A new filing in the Michael Sussmann case has revealed the depth of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation. It doesn’t look good for former DNC lawyer (and former Perkins Coie partner) Sussmann or for the group that pushed the Alfa Bank/Trump hoax.


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Trump's site will suck all the energy out of every other platform overnight. It will be a joy to see it happen. FB and Twitter will become like the rundown areas of big cities with old newspapers blowing around deserted empty stores and overturned trash cans.

The good news regarding the transhumanism agenda is that the internet will be yanked out from under their feet, and they'll have to scrap their plans.

The bad news is that without access to the internet (as we presently know it), we'll have to make adjustments.

The good news is that someone trustworthy is preparing to help us with that task. t.me/praying_medic

Big Foot & Fairy photos, you decide, real creatures, or a fairy tale?

This video is to clarify my appearance on The Galactic Talk Youtube. This is a link to the rest of the Big Foot & Fairy photos. Come see them up close and decide for your self~!  


Follow the Truth, TRUTH Social is America’s “Big Tent” social media platform that encourages an open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.


Facebook admits letting users share information on human smuggling.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is seeking a DOJ investigation into the platform.  


Throughout 2020, America’s doctors, nurses, paramedics and other medical professionals were celebrated as heroes – courageous frontline soldier-healers, selflessly battling a fearsome new pandemic called COVID-19.

Just one year later, in 2021, tens of thousands of those same “frontline heroes” are now branded as rebels, conspiracy theorists, extremists – and yes, potential terrorists, at least according to the Department of Homeland Security. Considered so dangerous a


I beg you, don't take the covid vaccine and say yes to life.

In many of my videos I reveal the truth about the covid lie and the imminent danger of the covid vaccine.


roof below the UFO, and the thing started moving a little bit. He pulled out his gun, looked at it, then put the gun back in his holster and ducked!
I am still being given information about certain things going on there-In the nighttime, people seeing little creatures coming through the walls of the casing on the reactor, and military personnel indicating 'we're aware of these creatures and we don't care if they're from outer space-shoot 'em!'


My first guest spot~! 

Andrew Zebrun III talks about his various UFO sighting experiences throughout New York State and his great appreciation on Aseer the Duke of Tiers & Azzariah Bey's works.


My Canadian friend Marlene writes a great blog, please show her some Love & support, Blessings.

EPSTEIN ISLAND TEMPLE - Blue & White Striped Symbolism - What Does It Mean? 


Please see a link to Sheriff Mack's CSPOA DOT ORG website in the show notes. so you can help save America.

"Mel is proud to welcome justice warrior Sheriff Richard Mack to discuss saving America. Sheriff Mack is working to educate and train Sheriffs and citizens countrywide on the constitutional oath & power of the Sheriff through his organization."


The Greatest Trick The Draconians Ever Pulled Was Making You Think They Never Existed.

Using "Religion" As A Method Of Control And Indoctrination

Think Logically The Matrix Was A Documentary.

The Root Of All Evil Is "Money"
Crimes Against Humanity
Crimes Against Children
Galactic Human Trafficking
Human "Slave Ships"
The World Is About To Change
Executive Order 13818


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