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@Phil @BGrilln365247 @Tashakitkat Seriously time to abolish IRS and go to a national sales tax. So sick of Big Brother needing to know every detail of our lives! I know, I know…but I can dream, can’t I ? 😤

Facebook jail for this a year ago.In the middle of 90 strike from going live.

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Where the hell are all the hard scrabble, shameless, ambulance chasing lawyers?! This is your time for glory!🇺🇲

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We are literally like monkeys in cages being given poisons.

The monsters continue to kill & maim with impunity. Given cover by the monsters in the MSM, corporate leaders & govt officials from both parties.

The American people are truly on our own. At some point the 2nd Amendment is going to become a factor in this World War III. I hope it comes in time to save Freedom & Liberty.

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By the way, my take on the current situation here in the US and all over the world?

As long as we maintain a Fuck You attitude, and I seriously mean a steadfast Fuck You attitude, just like we’re seeing here and especially in Europe, we are now on the downhill slope.

So to all you globalists:


You’re finished.

I work in the power generation field as a supplier to fossile plants. Most plants are dispatched based on cost to produce. Trump opened up the natural gas market while Biden closed it and drove gas prices higher. Some coal plants are now cheaper. It won't last with the continued retirements. Keep your eye on 2030-2033 when coal disappears. They want to drive you to electric vehicles to but there's no plan to replace the gigawatts of coal that will go away.

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Well, it's coming. My employer notified everyone that proof of jab will be required to remain employed. Wouldn't want to jeopardize those Government contracts.

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