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Raging Democratic Socialists Mourn Their Lost Sacrament: Abortion

Do you recognize the image at the top of this column?

Of course, you do.

It is not a mass of cells. It is not an “it.”

It is a baby, a human life in a mother’s womb, a life that began at conception. And it is waiting to be born.

But idea of that baby allowed to be born and millions of other such babies, has triggered intense rage among the Democratic Socialists

@pamby1 More news: a woman who has been like a mom to me, had a sister who insisted everyone should take ALL the Covid vaxxs. My “mom” refused to take any of the vaxxs and she will be 88 in November and had Covid and survived! Well, the sister had been in remission from lymphoma for 25 years and she died last night from a very fast, aggressive cancer that she had only a few months. I’m sick of this death thing. Just this week, heard of 2 more “sudden fatal” heart attacks of 50 year old men.

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Aight, I got fam coming for the 4th, and my crib is still not as decked out as I wanna be.

Jumped in the hoopdee, to a 50% off sale at Michael's, PLUS my handy-dandy 10% off teacher discount card (still have it from when I worked at the Community College!). Found me a lil patriotic sum sum. 

Dug around in storage unit, found and unpacked my Americana box.

Here's my ingredients, peeps.

It feels just like an episode of Chopped.  Let's see what table centerpiece your girl can whip up wit dis!

@Andre I see Trith Social and Devin Nunes is promoting a commemorative mug with COVFEFE on it
What if COVFEFE represented a plan?

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"I've got a pen and I've got a phone - and I can use that pen to sign executive orders and take executive actions and administrative actions that move the ball forward."

B. Obama

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Three years ago today, Donald Trump became the first sitting US President to step foot in North Korea. He just walked across the border.

Picture if you will Joe Biden… tripping over the border.

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OMG! I just heard Dr. Zelenko passed. May his righteous memory be forever blessed

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If I wasn't convinced before, this convinced me that @Andre & @h53pilot solution to our crisis is the correct one.

The magnitude of the variables raised by Jovan make it crystal clear that these people had to be cornered with this evidence and leveraged to stop. Slowly but surely, the lights are coming on:

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You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
Matthew 5:53-44

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I would like to draw attention to one of our great FreeAtlantis citizens: @Luther

He has a quirky poetic and rhythmic posting style here that always stands out for me.

He also runs a Telegram channel that is an excellent news aggregator with good, concise commentary too. He's become one of my go-to stops on Telegram (one of the few).

If you are on Telegram, please go check his channel out and give him a follow. I predict you will be pleased with his offerings.

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@lenorathompsonwriter Awww. That's good you got another car. That's ridiculous on insurance part. Wow! Come on! I'm so sorry. Hope they step up soon. Beyond ridiculous🤬 Praying continues for you & your husband. Poor guy. That's so awful you're dealing with all this! 🤗🙏🏻 Sure hope you continue to improve and he gets healed up from the accident.

As for my family we just got some very blessed unexpected news today! Praise God! Husband still struggling w/ pain +++.


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Check this out @Phil 👍

A week ago, democrats had an advantage of 543,152 voter registrations in Pennsylvania.

Today, that lead has been narrowed to 540,020.

-3,132 in 7 days

🔵 lost 1,045 voters, while 🔴 gained 2,087.

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I have written before about the few premises that drive my my conjecture, my spitballing.

I try to have as few basic assumptions as possible as the foundation of my thinking.

My primary presumptions that are the foundation of most of what I have written here are two:

1. Trump and some segment of military intelligence (which could extend internationally) were aware of determinative foreign interference in the '20 election (an Act of War). My primary sources for this are well...

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Pray for your country.❤🙏

*Set your alarm & join us for some targeted prayer for our country from 8-8:30 pm. This summer is rumoured to be volatile!*

In order to join our prayer together, we invite you to begin your prayer time with the following:

"Lord/Jehovah, etc., we are Your warriors in America, and we need Your help."

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The fact Checkers have worked overtime to discredit this...but they cannot. His book states all of this.

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