I keep coming around to what Dr Shiva spoke about in the AZ audit report.

He was the opening speaker and he offered us two key things:

Firstly, he offered a quick and dirty way (blank signature boxes on mail in ballots) to see that margin-of-victory numbers of votes were of utterly fraudulent origin.

Then he went on to explain the central importance of engineered systems in the operation of Arizona's election system (and by my research, every state in the nation uses engineered... in their election processes).

Then came the thermonuclear bomb: Hard physical evidence was shown proving that the machines used in Arizona were utterly uncertifiable.

The machines had multiple hard drives that could boot up alternate software.

The machines had internet connectivity where none was supposed to exist.

The machines had access ports where they were not supposed to be.

Even more astounding, data from other states (SC and WA) was found on the AZ machine hard drive.

The AZ machines were never in a mode of operation that could at any time result in a certifiable outcome.

The presence of other state's data suggests this is easily the case in those states too.

The fact that the company (Dominion) supplying the machines operates in multiple states suggests these elections were similarly invalid.

The fact that Dominion software runs on other company's election machines suggests that many, many state's elections are also potentially invalid.

And finally,...

...since every state in the nation uses machines of some sort, and since I have seen no evidence of a supplier bucking the trend and offering proof of the security of their machines, it is reasonable to suspect that the election results in EACH AND EVERY STATE ARE UNCERTIFIABLE.

Further, since the machines were used not just for the presidential election, but virtually every single election for every single office voted on in 2020 (there are a handful of counties that still hand count...

...ballots so their results may be valid) is completely uncertifiable.

If the machines were uncertifiable, the results they produced are meaningless.

The AZ audit also proved that data files were missing, corrupted, etc.

We see in the recent whistleblower videos that there is abundant evidence of the destruction of '20 election records.

This means that not only were the election results uncertifiable, they may be utterly UNRECOVERABLE.

If the machines were incapable of delivering a...

...certifiable result, and especially if there is evidence that the actual voting records are corrupted or incomplete, then YOU HAVE NOTHING TO AUDIT.

If the machines are uncertifiable and there is proof of an imperfect archive of the election, you STOP THERE. That's it. The question of the '20 election is MOOT.

You are then left with the BIG QUESTION:

How do you pick up the pieces?

If the '20 election is MOOT, then there is not one single Representative, Republican or Democrat, that is...

...legitimately elected.

At best, 2/3 of the Senate legitimately holds office.

We all know how we feel about the legitimacy of the current POTATUS.

But there's a problem!

Plenary authority for the election rests with the state's legislature.

What if the states were also left with only 2/3 of their Upper House as legitimate office holders?

I wrote yesterday that perhaps the military, as custodians of at least aspects of Executive Authority could have some standing to participate in...

...the case intended to remedy the BigSteal of '20.

But in that previous thread, I also conjectured that the primary source of standing would emerge from the states.

What happens to this standing, to the state's plenary authority, if the '20 election is utterly null and void?



...and it is a big but...


What if you are Donald Trump? What if you understand how bad it is? How Deep the Swamp? How corrupt the electoral process?

What if you are the...

...guy that Steve Bannon says wants to shake the institutions of power to their very foundation, to their very core?

What if you are the guy that Steve Bannon says wants to overthrow the Administrative State?

What if you are the guy that promised to "Drain The Swamp" and told us the he "caught them all"?

If you are that guy, and by that, I mean if you are Donald J Trump, and you are thinking BIGLY, what would be the most massive, decisive, and unexpected move that you could make?

It would not be merely recapturing the Oval Office. Everyone, the Democrats included, expect him to at least attempt that.

What if Mike Lindell's PCAPS are not intended to document the fraud, what if they PROVE that the whole thing was run through UNCERTIFIABLE machines?

What if you could clean house, THE WHOLE HOUSE, in one instantaneous and completely unexpected move?

Would you do it?

I know what I am thinking!

Now. Take the alternative view.

"Andre! You are a fool! Something like this.. simply impossible. There's no precedent for it. It is far too YUGE to contemplate. It couldn't be done. The fallout would be too big." Etc.

Ok, then. I have an open mind.

But if it is true that many, and possibly all, of the machines used for the elections are in the state that was found in AZ, i.e., utterly uncertifiable, and if many state's electoral records are corrupted, missing, destroyed, etc., such that the results are UNRECOVERABLE, then I ask you this:

How do you avoid the...

...scenario I just put forward?

One way would be to simply ignore it, sweep it under the rug, and pretend it did not happen.

That'd work in the old world.

But will it work in a world where Donald J Trump lives and breathes as the embodiment of our collective aspirations for freedom?

If I am at all correct, would you (as Donald Trump) leave that card unplayed?

