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"Ukraine will not negotiate with Moscow until Putin is replaced as president, Zelensky and his cabinet said"


*breathes in*


*can barely breathe*


*passes out*

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“We would do rehearsals together a lot, and we’d perform in front of student audiences,” says Rosenthal, who joined her at Harvard. “And that was a really challenging thing. She brought to bear her dramatic skills. But it was, for everybody, a really tough crucible of trying to think really quickly on your feet.”

Get that?

Drama and improv skills.

Good enough at it to participate in Harvard's improve troupe.

Improv is hard.

Is she playing a role now and at her confirmation?

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Addendum 1/2

Forgot to mention this tidbit that was mentioned on her wiki so I went to the source article.

"While she majored in government, she continued to dabble in theater — once being paired with Matt Damon as a scene partner during a drama class, according to the Associated Press. Outside of class, she was a member of the university’s improv troupe On Thin Ice."

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@Andre @COGnitiveAnalysis

Here's some more useful background info.

Patrick Gunnels read some of this that included Andre's comments too.

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This sort of thing makes be suspect that Trump intends a 'burn it all down' approach to the fake fiat currency and utterly corrupt financial system.

Want to approve a $ trillion or two for transgender illegal aliens?

Fine. Whatever.

Of all of the problems we face, sweeping aside the detritus that has accumulated since 1913 will be one of the easiest for a guy like Trump (and there is nobody like him, amirite?).

Trump will focus on the REAL economy and end the banksters' plundering.

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"Because you'd be in jail."

I remember this.

So does Hillary.

Obama too.

Pucker factor approaching infinity.

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Fait Accompli: The Choice of No Choice

I have been claiming that Russia was one of the key factions fighting FOR sovereignty and freedom against globalist interests, and that Putin and his allies have been the bulwark stopping them from seizing the control they have sought for decades.

By annexing the 4 eastern regions in a series of referendums, Putin has redrawn the map and the paradigm with it regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

I share this with you all not to assert that I am correct, but to let you know how the marbles in my head are clacking around right now. If ti useful, great. If you think I am totally off base, you may well be correct.

The only important thing is that we remain MAGA & MEGA in every respect.




Call out the insane left at every turn.

Protect yourself, your family, and your community.

We got this.


We caught them all.


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Let me be clear here.

I do nothing that I am certainly correct and other theorists are certainly wrong. This is just what I feel holds together better inside of my own head.

I am utterly confident that I will learn about things I never imagined and I will discover great limitations in my thinking once more of the truth is revealed by real world events.

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That's my best guess for where we are and where we are going.

Trump CANNOT be in power now. To be in power is to be at least partially culpable for the crimes being committed before our eyes. Biden, the deep state, and the globalist neofascists OWN ALL OF THEIR ACTS. And they will be tried for them, or at least exiled after takes place.

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This sets up '24 for a trifecta, a Constitutional MAGA Presidency, an even more MAGA Congress (filibuster-proof majority in Senate if not achieved before then via '22 election and ), Originalist judiciary also bolstered by of dirty judges (E. Sullivan, I am talking about YOU!), and perhaps most importantly, empowered state and local governments held firmly in the grasp of an awakened and involved public MAGA majority.

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The rising wave of investigation, which will increase exponentially with the seating of a new Congress, will unleash the and render the remaining husk of the Biden administration a compliant caretaker executive, led by a MAGA Congress, an Originalist SCOTUS and federal Judiciary, empowered states, and the first independent global statesman of the Modern Era, Donald J Trump.

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Essentially, the Biden cadre walked into the White House and discovered that the majority of the unconstitutional tools wielded by Obama were gone.

Biden is President. But not the sort of president that he thought he was going to be.

And now, with what little wiggle room he had, the Courts (including even Obama judges as we saw with the ruling on the Seth Rich laptop FOIA case) are kicking to the floor most of his unconstitutional fiat orders.

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