ORDER denying 1 Sealed Motion to Expunge References to Tech Executive-1.

Joffe tried to keep his name out of filings in the US v Sussmann case.

He lost.


Here is the interview that Eric Bolling had today with John Paul Mac Issac about Jack Maxey's claim that he's recovered 450 gigs of deleted files on a clone drive of Hunter Biden's laptop.

Mac Issac doesn't think it's possible.




A brand new column by Brian Cates has just been published at The Rise of the New Media Substack!


Ohhh Shit… I see what Elon is doing.

Truth Social wasn’t ONLY about providing a free speech platform, it got people who were tired of censorship to abandon Twatter, which is driving down the price of their stock.

Enter Elon, buying up 9.2% of the stock and becoming majority shareholder, he can take over the company and do away with the censorship.

As everything comes out, with Musk at the helm it won’t get censored on Twitter, allowing the ENTIRE WORLD TO SEE

If the above turns out to be true, Elon is getting into position which tells me there’s about to be a DELUGE of information.


And it’s going to happen very soon!

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I will be attending The Renewal in Plant City, FL on January 8.

On January 9, I will be appearing at a Meet & Greet at a home in Lakeland, FL from 2 to 5 pm.

We are trying to keep it small to between 30-40 people. RSVP by text message for the location. :)

And I look forward to meeting any of you that can make it!

Now Free To Read:

Biden Throws In The Towel - Admits There Never Was A Federal Solution to the COVID Pandemic. He Should Have Listened To Trump.


New column has just gone up for paid subscribers at my Substack!

"Biden Throws In The Towel"


New free for all post at the Substack:

Patrick Gunnels of Reading Epic Threads reads out my Christmas poem from yesterday.


We are bent but not broken,

We are slandered but keep speaking,

We are reported to be failing, but we do not waver,

We are ostracized but not ashamed,

We are excluded but never alone,

We are pressed upon but not in retreat.

We are standing in the gap.

We will not fail ourselves, our country, our posterity, or our God.

Merry Christmas and God bless us all.

Notes from the front
During the Great COVID Hysteria War
Christmas, 2021


A new paid-subscribers-only column has been published at my Substack.

"The Reckoning Has Begun"


Thanks to Jack Posobiec for the original Chris Hayes screenshot.

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