When one wonders at the scale of the global swamp, and when one boggles at the enormity of the problems associated therewith,... is necessary that the solution be greater than the problem it seeks to resolve.

If the '20 election is part of the problem (it is) and if resolving it needs to be a meaningful component of a deeply historical and widespread problem in the USA and overseas, then what is coming must necessarily be incredible YUGE.

Does nibbling at the edges with auditing a few counties elections in a given state feel YUGE?

Why are supposedly Republican states so blasé about auditing their own results?

Could it be that they are very, very busy getting ready for something far more important and far larger than merely flogging the '20 dead horse?

I came to accept the theory of devolution because I perceive it as a necessary consequence of certain premises that I believe are true:

1. Trump and military intelligence are aware of multiple acts of war (determinative foreign interference in the election, covid, etc.)

2. Doing nothing installs a CCP puppet atop the military/nuclear deterrent...

...chain of command.

3. There remains in the military a core of leaders who take their oaths seriously and will act to preserve their immortal souls from burning in Hell and will act to prevent #2 above.

Hence: Devolution.

Similarly, if many/most/all of the '20 election results are uncertifiable and unrecoverable, then what is the necessary consequence?

I find devolution to be, at least until more information is available, an inescapable consequence of what I believe to be true.

If you accept the uncertifiable/unrecoverable theory I put forward, what then?

I invite everyone here to please help me with this.

@PatelPatriot @DuaneCates @BrianCates @justhuman

I could go on with the list, but EVERYBODY please help me with this!

Devolution theory has become orthodoxy. Even if you do not think it is in play, you hope that some mechanism is operating to protect us from POTATUS/CCP. et al.

Can we devote a bit of time to the question of what happens if the AZ audit...

...findings actually put the devastating tool I described into the hands of Trump and the devolution actors?

Because I cannot escape the conclusions that emerge from the information that I have available to me.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.


We caught them all.



Is a consequence of all of this the necessity that every state has its own devolution mechanism in play?

My mind bogles.


Thank you to those who have pointed out the global implications of these dirty machines.

The mind boggles further.

We caught them all, indeed!

@Andre If what I've heard about the expansion of thè Gitmo facilities is true, something YUGE is coming. Hopefully these expanded facilities are being prepared by the good guys for the bad guys, and not the other way around.


I doubt they are the work of the bad guys since why’ve been vocal for years about wanting to shut Gitmo down



Great thread. As much as I want to believe R legislatures are preparing for something big, I suspect they’re trying to ignore this ever happened. Some bc they wanted Trump out & some hoping for a “do over” in ‘24. Personally I don’t see how we get to an overrun of what happened in ‘20 w/o a destruction of MSM D propaganda machine so they can’t foment their Brownshirts when the truth comes out. Also too many lefties in power (think ABC orgs). I shudder but I think our relief comes in ‘24

@MissLane nothing matters unless something is done about the "press". @Andre

@waronmorons @Andre

Exactly! As long as they can spread the Dem propaganda we’ll be unable to rectify the issue w/o bloodshed. People are pissed & ready to fight. They don’t realize how life altering it will be once it beginS. The Left is fomenting for bloodshed. We must deny them it & the “win” from ‘20. I’m not sure it’s possible to do both. But you may be able to replace them w/ new media (truth social, etc) & actually fortify ‘22 & ‘24. “Sometimes the bravest thing is to do nothing.“-DJT

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In my opinion, given all of the strange comments by Miller, Kash Patel, Executive Orders, cabinet realignment and timing of much of this immediately FOLLOWING the election, the theft was verified and Continuity of Government enacted. It’s the only thing that makes sense. And China would have already invaded Taiwan.

@Andre I love when you write about the election, Andre. It's my favorite.🤩 Lol. Great thread, the possibilities are so exciting!!


President Trump may have caught them all, the big question is when will he tell us? My feeling is a few months before the 2024 election is when. With the Full details to come after he is back in office, in 2025.


Whoa!!!! What would that even look like legally?! That’s a very good thought sir


I think they would have to, which goes back to the Cold War. There would have to be some form of government in place even after a full-scale nuclear war. AZ has plans but I don't know the details of them. Some states are more prepared than others too from what I have heard.

@Davez_Not_Here @Andre

I have heard/read of similsr rumblings but cannot imagine the various forms necessitated! Well beyond my humble pay grade....

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If your mind is boggled...mine is a great way...this whole Devolution thing is better by far than ANY movie plot Whore E Wood could have cooked up...astounding stuff and I/we are a lucky group to be able to imbibe the thought and word of you @Andre @PatelPatriot @BrianCates @DuaneCates @justhuman and SO many more...eternally grateful for all of your works !! A very generous thanks to you all just doesn't quite cut have a fan/friend for life !

