What's really going on?

Do we live in parallel universes?

Is @DuaneCates correct and Two Worlds have Collided?

Here we see that Biden has ordered a buildup of capacity and infrastructure in Guam (perhaps unsurprising) and in Australia (VERY interesting if one connects this to the AUKUS submarine deal)

I have described the AUKUS as a de facto new strategic security pact.

If you combine the intergenerational aspects of the very long term submarine deal...

...with the just-announced increase in other areas of military activity/cooperation with Australia, you get something that looks very much like a new strategic alignment, a pact, between the US, UK, and Australia.

"In Australia, you'll see new rotational fighter and bomber aircraft deployments, you'll see ground forces training and increased logistics cooperation, and more broadly across the Indo-Pacific, you'll see a range of infrastructure improvements, in Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and Australia," Karlin said during the briefing.

So, strategic air superiority and strike aircraft are going to be flying into Australia from the USA on a regular basis.

USA ground forces are going to be there in greater numbers and training together with the Australians.

And increased logistics cooperation suggests strategic lift aircraft, navy and commercial shipping resources will be integrated further.

All of this is going to be accompanied with increased infrastructure, i.e., lots of military construction projects in Australia.

"The moves have been prompted by the Department of Defense's global posture review, which President Joe Biden ordered Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to undertake shortly after taking office in February. Austin started the global posture review in March."

"The Biden administration has made countering China its main foreign policy priority as tensions have increased with Beijing, particularly over the issue of Taiwan and senior Pentagon officials have publicly expressed alarm about China's efforts to upgrade and modernize its military. "

"Overall, the US had "something like 75 consultations," with allies and partners when putting together the review, among them "NATO allies, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, and over a dozen partners across the Middle East and Africa," Karlin said."

Ok...wait a minute.

CNN is telling us WITH NAMED SOURCES (shock!) that

1. Biden and his SecDef are working hard to counter China/CCP ambitions/aggressions

2. Pretty much immediately upon entering office, Biden ordered his SecDef to conduct a review to identify means to essentially extend and amplify Trump's policy of keeping CCP/China in a box.

3. Biden undertook extensive consultations with MANY nations to do #2 above.

NATO allies would include UK, party to AUKUS submarine deal.

Japan is a long-term strategic ally and consultations with them connect up with the growing Quad pact between US, UK, Japan and India.

Including RoK in the consultations and acknowledging it in public is an unmistakable challenge to the CCP.

Middle East must include Israel, Saudi, and GCC.

Mentioning Africa makes me wonder how well Egypt is integrated into all of this.

All of this adds up to a huge pile of evidence for a powerful realignment of global powers specifically designed to put...

...CCP/China into a very strong box.

So here is the weird thing:

Biden (yes, Biden!) is actively pursuing this policy/doctrine!

Isn't Biden the one that was referred to as the "Big Guy" who got a cut of all of Hunter's dirty deals, China included? Isn't Biden the one with decades of corruption under his belt? Isn't Biden easily described as a bought and paid for puppet of the CCP?

I am pretty sure that is the Biden that is defiling the White House at the moment.

How does that add up?

Further, all of this is being played out overtly with CNN appearing to factually present the emergence of this policy/doctrine absent much in the way of spin, obfuscation, or other manipulation.

CNN factually reported on the AUKUS submarine deal.

Think about this. A supposedly CCP-owned kingpin in the MSM propaganda machine is factually and dispassionately reporting on CCP Joe's quite assertive moves to negate CCP power.

CNN is factually reporting on the emergence...

...of a new global security alignment that does nothing to help their ostensible manners.

Let me out it another way:

Biden is pulling off military and diplomatic achievements (AUKUS, actively working with multiple partners to isolate and contain CCP/China, etc.) that rival Trump's accomplishments in these areas.

It is almost as if Trump never left office, isn't it?!

Or perhaps that having left office, Trump made sure that Biden had no choice but to continue to pursue Trump's agenda,...

...military policy, and foreign policy.

In any case, it appears that CCP Joe is having a hard time serving the interests of those who bought him a whole lot of free lunches in the past.

It may be a stretch to say that this all is a devolution proof (although I am comfortable with that stretch) it can certainly be said that the foreign/military policy being undertaken is not what one would expect from Drooling' Joe Biden.

This is one aspect of a parallel universe sort of thing. But there...

...are other strange dualities.

Many states in Australia, without much apparent pushback from central government, are pursuing a very aggressive policy of jab mandates, CCP-style social credit score policies, etc. This is happening in many states in the USA too.

