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Found one, Circa 1992? 3? something like that.

Mi Kimmy

And beforer all the rude ppl start shouting Tineye says...

Yeah, I was on Tumblr, and I was stoopid...

So now she's in the wilds of the internet.


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Maybe I'm just a cynic, but in my opinion most of us aren't going to heaven.
I've never met a dog, though, who wasn't.

@hejoural @AnotherStag

I'm a proponent of Dad's. People keep linking it to boys.

I'm a girl (OK, an old woman), it was my father who taught me serenity amongst chaos.

My mother was a holy terror. My Dad kept Cool as a Cucumber.

I see these crazed feminists as products of single mothers.

I'd be running around reeeeeeeeing with purple hair and clown makeup if not for my father.

So I bless the Dads.

Elon Mustache

Two generation ago high school students commonly kept rifles mounted in their unlocked trucks. Perks of a high-trust society.


BREAKING: Liz Cheney has tested positive for Nobodylikesyourassitis -19



WARNING: Gruesome picture 

This is marked sensitive
Do NOT view if you have a weak stomach for hanging.

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