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🚨 Now that Spring has begun, I'd like to remind you if you are moving a heavy extension ladder or any ladder there is an alternative. This is an accessory to use with any Dolly/Handtruck. You never have to ask for help or strain your back.

This product is Made in the USA!

Work smarter not harder.
$10 off for Spreading the Word.

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@JesseStone WTH?!?🤮 Just do what mothers used to do & hand your daughter a little booklet. Lol.😁

Democrats stole the and still aren't happy!!! Good grief! They live in a toxic, fictitious little Hell of their own creation. In their own words...

@ConnieinVA and it was written by Jeb Bush of all people. I found that quite surprising. People naturally want to side with a winner.

@ConnieinVA There is hope for the pansies, sometimes courage is contagious. So this kind of thing needs to be countered. consider the attached.

@Phil As always, this is an R (& supposedly his R friends) willing to give up the fight. PDJT ran to make us wake up & fight back. To give in now only gives D’s what they wanted all along, for R’s to cower in a corner. This attitude REALLY ticks me off. We have some of the BIGGEST pansies on our side & it’s sickening. D’s will only be emboldened to double down & treat the next R POTUS even worse than PDJT. D’s have never stopped going after R’s & they don’t look to be slowing down. WAKE UP!

This is such stupid thinking. Trump was effective because of who he is, not in spite of it. He came under such assault because he was effective. so this is basically an argument that we should elect less effective people because they will draw less leftist ire. The person who wrote this is a moronic surrender monkey.


I'm so sorry. It's so hurtful and divisive and for no good reason.

We had this dilemma with a family wedding this year. It took a very delicate touch, but they adjusted their requirements to an acceptance of a "negative COVID test" within 48 hours.

Perhaps there is someone in your circle who can intercede on your behalf with this suggestion.

❤️ 🙏

@1031 The demands that family/friends are making on other family/friends defy logic. My brother’s son & DIL made them get boosters before they could see their first grandchild. My brother and his wife got really sick afterwards. My brother said no more after that. What is happening is so sad. Praying for you all. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Huge SC ruling on Open/concealed Carry within the next few weeks, expected to rule we have the right!!


An 18 year-old mass murderer attacked an elementary school. Everyone feels terrible about the tragedy, but Biden immediately turned it into a call for gun control.

That was disgusting. It’s almost as if our corrupt government and its security agencies are arranging weekly mass shootings in order to gain their goal: nullify the Second Amendment.


Thank you for that. Hey, step up those prayers in about an hour, eh?

Families are messy, complicated units. As parents, we don't set out to screw up our kids, but as we, ourselves, are the children of parents, we can always see how we could have been raised better. Sigh. Neither parent nor child comes with how-to manuals. hat

I know that the things we got right with our daughter were the same things we got wrong. We fostered independence, thinking, & heart, but misdirected?

Not gonna lie, sharing a dog post tonight is challenging given the phone call I have later tonight. That said....

Labrador Retrievers do indeed use their “otter tail” to swim. Strong, thick, wider and flatter at the base and and tapering to a point, the Lab’s tail is built to act as a rudder, constantly moving back and forth as the dog swims and helping the dog navigate turns by deflecting water flow directionally.

You don't want to get whacked by one.

@Bleukitty Yes he has, but now the CDC is actually publishing studies on this stuff. It will eventually all come out and I hope everyone involved ROTS IN HELL for what they did to innocent people. @HunDriverWidow @Andre @CDuBois @cully45 @icare4america @h53pilot @DrFell

We all hope to make a difference.

Sometimes we do.

People used to say that about NYC until @RudyGiuliani became mayor. Rudy saved thousands of lives by reducing the murder rate and crime.

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