@CanadianPipeGuy @Andre @PatelPatriot @BrianCates @DuaneCates @justhuman

Amen to that thought and appreciation to all who give so generously of their time and wisdom.

And to think we were all chosen to be here at this precise moment in time....
Humbling thought.

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and yesterday (11/22/21), Patel Patriot on telegram, posed a question what do Durham and (of all people) Mike Lindell have in common. It has to do with PCAPS and why Lindell of all people might actually have them.

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"If you accept the uncertifiable/unrecoverable theory I put forward, what then?"

I do accept it. I don't think a winner CAN be determined with the required certitude.

Therefore, an interim, or devolved government, will be needed until a new election can be held.

In 2024.

We are in/under Devolution now.

-Trump made all the moves to make it possible.

-He made and signed all the EOs to make it happen.

-We have a laundry list of indicators that it is active.


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@Andre - Very well thought out and deep thread. Your mind boggles (as does mine) and your conclusion that you have no answer for it, save devolution, is probably correct.

We, as outsiders, will probably never know the depth of what has, (and probably what is) going on. But I trust Trump and his crew to be taking care of it.

My guess is that was the job SecDef Miller was doing in the fall of '20.

The only wild card here for me is Pence - what was his role, and where/how does/did he fit in?


My advice would not be to focus on the results of the AZ audit, those were a precursor. What's happening now here (AZ) is the Attorney General is investigating the election results for Maricopa County (Phoenix metro area). Here's what it means:


In other words, the top lawyer in the State of Arizona is investigating possible election fraud. He is having professionals look deeper into this, similar to investigating an organized crime syndicate.


Mark Brnovich (AG) is using his power to subpoena witnesses, investigate, and gather evidence to determine if there are any cases that can be made against the malefactors. He will put the screws to them as well and gather the evidence he needs. This is a big deal and his ticket to the Senate if he can prove fraud. I think he will find plenty of material to work with.

...and not just in Maricopa County (Phoenix).

Looking at you Pima County (Tucson).


FWIW, Pima County (Tucson metro area) is the Democrat Party stronghold in Arizona. Most of their leaders are from there or have a significant connection to it. The county has been suspected of being dodgy for a long time, now the spotlight is going to shine on it.

When that happens, you know that Brnovich is playing offense and going for the throat.

Watch for that in the coming weeks and months.

That will be a tell.


The Mexican Cartels have a big presence in Pima County.

The midwestern Mobs also sent a lot of their guys down there back in the day to "cool off" and lay low. Supposedly Tucson law enforcement said "no killings and we'll leave you alone" and all sides abided.

I think their elections have been dodgy for a long time.

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I think you've said words to the effect of "it has to be this way to awaken people"

I don't think too many more are going to wake up. They've believed too long & too strong.

If your theory is the case, it's going to have to be broken down to monosyllabic words. It's going to have to be positively reported on MSM.

I pray that it doesn't take till '24. Or even '22 elections. Things seem to be reaching a point where there won't be an easy road to recovery.


It seems the meat of the suit supposedly filed by AGs that Mike Lindell has co-ordinated, is much lighter on PCAPs, and more along the sort of stuff that probably gels with your contention that the elections are not certifiable.


And from Maximus_4EVR on Telegram.


FWIW There is no Constitutional mechanism in place for a do-over to a presidential election, or to reinstate a president. Period.

The Founders did not give "the People" the right to remove or recall a President. That power rests with Congress through the House Impeachment and Senate Conviction process.


Moreover, the United States Constitution does not provide for, nor authorize, the recall of United States officers, such as Senators and Representatives. Thus, no member of Congress has ever been recalled in the history of the United States.

It should be further noted, the Founders never intended for "the People" to elect their Senators. Until the adoption of 17A, US Senators were elected by the State Legislatures. Only US Representatives were elected by "the People."


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Great thread! I'm always amazed at the in depth thoughtful analysis this one is exceptional.

How do you analyze what happened in 2020 and who truly was elected?

That is the question of our time.

Thinking ....



That is the question of our time.
Thinking If solid evidence is provided,
( they have IT all) then the alternative is to nullify 2020 , rollback all branches of government to November 1st 2020, where possible then have the 2022 mid-term as the formal national election.

Could you imagine the collective left wing explosion, is SCOTUS willing to take that gigantic first step? They have no choice.


It is inescapable to me that every state that used uncertifiable machines has a null and void election. Some states may have proper records and can audit and rectify new results but far too many will, I believe, have corrupted records that mean the election is unrecoverable.

The chaos that will ensue is tough to imagine.

This is when devolution will become more visible, I reckon. The military will either be a party to, or be directed by, SCOTUS rulings on the matter of the election.

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