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Found one, Circa 1992? 3? something like that.

Mi Kimmy

And beforer all the rude ppl start shouting Tineye says...

Yeah, I was on Tumblr, and I was stoopid...

So now she's in the wilds of the internet.


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My pinned post on Gab:

Maybe I'm just a cynic, but in my opinion most of us aren't going to heaven.
I've never met a dog, though, who wasn't.

Looks like false flag season is here! Look what they are planning -don't take the bait!

WARNING: Is Stasi FBI Plotting Their Next Assault on the American People? - FEDS WARN OF "ELECTION DAY VIOLENCE"
BEWARE OF FEDS The federal government ran dozens of operatives on January 6th at the US Capitol. The FBI was running operative, the Capitol Police were running operative,…


Six Million

I don't know what Putin actually believes or wants.

I do know that my government believes I'm a terrorist and wants to erase my history and groom my children.

I'm not fighting anyone for them.

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