It does not get much better than this.

After creating the most coercive and corrosive national working environment in history with legally questionable policies on jabs, the POTATUS administration proposes to remedy the record number of resignations sweeping the nation by implementing the "Good Jobs Initiative."

With a straight face, CNN reports:

The initiative, led by the Labor Department, will establish a broad framework across the federal government to inform workers of their rights -- including their right to collectively bargain, engage employers in improving jobs to retain workers and deploy federal agencies to bolster the plan.

"Inform workers of their rights"????


After attempting to implement the most invasive and unlawful intrusion into personal bodily autonomy in history, they are going to inform workers of their "rights"?


They are utterly tone deaf:

""I don't think 'the great resignation' is the real story when you look (at the fact that) more people joined the workforce last year than any time last 25 years," Walsh told CNN. "But I think a lot of people did leave the workforce because they weren't earning good wages and, for whatever reason, decided to leave.""


They actually cannot figure it out?

@Andre I wonder about this, are they really oblivious or are they trying to gaslight the public?



Gaslighting. POTATUS may be wandering around with poopy drawers, unaware of his surroundings, but this story is the cover for an utterly deliberate attempt to kill liberty globally.

The good news is that they have no other plan, no way to adapt, and it is all falling apart, no matter how many gig leaves that CNN or others attempts to hang on it all.

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