"The president’s son said he could provide Alcoa, a giant US aluminium firm, with knowledge about the “elite networks” connected to Oleg Deripaska in a proposal from his company Rosemont Seneca, emails on Hunter’s laptop show."


this is a good channel if you are interested in the la palma volcano. youtu.be/EBz3Wl9Pxr8

So my wife is the latest victim in the on going idiocy of the religion and ideology of COVID fear. I don't want to get into too many details, but she has a pituitary tumor, (it has returned - was removed 6 years ago) and she was scheduled for surgery for Friday after months of hoop jumping. They indefinitely cancelled the surgery. The reason, "halls are lined with COVID patients". BULLSHIT. Fire/drive out staff so that numbers are conducive to lockdowns. Meanwhile, real people suffer.

"I believe that Biden is president like OJ is innocent"

-Kari Lake
Candidate for AZ Gov

Watch here destroy CNN in a face-to-face interview.


In Seattle the fired police and fire fighters are feeding the homeless. Yep. Community is the key. twitter.com/katiedaviscourt/st

From Dr. Kory’s Twitter:

I am now an expert witness (pro bono) in a big lawsuit against a large pharmacy chain responsible for their pharmacists (also named) ILLEGALLY PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE.. by refusing to fill IVM. Hey pharmacists still doing this shit: heads up, they're coming for you

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