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Lyra Nara Inc.
“The highly anticipated video evidence that cancer is caused by micro-parasites and is therefore preventable and heal-able. We show you the footage that was shot over a 20-year period by renowned doctors with the complete explanation of the micro-parasitical life cycle and how they cause cancer. You also see some simple experiments by which you can detect the parasites and make them visible yourself.”


This too

When you create a system of entitlement - shockingly the work ethic evaporates

Not that they aren‘t capable or anyone is holding them back - other than those giving them excuses NOT to push past their limitations

Of course women usually end up earning less


(Unlike yours truly)

They TEND towards liberal arts - because we need more gender study & sociology majors, right? 🤦‍♀️

That‘s not because they‘re suppressed, it‘s because females & males THINK DIFFERENTLY

But they‘ll still bitch about oppression & blah blah blah


We should report every single church that plays this crap to the IRS and have their non profit status revoked.

@Bleukitty @Rumblestone He is BADASS. So sick if people who apologize and fold under pressure. Mr. Robinson is a patriot. 🇺🇸

Yahoo!!! 🤩 @Cagey @Lilmopeep @AlloyMetal

aboard! Happy you and all the new members found your way to FA! 👏 🥂🥳

Keep ‘em coming!

@Bleukitty @NurseRatched disgusting. I’ll say it here since it can’t just about anywhere else. What a faggot

Don't call yourself unclean. I'm going with pureblood. 😁 It really pisses all the right people off.
@oystergirl @nchia @Argentum47 @Bleukitty @Horatio @MMA @SusieQ @HudsonJ1 @TXPatriot2021

The idea that the passage of Joe Biden's tax and spend legislative agenda is the watershed moment in the survival of the planet is so nuts that kids with peanut allergies shouldn't come within 50 feet of this Twitter account.

Since we're posting pictures of the "Transportation Secretary", I just found his plans for reducing fossil fuels on our highways.

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