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That Milton Peterson was an arrogant piece of sh-t! And what he wrote to Horatio was just nasty and mean. I was shocked. Then again, I wasn't really into QV. Once Horatio told me he was reprimanded, it stopped being fun and enjoyable. Once that happens, time to move on and don't look back.

@BrandiSmile @Lumuz
Yes, I was a bit confused and couldn't quite understand his reaction but eventually realized this was who he is. Unfortunately he easily alienates. But FA is great!

Hi Folks, a quick health FYI. I'm doing much better today. My appetite is back, nausea is gone and I've been improving every day.
Your prayers have been gratefully received.

@BrandiSmile made a great dinner and I did it the justice it deserved.
Grilled London Broil with Swiss and Hatch Chile's on light Rye with Tots on the side.

This been pretty hard on Brandi and she's a tired girl right now. I know that she appreciates your support.

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B Smile, sometimes it can be a bit much LOL! We are driving and then all of a sudden Horatio pulls over and jumps out with the camera. We are in the car all just rolling our eyes. Then we say, "Ok where's the eagle?" We always get out to check because they are amazing to see but it will make you CRAZY sometimes LOL!!


They have probably been looking down at us and thinking, "Lord! These people have gotten off track!" So they called a meeting and asked each one for ideas on "how do we help them?"

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So I got OFF the next exit and decided to 'circle back' and go BACK north for one exit, get off and go back SOUTH.

Not one but TWO of 'em.

A mating pair. ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Ips, you got that right! Horatio and I went to Alaska for our Honeymoon and it was more an eagle siting trip. I can't begin to tell you how many we saw, as well. Amazing to see.
Horatio does have the "eagle" eye to spot them LOL!

I was pulled over on the side of the Parkway, in the shoulder, and the cars were BUZZING by and shaking the Escape.

I looked down and away for a split second and they took off.

Managed to get one of 'em, I will see them in the future.

I hope.


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Cleaning and pruning in marriage. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

EVEN at a distance. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

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I can relate. I didn't get booted but I once asked SMB a question on SQV feed and I was sincere about the question - he basically told me I was stupid and to quit being lazy and look it up myself. So....I really don't go there much anymore.

I've got the following song cued up for when Fauci goes down...
"King Nothing" by Metallica (with lyrics) (KMFDM remix of course)


It is absolute insanity for us to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games.


The most diverse admin in Virginia's history has begun.

Some of their first moves were to ban CRT, fire 30 staff members from the VA AG Office, launch investigations into the Parole Board and Loudon County, pursue criminal cases declined by Soros funded DAs, withdraw from some Greenhouse Gas bs group, and more.

This was all within a few hours of the moment pictured.


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