A perhaps hopeful thought.

I think that Trump, Chris Miller, Pence, and others were shocked by how deep they found the swamp to be.

But I have been wondering how wide the swamp is.

There are certainly many, many people that have been bought and paid for to act on the Swamp Masters' behalf.

There are many more who were caught in honey traps, some of a truly depraved nature, by those same Swamp Masters.

There are corrupt DA's put in place by Soros, corrupt FBI agents working...

...against America, etc., etc., etc.

But how many people are really pulling the strings? How many people are at the top of the pyramid?

I have read over and over how a small handful of investment funds own and control a vast share of the very large corporations that rule big business worldwide.

The CCP is ruled by a tiny group at the top of their system.

I do not believe that the FBI and CIA are full of corrupt puppet masters. Rather, I think that a key few are positioned in strategically...

...critical posts that allow them to steer key cases and prosecutorial decisions to achieve devastating effects on people's lives.

But I keep coming back to the idea that the Swamp is very very deep, but that it lacks much in the way of width.

The majority of those who are visibly supporting the Democrat/neofascist agenda are nothing more than useful idiots who cannot and never will be members of the Swamp Master's inner circles.

Mask Karens are not puppet masters.

The Davos crew are...

...widespread in elite positions but they are widely known and thus utterly vulnerable in the event of a general push back against their malign influence.

The tens and perhaps hundred of thousands of CCP agents in the USA are a big problem, but they too are readily identified, even if tracking them would obviously be a very big job.

Even the Durham investigation is revealing that the number of people involved in a massive plot to spy on a sitting President consists of not very many...

...and not very bright people doing a hamfisted job for their masters.

My point here is that the overall problem of the Swamp, which is certainly global in nature, is in certain important ways a constrained matter.

By definition, a system of elite control is one of a limited size at the top levels.

The innumerable useful idiots are and will remain just that. The mid-level crooks will scatter when the lights are switched on. Those at the top have already more or less trapped themselves... the fetid swamp of their own making.

When the time comes, there will have to be a large-scale education program very similar to what happened in Germany at the end of WW2. Mask Karens and Jab Fetishists will have to be shown the true horror of their deluded beliefs.

But briefly appalled by the depth of the Swamp, I think that he, Pence, Miller, Pompeo, Patel, Cohen, etc., set about the grim task of identifying the key players that must be removed to return the nation to the will...

...of The People.

And I think they are up to the task.

@BrianCates was ridiculed for years for suggesting Durham was coming. And now he is here.

The CCP economy is staggering. Afghanistan is curiously and quietly stabilising.

I believe that our task as Citizens are to:

1. Seize control of elections and run MAGA candidates for EVERY office.

2. Resist the looming eugenic and genocidal atrocity of jabbing children with the clot shots.

The rest is just detail.

We can do this.


The People are rising worldwide. NZ has had enough and people take to the streets every week. Today in NZ is the day that unjabbed nurses, teachers, etc., can no longer come to work. Chaos is about to hit and further weaken NZ's neofascist Davos-educated elite.

Hold Fast.

Husband your interests with a terrible resolve.


We caught them all.


@Andre something needs to be done about the media.

I like the idea of public executions, but that's probably not the most effective solution.


I think that Trump is doing to the legacy media what the hermit is dong to SQV, steadfastly revealing their banal irrelevance and allowing boredom and a lack of meaningful information or insight to drive people to new media sources, including especially the diffuse and resilient citizen journalism practices here and elsewhere.

Excellent. I love reading your straight forward common sense approach threads Andre.

@Andre ham fisted is right. We are nearly there with the many plans being exposed. Many in their ranks are weak, miserable people. When the dam breaks, and it will, they will the ones running for cover. The tsunami of truth that is coming will engulf their wicked plans


The Hermit's Law of Unintended Consequences, often quoted by @DuaneCates, is going to be a huge factor.

@Andre @DuaneCates
Libs always overreach and rarely have a plan B, because they can’t make themselves face that plan A was critically flawed


Yes, “scatter when the lights come on” indeed like the cockroaches they are.

