This is a piece of truly Jeffersonian writing.

"The Constitution was established by the Sovereign People as a means to an end. The end is laid out in the Preamble: form a union, establish justice and domestic peace, defend the People's Union, their welfare, and their and their posterity's liberty. If strict adherence to the Constitution as a means fails to meet the ends for which it was established it can be circumvented or overridden. The People are Sovereign, not the Constitution."


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@Andre @jmc464 And they broke the concept very quickly with the Alien and Sedition Act. Lincoln killed the republic, FDR fucked its corpse, and LBJ drove the final mail into the coffin.

Eliminate the entire alphabet soup of federal agencies, repeal the sixteenth amendment (income tax), seventeenth amendment (popular election of senators), and every 2A restriction (NFA, GCA 68, Brady, etc), and you might get close to constitutional again.

@Andre @jmc464 Until then, Congress will continue to curtsy in the direction of the Commerce Clause or the General Welfare Clause, the courts will let them do whatever they want, and the mindless order takers (cops) will enforce it.

@billstclair @jmc464

LBJ was the worst President of the modern era. Obama is impossible without Johnson.

Originalism is the way forward.

@Andre @jmc464 I'm an anarchist myself. End the state. Live by the Zero Aggression Principle. Shoot or hang aggressors.

@billstclair @jmc464

I once thought I was an anarchist, but the utopia needed to make such a system function with liberty and justice is, I believe, beyond the reach of Man.

Governance is a necessary evil.

But I will stand with you as long as you stand with Good.

@Andre @jmc464 Heh. I used to bleieve in the state, but I've realized that it causes more harm than good. And we already live in an anarchist universe, since God gave free will to Adam. The state brainwashing that they are necessary and proper is really good, but all that's necessary for the dinosaur to collapse is for enought people to stop believing in it.

@Andre @jmc464 But as a practical matter, in my remaining few years on the planet, I'm going to have to live with the state. It doesn't really get in my way much, except it extorts a bunch of my money in taxes.

@billstclair @jmc464

You get to watch the fall of the neofascists.

That's pretty good.

@Andre @jmc464 If I'm lucky. I'm pretty sure it'll be the uniparty, with slightly different marketing, for the forseeable future. Yes, we'll get the elephants for the next six years, but they won't really fix anything, before the donkeys take the reins.

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