This makes no sense to me.

State Attorneys General have no standing with respect to elections, except for that which is delegated to them by the legislature. Unless a state legislature has specifically instructed an AG to file with SCOTUS, then I believe Mike’s big lawsuit will get bounced like all the rest.

More strategic deception? A component of a larger plan?

I don’t know.


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Poso w/ a French Connection joke, haha.

Okay.... I can think of a reason State AGs would be involved:

Criminality. Specific criminality in each State that the PCAPs reveal.

In other words, he’s going to State AGs and saying “hello, your State’s elections were hacked, here’s the evidence.”

But I’m still confused, honestly, as I would think him doing such a thing would results in investigations by FBI, DHS, DoD.

Man...I cannot get it out of my head that this may be related to Durham.


It’s odd. I agree with your’s plausible. But it does not go to SCOTUS, ya know? The pieces make sense but do not add up to where Mike says it’s headed.


To clarify, in order for the conspirators to produce the fake evidence of a Trump/Alfa Bank secret connection, they spoofed DNS lookups between a server at Spectrum Allied Health and two Alfa bank servers, all thread aimed at Trump Org's email server.

Gap between lookups at spectrum is always 61mins. Researchers for more capable than I have been looking at this and I have been studying their work trying to understand.



What I'm wondering is if this effort by Lindell, like the post election lawsuits and hearings, is just as much or more about educating the public and the legislatures as it is anything else.

Lindell wouldn't even need to "be in the know" here. Better that he isn't and that he is earnest in his efforts.

I can't draw the connection perfectly, but knowing what I learned about PCAPs this Summer, the spoofed DNS lookups, and the spying done on Trump... it seems worth considering.




And this thread as well-

There's a lot to this that is very technical and I can't pretend to understand it all.

But we KNOW that Mark Elias, Perkins Coie, and the DNC were involved in this scandal, spygate etc.

And we also know they "fortified" the election.

Not too far out to speculate they used some of the same methods to do both.

Did THEY use PCAPs to spy, spoof, and alter election systems?

That's what I am getting at with this theory.


Apologies for not being able to lay it out succinctly, yet. : )

It's all a bit nebulous to me, but I am working on it.

@justhuman @Andre

I don’t think they “used” PCAPS. That’s the trail or traffic left behind.


Could be both, perhaps?

They used PCAPs to monitor the elections, also left a trail of what they did via their own PCAPs.


@justhuman @Andre

I'm just nitpicking the term's definition here. PCAPs are recordings of data traffic.

You might be thinking about a man in the middle attack, between originating and destination address to alter the data.

But that's part of what Mike's contention was - the machines were connected to the internet when they weren't supposed to.

@justhuman @Andre

Was it Patel that suggested the March 2020 hack was from the Military?


Yeah, he said he was researching it. I understood him to mean that he would possibly be putting in as Part of the Devo series.

I was just looking at this. I bet he has, too.



Best guess is because Mike genuinely doesn't understand the paths all of this would have to take.

Another guess is that if such a hack is exposed and verified via an investigation by Law Enforcement, a hack of every state's election systems that altered results, then SCOTUS will have to figure out what that means for an illegitimate President and Vice President.

The legal remedy/relief will need their involvement.


I still think it’d have to go to the legislatures and thence to SCOTUS. Maybe that’s what Mike is talking about but he doesn’t want to spill the beans yet.

@Andre @justhuman

Going through the AGs, I think State Legislators will be involved.

@nchia @justhuman

I think so. The legislatures would have to decide that the crime committed made them want to change their position on the elections for their state and then take that decision to SCOTUS do decide what to do about it.

@Andre @justhuman
It all tends to educate everyone to the fact of states rights.
States rights supersede the Federal government.
States rights prevail.
They want the power of the states diminished.
That is NOT how it works.
From the bottom up.
When state legislators act powerless, they act being dishonest.


Agree. In my perspective, we haven't had true "states' rights" since before the War Between the States. Those that "won" that war are now discovering what those that "lost" found out back then.

@Andre @justhuman

@Andre @justhuman I’m with you on this one as well. I was confused when I saw this announced on the heels of his symposium. I’ll stay tuned and watch how it develops.

@Andre @justhuman

Poor Mike. He tries so hard. I wonder if his enthusiasm/patriotism blinds him to advice he receives.

If someone says, “Mike, this won’t work because of standing.” He views that as pessimism and keeps pushing until he finds people who tell him what he wants to hear.

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