We need to hold fast and not despair. We must be resolute in our resolve.

Thank you for the update on New Zealand. I’m very happy to know there is serious push back. I’m praying for the people who lose their jobs today.

@Andre We have seen the enemy and they are weak and impotent. How crazy are they that that it is their own followers that are wearing masks and risking their lives to comply with nonsense jab requirements and it is the strong people on our side who are resisting. They have bred all of the independence and fight out of their own ground troops. We have the strength and confidence of righteousness and independence on our side and they have nothing but lies and irrationality. They are not men!

@Bryan @Andre

Things are starting to become more and more like an attempted mass suicide instead of the takeover the Swamp envisioned.
Perhaps it's because the Swamp's empire has existed for years already, but really is coming to an end.
Similar to how the Nazis hastened their genocides as their armies collapsed.
Their captives have to join them in death.

All we have to do is survive the Jim Jones Protocol, and we win.
That's why the Swamp is so desperate to get us to join in their suicide.

@ScaryHobbit @Bryan

This is a very useful perspective.

Avoid the KoolAid!

Get away from the Jonestown enforcers.

Protect the children.


And also interesting that every one of their subsequent moves alienates more and more of their base, driving them towards MAGA.

Jabbing young children and demanding boosters to keep the privileges associated with being 'fully vaccinated' will end them.

@Andre I listened to a session last night where someone was trying to make the case that their entire goal is to keep everyone confused and divided whilst they implement their "true" plans. If this is the case, then I wonder what their true plans actually are. I'm personally getting tired of all of this spy / counter spy nonsense - all that I know is that there are a lot of people who have a big ass whooping coming and I'm done complying with anything at all and my Champagne bottle is chilled!


The big three that will trigger/continue to trigger the cans of whoopass being opened are:

1. Jabbing young kids.
2. Vaccine passports
3. Rendering the double jabbed into the under-vaxxed.

Any/all of these being pushed will result in a HARD pushback.

And it appears that ALL THREE are going to be pushed hard.

The neofascists are falling back from the multiple fronts encircling Belin and getting ready to climb into the bunker. They are now dooming as many as they can on the way down.

@Andre Agreed, but for sure now is not the time to let down our guard and celebrate victory - I have a feeling that there is still a great big beach to be stormed soon! It is amazing to me how many people we can't trust are disguised as people that we can trust these days - I think that there are quite a few bad news people disguised as "good guys", so I think we have to be on guard for the "enemy within".


Sadly, #2 doesn't seem to be making much of a difference in Canada.

More hopeful for #1, although even that may get ignored. 80% of 12-17s in Ontario have already had both shots, which gives you the mindset of a lot of parents.

Frankly I think #3 will be more of an eye-opener. When people realize the bait-and-switch. Thinking of the Jordan Peterson interview with Dave Rubin (h/t @Chet).

@Andre @Bryan

To piggy-back on that analogy.

Wait until Generals and entire divisions surrender without a fight...

Some will come running towards an erstwhile enemy knowing that the alternative is much worse.


@Andre Right Track = nice Thread!!!

I've said for over 12 years since following the 2007-09 Global financial meltdown there were no more than a few thousand people worldwide controlling everything. I have since refined to a few hundred out of those few thousand. Follow the $$$$
Gates, Soros, Blankfien, Dimon types and many others most have never heard of.

@Andre 2/2

Most politicians are puppets, a few learn some of it and are thrown aside as kooks... Trump knew it all, they tried to get rid of him, they partially succeed for now!! The spy and intelligence organizations, as well as Agency's like FBI, MI6, KGB all are tied to these powerful types.


True that!!! What is Unique about this Evil Empire is that it is Global, not regional....

But all Empires eventually fall!!! All of them!!! The world is rising as one, led by Americans!!!

Research the few powerful people in your country...

@Andre Excellent thought's again Andre, Each day that passes there window narrows for them to inflect there message and destruction to the world. we always say: "its event not dates"
I honestly think the Vax/Mandate is the last chapter
when this finally breaks.

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