My son (who is not especially gifted as a sculptor) made this egg carton and cotton ball masterpiece in school a few years ago.

I referred to it tonight, saying "that bloody sheep is still up on the cupboard!"

My wife noted that the sheep was named Eden (visible on left foreleg) and she was a reminder to us to not be a sheep.

I love that sheep even more now.

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Whole Kari Lake CNN interview is great. The last bit after the official interview is icing on the cake. Don’t skip ahead, it’s under 10 minutes.

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@DuaneCates @Andre @Nobody @justhuman @MMA

When I read this, I am awestruck. I look up to the sky for the wrath of the Lord G-d Almighty to descend, for these arrogant, deceived monsters truly believe that they are gods over us and hold the power of life and death.

The power over life and death belongs to G-d alone and no one else!

They are surely calling down judgment on their heads for trying to be the Most High G-d.

Sovereign Lord, have mercy on your people and innocent children!

...into the face of the greatest EVIL ever constructed on the face of the Earth.

This may not be the final Armagedon, but it is as close as humanity has ever come before.

Do not comply. Do not falter. Do not let EVIL prevail.

We stand together.



We caught them all.


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...Trump's response could/should be a permanent ban on the introduction of this type of nanotechnology Ito humans ever again and the introduction of draconian laws that prevent the exploitation of the technology already introduced into people's bodies.

I am thinking here of automatic death penalties for hackers or government officials caught in the act of using the nanotechnology to manipulate/control people.

These patents on nano control systems are the final straw for me.

We are staring...

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...liberty, prosperity, etc., into utterly dehumanised and enslaved commodities of the neofascist ruling class.

One darkly humorous aspect of all of this is that the compliant idiots, the neighbourhood mask and jab Karens, the morons celebrating the jab in Colbert's TV audience, etc., are the first to be introduced into this new slave class.

Horribly, many good people have also been swept up in this too.

My hope is that Trump and his team of Patriots saw this coming.

A component of...

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...definition of fascism) could easily sell the use or effects of the control systems to the highest bidder.

Shop at the wrong supermarket? Migraine headache for you.

Drink the wrong energy drink? Erectile disfunction tonight!

Fail to update your wardrobe with the latest sweatshop fashions? Lose your sense of smell for a week.

We are in the midst of Biblical EVIL's greatest project. EVIL is attempting to turn us from being free human beings, able to conceive of and strive for good,...

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...commodities in their eyes, what powers, what options, does the embedded nanotechnology give them?

Well, it certainly gives them the ability to force us to comply with the whims of the government of the day.

But I fear that compliance with the rules of government would only be the beginning.

If we are commodities, then it implies to me that we, or at least our embedded control systems, are for sale.

The government, working closely with monopoly corporations (which is the very...

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...with whatever the minimum technology needed to interact with the nano-machines to bash away on their keyboard in an effort to have a play around with your internal Great Reset machinery. Succeed or fail, the effects cannot be good.

But then I thought about what @DuaneCates said in his Thunderdome today. He remarked that the neofascists do not see us as people or citizens. They see us a commodities.We are slaves. We are units of consumption, production, and obedience.

If we are indeed...

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What is abundantly clear is the fact that this technology has been years in the making, has been made with deadly deliberate actions, and is being deployed inside the bodies of hundreds of millions of people right freaking now.

Then I made a throwaway comment to @Nobody about the possibility of the nanotechnology in the jabs being hacked.

This is a terrifying notion. And since the technology is embedded in every jabbed individual, it is going to be just sitting there, waiting for any hacker...

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I posted earlier with a video that went into the recently published patents associated with the jabs and in particular the way that the embedded nanotechnology therein will be used to implement a nightmarish control mechanism(s) on every jabbed person.

@DuaneCates picked this up and ran with it today in his always excellent Thunderdome, connecting it to his work from more than a year ago where he noted the arrest of a scientist connected to both Wuhan and with nanotechnology.

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@Andre @Nobody @justhuman
As I've always said from the very beginning, Dr. Charles Lieber & his LIEBER (RESEARCH) GROUP are at the heart of whatever happened in Wuhan.
Peruse this and realize that NANOTECHNOLOGY is at the very heart of COVID & especially the Vaccines.

This is the most important video that I have come across in a long time.

The jabs will be used to implement a control system that will allow them to target and kill those who do not behave as they are told.

The spike protein is just the start.

It gets much, much, much worse.

@DuaneCates @justhuman

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Ok, let's do the math-

SQV=35,504 members is claimed.

"Yapping" and "VIP Room" average about 40-50 LIVE viewers lately. It's really about live viewers these days because it's about interacting with the content.

That's ((50/35,504)*100)=0.14%.

That's less than 1/2 of ONE PERCENT.

Now, on QV on YT has a subscriber membership of 8.95K. The math on that one-


That is still less than ONE percent.

Those are totally SHIT NUMBERS for active engagement.

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“They weren’t denying coronavirus, they were facing it head on.It’s a worse thing to quit working than dying. Working is more important than dying. But to shut down & say that we can't go to church, we can't get together w/ family, we can't see our old people in the hospital, we got to quit working? It's going completely against everything that we believe. You're changing our culture completely — we're not going to do it.”

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@MadBeachBimbo Yep. I would up the D to 10K or even 15k in the winter. If sensitive to zinc take "balanced zinc" look it up online. Always take the zinc with the quercitin and do not take magnesium and zinc together. LOL it's all about synergy! Spike/Covid effect the circulatory system as well as the immune system so folks who do not have clotting issues may want to add in baby asprin daily. @MMA @Andre @ChrisYork @nchia

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