I would like to draw attention to one of our great FreeAtlantis citizens: @Luther

He has a quirky poetic and rhythmic posting style here that always stands out for me.

He also runs a Telegram channel that is an excellent news aggregator with good, concise commentary too. He's become one of my go-to stops on Telegram (one of the few).

If you are on Telegram, please go check his channel out and give him a follow. I predict you will be pleased with his offerings.

@Andre @Luther
I agree wholeheartedly.
Luther is one of the persons whose Telegram page I check if I need a quick update on the latest and GREATEST news.


I appreciate your kind words.
It means a lot to me friend.

@Andre @Luther Great job Luther! I check your Telegram Channels several times a day!

@Andre Definitely! Luther does such a great job of putting a wide variety of the relevant news in one spot, my fav channel for news on TG. I appreciate it so much! He obviously puts a lot of time and effort into it! I love his poetic takes too! A true treasure! Thank you, Luther! You're a great patriot! 🙂 👊👍💪🇺🇸 @Luther

@Andre @Luther Me too! I follow only about 5 or 6 channels & Luther is a "several times a day" stop to see what's up!👍


I highly recommend it! But you can also view the channel via the internet without an account if you’re hesitating.

And I agree @Luther is one of the best news sharing channels!

Way to recognize that @Andre .

@HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre
Well, I did just install, but to begin messaging, it wanted to get in via my phine number...became frustrated as I really don't want to add another app from my phone. The computer is easier as my moniter is bigger and easier to use. Uninstalled it.


You should able to just click the the link on the original post and a browser window will open it.

If you do end up joining, just add a few channels and turn off notifications or it can get overwhelming, especially at first. Like with any new thing.

@Luther @Andre

@HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre
I did preview. Good stuff. i tried doing telegram before an founf the whole process annoying.

@cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre

It's not very user friendly at first. It takes some getting used to, and it is an annoying setup, imo.

@cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre

I typically pick one channel at a time and then peruse it over several days on its own timeline.

'@HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre
As my mother would say, 'If everyone jumped off the Highland park Bridge, would you...😆

@cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre

Seriously, keep an eye on TG's permissions. It'll hog storage. Grabbed a couple gigs on the android before I stopped it.


No kidding, I blinked, and suddenly lost about 60 Gb, until I changed the settings! :D

@cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre

@Sueknisely @ArnGrimR @cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre

Settings, apps, Telegram, permissions, deny every category, especially storage. That stops it from downloading everything it sees and storing it. You can still download manually from the channels.

@cully45 @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre
Patel Patriot, spitballers chat, Brian cates, Sather and bioclandestine the best

@Sueknisely @HeyLiberty @Luther @Andre
I've subscribed to those and a few others, the articles come in my inbox!

@cully45 @Andre @Luther

It's fun! The Cates Bros., Luther, Q stuff, good Ukraine coverage, all kinds of nifty things.

@cully45 @Andre @Luther

And it's good to have Bashers, both for funny SMB junk (not as much as at first, because now he's mostly just pathetic and boring) but a place to go when FA goes down, as it does on occasion.

@jmc464 @cully45 @Luther

I agree that Bashers is the FA Emergency Command Post in the event of an FA outage!

@Andre @cully45 @Luther

A rallying point, if we get scattered. Regroup and re-deploy.

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