It seems that there are limitations on the extent to which national and domestic policy is limited to Trump-esque actions and in other areas seemingly CCP-friendly policies are allowed to flourish.

As distressing as this is, and... damaging as many of the draconian CCP-style policies are, this schism between strategic policy and domestic policy is pretty much exactly what you'd expect to see in a devolution scenario.

Apart from the catastrophic health impacts associated with the jabs (which I believe are the main form of casualty in this WW3), and the immediate impacts of mandate policies (suicides, economic stress, etc.), most of the chaos we are experiencing right now can be quickly reversed, much as Trump did...

...when he rebuilt the economy for the second time.

Even those who lose their civilian or military jobs can have those reinstated once the truth of this all comes out.

Because I do think that is going to happen.

As dark as it is for many right now, if you look at global military alignment and the ongoing development associated with strategic military resources and relationships, one thing is abundantly clear:


If we were truly on the ropes, about to...

...lose WW3 to the globalist neofascists, would we really be likely to see the might of modern military powers aligning in a single direction? Would we see the powers of the world unite, sometimes in entirely new strategic relationships (The Quad, AUKUS) specifically to counter the CCP/China?

What is happening militarily is called WINNING.

If we Hold Fast and Do Not Comply long enough, those who are covering the strategic military aspects of the CCP's vicious global aggression will be able... finish the job and tidy up the issues associated with CCP-inspired domestic policy.

It is coming, folks. The Big Thing.

"Shepherd your interests with a terrible resolve."

Take care of yourself, your family and your community.

Support MAGA candidates for EVERY office.


Avoid crowds, especially in blue cities and states.

We, along with the Patriots of all nations who are pulling together the strategic framework of the planet to counter the CCP and their allies, have got this.

Hold Fast.


We caught them all.


"of a new global security alignment that does nothing to help their ostensible manners."


Not manners!


@Andre I wonder if the Biden Regime has found themselves with their toes right up to the "high treason" line, and somebody told them about tribunals?


I do not discount this as a possibility, even a likelihood.

@Andre @DuaneCates @vandys

Another possibility?

This was all in the works before Biden took office, and he was instructed to continue the buildup, and to continue to follow the plan that had already been set in motion before he was put in place........

This being his idea is most likely a charade, considering his previous (and probably ongoing) ties to the CCP.


Such a GREAT thread Andre...😍


" damaging as many of the draconian CCP-style policies are, this schism between strategic policy and domestic policy is pretty much exactly what you'd expect to see in a devolution scenario."


Much to ponder there Andre.
Combine your musings with Devolution.
This will take some time.
Work went into this.
I see it and appreciate it.
You make my head hurt sometimes.
Make no mistake.
That is not a complaint.
Hat tip my friend.
Hat tip.

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This is deeply interesting stuff, Andre.

(I may miss classic Wictor, but honestly...this is as good or better than his best analysis)

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@Andre I would want you in my foxhole‼️🔥🔥🔥Prepare & be patient. 🙏🏼💪🏼🇺🇸🗽⚖️


Once Hunter's hard drive was out, what exactly could the CCP have on the Bidens?

Cutting their investments? Didn't one of the Hunter's Chinese partners "disappear"?

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Another insightful, well thought out thread.

And if you just use your own eyes and ears, and don’t listen to outside influencers, it perfectly explains what is going on right now

Well done. Again.


Brilliant thread! You connect the dots of WW3 from the local to global. The irony is that the USA must appear weakened and leaderless so that the key regional nations can fill the void legitimately to form the nodes of more distributed and balanced global power that Trump envisions. Yet the USA must maintain its global dominant military role and its internal Constitutional authority to loose the reigns of power but still nudge the horse down a treacherous path.


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@Andre Wouldn't red cities and states be more at risk of a false flag attack? Or do you mean from threats from within, like Antifa?


There is a general risk of violence from desperate neofascists and their shock troops (Antifa/BLM) and for this reason I avoid crowds whenever possible.

In red states, I think the threat is primarily a terrorist-style attack.

In blue territories, there is theirs of riot, roving gangs of thugs that the police do not restrain, etc.

More danger in blue regions but still some risk everywhere.

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Joe Biden has gone into deep state of losing his mind

@Andre I believe that everything we're being allowed to see is the big distraction from the actual devolution (news) that's taking place. I have to believe devolution is real or the reset is happening. I'm betting on devolution.

@Andre @DuaneCates

And the day just keeps brightening...

Great thread.

While NEFs inform the actions of the devo team, CNN suddenly finding religion for at least one story is surprising. I'm not holding my breath on this one.

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