you have answered this before, please point me there, and if you don’t want to comment… I understand.

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I have a dear friend who was vaxxed in March. In May he had a brain bleed. He is bedridden and out of it. He had no history of cardiac or circulatory issues. The niece of a friend of mine has a 15yo son whom she vaxxed. He has myocarditis which happened 3 days after the second vax and this doesn’t count as a vaccine injury because they don’t count days 3-14 after the second vax.

chant breaks out during NASCAR interview.

@KanekoaTheGreat LOL!
Sportscaster covers for Old Joe saying the crowd is chanting “let’s go Brandon…”. t.me/KanekoaTheGreat/1970

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