has been appearing in Arab News a bit recently.


He is Central Command (Centcom) chief Gen. Erik Kurilla

He is a badass who ket fighting after being shot three times among assorted experience in SpecOps and conventional unit operations.

He served in key roles under Trump.

Looks pretty solid to me.

Remember my previous threads where I suggested the doom-storm we observe appears directed towards and primarily affecting the USA (and to an important but lesser extent, the 'West').

If this is true, and if my ideas about the USA following the KSA/GCC/Israel model of the 3RMA (3rd Revolution in Military Affairs) in a top to bottom reorganisation are in any way correct, we would expect to see evidence of the USA, especially with its military, expressing stability and strategic vigour to...

...channels well seen and respected around the world, but not necessarily those frequented by very many Americans.

The Arab News article about Gen Kurilla's comments do not mirror the omnishambles seen through the lens of the media's take on many issues, including Iran. The USA media like to present a chaotic and apocalyptic perspective. The perspective put forward by Kurilla is anything but that.

Iran is the “most destabilizing force in the Middle East,” according to the US’s top military general in the region ....
US Central Command (Centcom) chief Gen. Erik Kurilla told Al Arabiya on Tuesday that countering the threat posed by the Islamic republic remained a top priority but said it would be reliant on regional cooperation.
“The US’s position is that we will not allow a nuclear Iran, however, our concerns about Iran go beyond its nuclear capability,” said Kurilla.

Well that is pretty unambiguous, isn't it?

Not much Tehran appeasement in there!

The good general then dug in deep and made a personal commitment to the region:

"He was in KSA as part of a “listening tour” having been in Egypt before & said he would be making several more trips to the Kingdom.
“This visit to the Centcom region… is largely an opportunity to glean insights from our partners here & in so doing, I’m looking for gaps, risks, and opportunities in security for our partners and for the region,...

“I’ll return to the kingdom many times in the coming months and years. In so doing, I will demonstrate American commitment to KSA and the region.”

That's putting himself out there, isn't it?

He then closed (in the story) with a commitment to help the Saudis with an area of special concern for them:

"“We are concerned about the smuggling of advanced conventional munitions by sea to support Houthi operations,” said Kurilla.
“Therefore, anti-smuggling operations with the Royal Saudi Naval Forces will serve as an area of focus for me (as will) maintaining safe and secure waterways, a critical responsibility for us and our partners.”"

So, CinC of CentCom visits the Gulf and meets with multiple leaders that would be involved in the KSA/GCC/Israel-model for a 3RMA military in the USA and commits to:

1. Never a nuclear Iran
2. He made a commitment to personal listen to and frequently return to the region.
3. He commits USA resources to the Houthi issue for KSA.

He did all of the above firmly in the name of the USA, being directly quoted stating the USA position on Iran.

He also made the statements himself, never referring...

...to or appealing to a higher command/authority.

No mention of the USA government/administration whatsoever.

Very friendly and businesslike.

Not alarmist at all.

Relaxed, even.

Almost like everything is just fine (except in places where they are told it is not).

And it appears that his visit was received in kind, with relaxed friendship and a mutual exchange of ideas and expressions of co-operation.

Very Trumpian and zero POTATUS.


We caught them all.



What insignia does this senior soldier sport

His Rank
His Combat Infantry Badge
His Parachutist badge (with star device for combat jump_
His Ranger tab
Hi Airborne Unit patch.

That's it.

Not a lot of ribbon or other awards.


1. Rank (power)
2."I have been shot at" badge
3. I have jumped from an aircraft and landed in a fight" badge
4. I'm a Special Operator badge
5. I'm the boss of this here unit badge.

And then he said important words.

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Great thoughts. Just an FYI on awards on that uniform - the only other one he could wear with that uniform (and likely was, but its on the right sleeve) is a combat patch.

The only time a ribbon or other formal device would be worn with that uniform is if had just been presented.



My ignorance of military stuff is profound.

@Andre @Wintersoldier
LOL that coming from somebody that knows far more than the average person.
You're far too humble my friend.

@Nobody @Wintersoldier

I know enough to be able to perceive some of the edges of some of the holes representing some of my my ignorance.

On average, that is pretty good, but still dangerous in terms of reaching premature conclusions at times.

That is one reason I am so grateful for the community here. Put out a vague or inaccurate point?

Almost instant correction by a good natured fellow citizen of FA.

And then we move on with that point of ignorance managed and resolved.



Further to that:

The smallest detail on that uniform is the one that speaks the loudest. That star on his Parachutist wings is very rare. He will meet a lot of people with parachute qualifications. LOTS.

He will meet almost zero with combat jumps.

Now, with SpecOps doing stuff, and with Freefall Parachutist badges out there, I wonder if the SpecOps guys get stars on their wings for secret missions?

It'd be a an interesting way to spot a modern operator with deep experience.


The combat jump wing is sometimes called a mustard stain. They are very uncommon, and if you're in an airborne unit It's a big deal.

To the best of my knowledge, there's no combat designation on HALO/HAHO badges.

Generally, the more badass, the less noise. ISA and Delta don't even get a qualification tab. Heck, they don't even officially exist.


Army and Air Force Master Freefall Parachutist badge with combat jump stars.

@Andre I stand corrected - thanks!

Last one awarded was for a HALO in Iraq 2007. I'm envisioning the planning for that mission.

Team CDR: and then we HALO in...

Team CSM: HALO sir? Wouldn't a help be more practical?

CDR: Mustard stain for your wings?

CSM: son of a bitch, I'm in!


None at all. I just wouldn't be shocked if getting that awarded factored into the planning. Yes, they are professionals, but the bragging rights...


My limited experience with Navy SEALs suggests to me that any excuse to run off the ramp at the back of a Hercules with a rig on is relished.


My friend Jerry was killed in Iraq in 2008 working as a contractor after 18 years as a SEAL.

The only award mentioned on his gravestone, despite earning many including the Purple Heart, is the Air Medal.

"The Air Medal (AM) is a military decoration of the United States Armed Forces. It was created in 1942 and is awarded for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight."

No idea if his was earned under a parachute or in a helo (etc.).

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