The most diverse admin in Virginia's history has begun.

Some of their first moves were to ban CRT, fire 30 staff members from the VA AG Office, launch investigations into the Parole Board and Loudon County, pursue criminal cases declined by Soros funded DAs, withdraw from some Greenhouse Gas bs group, and more.

This was all within a few hours of the moment pictured.


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I've been trying to temper my expectations of this Admin, but so far it is off to an amazing start.

God bless Virginia!

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Youngkin looks so mild mannered, you’d never expect him to go DeSantis on these sort of things. He has the right formula, though.

Be like Teddy Roosevelt, but without the progressivism.

@justhuman @Argentum47 @StephanieAnneLR @SomeLadyinVA
It was great watching the inauguration yesterday and hearing his speech. Yes indeed, the adults have returned.


So I see that several cities/counties have refused to follow the EO releasing kids from the mask mandate. They will continue to force kids and teachers to cover their faces in school and on buses.
I guess the governor will have to sue them.

Was just reading that, the 'woke' of Northern Virginia thinking they can dictate a nefarious policy without consequences. Power and control keeping it ugly head(s).

@MadBeachBimbo @StephanieAnneLR
Why not, masks are bloody useless and harmful, most especially for children.

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