It does not get much better than this.

After creating the most coercive and corrosive national working environment in history with legally questionable policies on jabs, the POTATUS administration proposes to remedy the record number of resignations sweeping the nation by implementing the "Good Jobs Initiative."


With a straight face, CNN reports:

The initiative, led by the Labor Department, will establish a broad framework across the federal government to inform workers of their rights -- including their right to collectively bargain, engage employers in improving jobs to retain workers and deploy federal agencies to bolster the plan.

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"Inform workers of their rights"????


After attempting to implement the most invasive and unlawful intrusion into personal bodily autonomy in history, they are going to inform workers of their "rights"?


They are utterly tone deaf:

""I don't think 'the great resignation' is the real story when you look (at the fact that) more people joined the workforce last year than any time last 25 years," Walsh told CNN. "But I think a lot of people did leave the workforce because they weren't earning good wages and, for whatever reason, decided to leave.""


They actually cannot figure it out?

"In another federal effort this week aimed at supporting workers amid the pandemic, the US Department of Health and Human Services announced it will award $103 million to help retain health care workers by strengthening long-term efforts to reduce burnout and to promote mental health.

The money for the services comes as about one in four hospitals in the US are reporting a "critical staffing shortage," more than most of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to data from HHS."

They think the a measly $103m will deal with the fact that many thousands of health care workers simply refuse to accept the jab?

They may as well sacrifice a chicken to do the job.

They close the article claiming they will come up with another fix for this chronic problem:

"DOL and the Department of Transportation also announced new initiatives earlier this month aimed at addressing truck driver shortages and retaining drivers, which comes amid a supply chain crunch nationwide."

There are literally dozens of videos from the USA, Canada, and elsewhere with truckers saying in their own voice and words that the reason they are not behind the wheel is because of the jabs.

This CNN story is a spectacular documentation of the greatest case of sinful blindness in human history.

Paid for with your tax dollars.



We caught them all.



I meant 'wilful blindness' but the gods of typos saw fit to interpret my random keyboard antics as "sinful blindness".

I like it.

@Andre Politicians and bureaucrats expand their power by blaming private businesses for priblems that THEY, the politicians and bureaucrats, created. And propaganda machines like CNN are there to amplify their lies. This is nothing new.

@itztheschnitz @Andre I don't disagree with this, but I also think that business, being too quick to get in bed with gov't, or use gov't to fortify their business models and cripple competition bring some of it on themselves.

@Phil @itztheschnitz

Authoritarian government in league with big business is the definition of fascism.

Fascism always fails.

And your comment highlights one of the reasons why this is so.

@Andre @Phil @itztheschnitz Ireland just announced opening restrictions, but not fully yet. The Irish government knows things are against them. The news media still calling for more restrictions and going down the fearmongering route. Things are going to backfire on them. I know things are bad for them when I see the flip flopping Politicions (canary in the coal mines) who blows with the political winds are always in the head winds.

@Andre If I don't see something I should I get in trouble and when i see stuff i shouldn't I get in trouble. I get in trouble no matter what, so i guess sinful works either way.

@Andre Gods of typos huh? I shall build a shrine to this new god!! Kidding of course. Just wanted to be liberal for a second or two.


Isn't it all entertaining? DoL, HHS, and CNN are doing a fabulous job of performing a parody of dishonest, disingenuous, and inept government. It's satire.

Yes, EVERYTHING they are doing is designed to undermine American values, but it's backfiring.

Everyday more and more people are realizing that they have been lied to about everything. Government is NOT the solution. Government is the problem.

Government is destructive to our God-given rights. It is our duty to abolish it.


There is always some form of government, formal or informal.

It is our duty to CONTROL it.

We abdicated that duty and the globalist neofascists stepped right in, unopposed.

Now we have to fight to expel them.

@Andre This is the literal definition of existing in a bubble. This particular bubble has soundproof walls too.

@Andre Unreal! They are more absurd by the minute! Saddest part is that there are those who will believe this malarkey 🤦‍♀️


You're exactly right, but I also wonder if there's one other side: corporations' sudden pushing of woke ideology, DEI, ESG etc.

How many people close to retirement age, or with other options, chose to say "enough" and got out of there?

They talk about mental health. Not all the mental health issues are necessarily attributable to the Deadly Virus. I'm certain that a good chunk is from being worn down by identity politics, being lectured that Western culture and values are evil etc.

@Andre It's kind of like this: All my trees are dying, so I pay for a lawn service.

@Andre They probably already sacrificed a few chickens, the evil POS. :/

@DianaSez @Andre I thought the same thing--they probably did Satanic rituals before it even started to try to magic people into taking the death shots eagerly. For some, it worked.

@Andre I love how these psychotic clowns apparently don't think anyone will call them out on the irony of their constant virtue-signaling about "mental health" while simultaneously obliterating the nation's collective sanity by inflicting one massive psychological terror operation after another into an involuntarily institutionalized population.

In short, to paraphrase the great California poet Cyco Miko:

"We're not crazy!
You're the one that's crazy!
You're driving us crazy!"

@Andre I wonder about this, are they really oblivious or are they trying to gaslight the public?


Gaslighting. POTATUS may be wandering around with poopy drawers, unaware of his surroundings, but this story is the cover for an utterly deliberate attempt to kill liberty globally.

The good news is that they have no other plan, no way to adapt, and it is all falling apart, no matter how many gig leaves that CNN or others attempts to hang on it all.


Wish I could hit 'Favorite' a thousand times on this one post alone.


I read this thread to my husband and his first reaction is, "Biden is not demented, or stupid. This is them intentionally tearing down our country. While we laugh at them, or shake our heads at them, they are moving forward in their plan of destroying the country."


I laugh at their attempts to tear down the country.

If people did not have hope that Trump was putting together a response that we can all get behind, many would have already gotten busy with their own responses.

The left have no idea what they are messing with. They think they are the badasses in control.

Patriots have barely gotten started yet.


This administration is the most tone deaf and have a gazillion 'reasons' they suck!

Typical D Answer: Spend tax dollars to pretend they are doing something and will a have no impact to show for it, after the money was spent!

@Andre @SweetIceTea It reminds me of this graphic that was posted here earlier--it's amazing to realize that the Left firmly believes that they are the "good guys"....


It's what creation of mass psychosis looks like, literally.

Say things so at odds with reality that the mind just can not process...then before any kind of mind numbing resolution can set in [no matter how incorrect] pile on additional layers of obfuscation until insanity sets in.

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