Let's look at the big picture.

With the Democrat attempt to end the filibuster dead, we can see some interesting behaviours manifest in our POTATUS.

In this revealing clip, we see Biden being distracted, struggling to deal with a barrage of questions while simultaneously removing his mask (suggesting walking and chewing bubblegum would be difficult) and the most significant behaviour, a clear display of anger and agitation.

I suspect that all of this behaviour is related to a disease progression, i.e., Alzheimer's or some other form of dementia.

Let's take a look at the Alzheimer's Association website:

Under possible causes of agitation, we see:

Situations that may lead to agitation include:

Moving to a new residence or nursing home

Changes in environment, such as travel, hospitalization or the presence of houseguests

Changes in caregiver arrangements

Misperceived threats

Fear and fatigue resulting from trying to make sense out of a confusing world

Early Stages

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, individuals have difficulties recalling words or finding the right vocabulary to share what they would like to say.

During this stage, there is oftentimes a loss of verbal fluency. Individuals may stutter, halt or find it difficult to finish sentences.

Verbal fillers, such as “um,” and slower speech occurs. Difficulties comprehending formal written and spoken languages also occur.

Early continued:

At this stage, the symptoms are mild. Individuals form sentences and express thoughts but not at the normal pace they once did.

Moderate Stages

During moderate to severe stages, symptoms are very noticeable. Your loved one may struggle to form simple sentences or understand conversations.

Slurring, stammering, repetition and use of incorrect words or phrases are common.

This is a difficult time for victims of the disease and their families. Encouragement, patience and optimism are vital.

Thus with this single step up to a microphone, I think that we can see unmistakable signs of Alzheimer's/dementia in POTATUS, especially when we compare his performance to that which he delivered when he left the Senate in 2009.

He was no bright light of oratory even then, but his decline is unmistakable.I note that he held it together for about 40 minutes in this boring speech about himself.

I wonder how he will fare in the event he ever actually shows up... deliver a State of the Union address to Congress?

What is the lethal dose of Adderall (or whatever it is that they juice him up with)?

We have see an unbroken string of failure from POTATUS since Day One and this defeat from SCOTUS and the Democrat's attempt to kill the filibuster are just the latest in that trend.

But one thing that we can see today is clear evidence that the man ostensibly holding the office of President is in a rapid decline.


We caught them all.



I think that was evident before he even began his run for office in 2020. * was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but now...the lights are on but nobody's home.

The historical irony in this is * could very well bookend the Progressive Era. Wilson was an invalid at the end of his second term, which represented the real start of the Progressive Era. How fitting that both of these men were functional invalids while in office.

Progressivism in a nutshell one might say.

@Davez_Not_Here @Andre

I don't think there's any doubt he isn't operating at full capacity. It's a double whammy for him because he was never all that intelligent to begin with.

@Rumblestone @Andre

Yeah, Joe wasn't exactly known as an intellectual heavyweight in the Senate...


Good stuff. I agree that Biden has never been the sharpest tool in the shed! 😂

Maybe he has dementia. Seems the most likely thing.

But I have to wonder, if they were going to steal the election anyway, why they ran a mental midget with developing Alzheimer's instead of someone else more lucid. That would be a headscratcher.

Or maybe the not so sharp tool is mentally breaking down knowing what's in store. I wonder how long he has known his fate.

Made me think of this: Even the NY Mets got a better deal with Bobby Bonilla than the democrats have with Biden. Once Bonilla rapidly declined in 1999 it was better for them to pay out his remaining contract over 25 years at $1.19m a year. 2011-2035 (until Bonilla is 72 years old). I don't see how they get rid of Biden that easy. It would seem that their plans, whatever they were, have been altered by outside forces and they're stuck with the worst contract in history.

@h53pilot @Andre

My mom has dementia setting in, symptoms just like said Andre. I'm a smart guy, and the single biggest trait I see is the loss of all common sense and understanding of what used to be simple things to understand for her.

@icare4america I am facing the same challenges with my Mom (92). Heartbreaking.


I'll say one thing though, she does not want the Jab ever and we have had her on the Dr Z protocol for 18 months and she has not caught anything and we support her never getting the Jab.

@h53pilot @Andre

“But I have to wonder, if they were going to steal the election anyway, why run a mental midget with developing Alzheimer's instead of someone else more lucid. That would be a headscratcher.”

The only logical explanation I can come up with, is that given the slate of candidates they presented the populace with in 2020, Biden was the only one they could have sold the populace on as possibly“winning”, as much of a stretch as it ultimately was.

And their “Hail Mary” worked.


If you believe this the real, declining Biden, then I find it hard to reconcile he's also following orders from white hats.

I can accept his hands are tied, but more about what he can't do, as opposed to what he must do.

Regardless, how sad this is the President of the United States.


Maybe ii is some of Biden's handlers that turned?

He is a potato POTATUS.

@Andre As I've noted a couple of times, I've come to the conclusion that Biden is _way_ more lucid than we think. He pops up and runs fine when needed, then plays up the dementia thing on other occasions. I suspect it's his "get out of jail" card if things go south big time. I mean, he _could_ be looking at insurrection, fraud, high treason, felony corruption, pedophilia. Who knows what else?

some people have been suggesting that Biden is faking/oscar performances in the role of Dementia victim as to prevent him from prosecution if something were to ever go down with him concerning all his bribery situations/ hunter etc. etc. It's a valid point hey raise. Yes , his murderous mandates and other unsavory deeds can be written off by pleading insanity.

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