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The fundamental lie implicit in every gun control proposition is that laws can make you safe from your fellow man.

Humans may accurately be described as technology apes & war apes. They are very dangerous in many situations as evidenced by history & current events.

Any law that restricts defensive technology from one class of people in favour of another class is merely an expression of the very clever nature of the war ape & his ability to shroud his treachery in the cloak of good intentions.

An article about a US attempt to integrate data/comms between units from different nations speaking different languages & using different systems.

In a 3RMA environment with units made up of Strategic Special Operators of different nations (presuming an international coalition is operating in a particular theatre), full integration of data & communications would be utterly necessary.

I consider this project to be a likely indicator of continued 3RMA work by the USA.

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The latest from Ethical Skeptic on the CDC data which points to massive endothelial damage post covid. It boils my blood. I was VERY lucky to have doctors who actually treated me correctly. This EUA is the WORST man made disaster in US history. Please share far and wide. @HunDriverWidow @Andre @Bleukitty @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell

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I have this link bookmarked & I've listened to this least 20+ times. I never get tired of listening to this tribute. I just posted it on Truth Social as well.

This is an awesome tribute by Glenn Beck that honors our American patriots who served in Vietnam! Please listen & share with others.

They Carried The Weight of the World

...independence, and royal sovereignty asserted by KSA & GCC allies. The WEF is also the enemy of the oil and gas industry.

The fact that KSA is playing nice with these ghouls is, for me very telling.

While the USA burns and the globalist neofascists prop up the Nazis in Ukraine, the Davos gloating and preening event is a perfect opportunity for the Saudis to create an illusion of agreement and even complicity.

I predict the reality is the exact opposite.


We caught them all.


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I do not have concrete evidence on this question.

Bit I think it is a combination of keeping one's enemies close and also a policy of lulling one's enemies into complacency.

I can find, in my mind, no other reason for the Saudi's seeming embrace of the Davos event. They spent millions dressing up a KSA display facility just like the other globalist lapdogs. They sent high ranking officials to speak and participate.

But I repeat, the WEF's agenda is diametrically opposed to the nationalism...

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Arab News appears to be reporting on Davos as if it is an entirely normal and typical international forum with entirely normal opportunities to heap praise on one's own initiatives and engage in diplomacy, etc.

But this is really strange, isn't it?

WEF is utterly antithetical to the obviously nationalist Saudis. WEF is attempting to use a global chokehold on oil and gas to implement electric vehicles and other aspects of their Great Reset agenda.

Why would they even speak to Klaus, et al?

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And we see Arab News reporting on Israel's comments at Davos regarding the need to curb Iran's actions and ambitions.

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On the same day (today), this article:

"Participating in WEF panel on ‘Saudi outlook,’ Kingdom’s Investment Minister Khalid Al-Falih said ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’"

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"DAVOS: Saudi Arabia will continue to invest in new sectors and diversify its economy to achieve sustainable growth, ministers from the Kingdom told the World Economic Forum (WEF) on Wednesday."

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For the past several days, as the globalist neofascists have gathered for their annual circlejerk in Davos, a town that is rendered unrecognisable by the encrustations of fake storefronts, national displays akin to a World Expo, etc., Arab news has been putting forward stories like this one touting the Saudi participation in the WEF conference.

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How do you keep an enemy busy? You embroil him in a fight that doesn't matter and then you fail, just enough, to make them think they can win at that game.

All the while your real strategy is being put into motion SOMEWHERE ELSE while your enemies wrestle for nothing.

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The whole POINT of Donald Trump's 'questionable' appointments was to keep his enemies BELIEVING THEY COULD WIN A FIGHT THAT DID NOT MATTER.

Why? Because its a Matador's cloak.

If you cannot understand his appointments it means you've completely missed what He's done.

Twitter people drive me wild.

Seeing now people saying the TX school shooter was a Mexican national involved in a chase with authorities before the atrocity took place.

Prosecute everyone involved in the current border policy.

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Smoking Gun: Moderna Patented ‘Man Made’ SARS-CoV2 Gene Sequence in 2018

The SARS-CoV-2 genome contains an unusual 19 nucleotide sequence found nowhere else in nature – apart from in Moderna patents submitted in 2018.‼️

Soros, and especially his appalling MiniMe, are all about transhumanist hacking of our minds and bodies.

Well, shitheads (sorry), you lose!

We already can hack our minds: It’s called STUDY.

And we can already hack our bodies: It’s called EXERCISE.

God wins. Nature wins. Your contrived and pathetic attempts to usurp are doomed. You are selling to the lazy and the weak! We are strong and motivated.

Your crimes will haunt you in this life and when judgment comes.

Had to get that off my chest.

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