I posted a number of times earlier about events that I perceived as being consistent with what The Hermit described as the Third Revolution in Military Affairs (3RMA).

One idea that has been associated with 3RMA doctrine is the increased use of relatively autonomous special operator units.

These units, as The Hermit described (to my recollection), would consist of something like platoon-sized units with it's own complete set of military resources.

They'd have one tank, one artillery piece, one or two missile platforms, armoured vehicles of various 'light' configurations, they'd have drones, perhaps a helicopter, etc. Interconnected with augmented vision devices that allow each individual operator to see each other and (hopefully) the enemy and thus respond at a granular level to the battle.

A theatre of operations would have a number of these 'platoons' operating autonomously, interacting where desired. They in turn, will be supported... more strategic air superiority assets, naval resources, etc., where possible.

The age of the heavy/ultraheavy main battle tank formations are likely gone forever (thankfully). A single tank killer missile squad can take out multiple tanks making the lighter, more nimble options a superior choice for the SpecOps environment.

So, I have been following a line of lightweight inquiry about a few predictions that I made to myself.

These predictions were to see if I could answer two questions:

1. Is there further evidence of 3RMA development?

2. Is there evidence of successful bureaucratic and military operations, especially as provided for in a currently supported budget item, i.e., with Congress having made sure to support it financially.

To restate #2 above:

Is there evidence of the successful operation of...

...the private/corporate entities in concert with organs of government that appear to be achieving militarily 'healthy' outcomes consistent with a 3RMA strategy.

If the answer to the above is yes, then we can discern the induced chaos in the military through a perhaps more nuanced lens.

Further, if the answer to the above is yes, then we may state as a matter of fact that the USA is engaging in the 3RMA revolution, VERY, VERY LIKELY in CLOSE concert with KSA/GCC/Israel/Others in terms of...

...the dedication of military personnel, but also and perhaps especially in the area of systems design, manufacturing, and deployment.

In other words:

Is there a bunch of stuff getting made and deployed that is 100% consistent with an active migration to 3RMA by the US military?

The answer to this is, of course, yes (as I will show you in a moment).

I assert that this evidence of ongoing development, manufacture, and deployment is PROOF, incontrovertible proof, really, that...

...whatever crisis we are in, whatever the grotesque theatre that is going on in our political offices, whatever misery has been inflicted by the side I consider evil, it must be said that certain things that we have been talking about for the last couple of years are taking place, turmoil notwithstanding.

You may take from this proof of operation whatever you like. Is it proof that devolution is working?

Is it the exact opposite?

I have no idea.

But I do suggest that we at least...

...consider that this ongoing strategic function could well imply that whatever crash that is coming due to the political turmoil will be less severe that one involving a system that had utterly broken apart.

Or to put it another way: I consider this to be good news!

So, I began to look. Could I see the development of the tools of the trade of 3RMA in the USA?

Let's take a look at my latest discovery:

The Headline and sub say it pretty well:

Rafael unveils new Spike NLOS missile version with in-flight control transfer

The new version of the Spike NLOS has a target production date of 2023, Rafael officials said.

"TEL AVIV: Israeli firm Rafael has unveiled a new version of its Spike missile, and has teamed with Lockheed Martin to market the system in the US."

A joint USA Israel project.


An integrated missile system that can be fired and managed by any combination of light vehicles or helicopters. Drones too.

Pretty much EXACTLY what you'd want for your 3RMA platoons, eh?

These light vehicles are already being delivered to the US military.

But these are not the first or only...

...examples of this style of gear that I have been perusing lately.

Have a look at this website.

These are the guys that make the Hummers. The utterly ubiquitous light vehicle in the US military.

You'd expect to see their vehicles thrive in a 3RMA environment.


Easily modified.

Standard already.

Long track record.


But if they are involved in 3RMA, then you'd expect to see certain specialised versions that apply to 3RMA SpecOps specifically.

And you do.

They also make this.

"The Humvee 2-CT Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Howitzer System (MHS) is the lightest weight, most highly maneuverable self-propelled howitzer in the world today."

"The 105MHS battery is organized to suppress, neutralize, and destroy both ground forces and structures in an indirect and direct fire mode. This system allows the weapon to move, shoot and move again without relying on heavy equipment to counter any adverse effects from battery fire and other aggressive offensive engagements."

This vehicle, paired with a similar weight Hummer as an ammo bearer, can set up, fire a salvo, and be up and ready to move in three minutes.

And if you need to pack a bit more reach and power into your SpecOps mix, there's the 155mm beast, just on a bit larger of a chassis. was this new iteration of the Hummer.

It uses the Hummer power plant, transmission, and running gear, but the armour is of a new design and lighter overall.

This looks to me to be featured in the next movie that attempts to be accurate in terms of the most current military gear.

This LOOKS to me like the epitome of SpecOps 3RMA style.

And how are you going to coordinate all of that in the field in real time, hooked up to your satellites, etc.?

Here is a Humvee mounted, 4 station, command and control centre that deploys in 30 minutes!

Pretty much EXACTLY what you'd need to run a whole group of 3RMA platoons, each with their own missile launchers, artillery support, troop mobility and protection, etc.

So, my friends, I assert that we can easily see, across multiple sources and verticals, evidence of the ongoing invocation of 3RMA doctrine and resources into the USA military.

I further assert that this is evidence of the strategic function of the government, Evan as aspects of it are flailing, out of control.

Finally, I assert that this ongoing governmental operation that appears to be purposeful and rational, is evidence that the current situation is at least partly...

...managed and that we are thus likely to be protected from at least some worst case outcomes.

A softer crash, if you will.


We caught them all.


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I love it when you talk hardware.

This most recent thread flew a little over my head this time. My interest in military equipment tends to be related to vehicles named after dog breeds, and the Brits have real propensity for this, and always have. Great Dane, Foxhound, Mastiff, Wolfhound - these are all the names of British military vehicles.

My takeaway comes from your last paragraph: "We are thus likely to be protected from at least some worst case outcomes." From your lips..

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