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Thread: Non-Contradiction

It is time to set the record straight on the term Conspiracy Theory - a grossly over-used term that is actually an anti-concept.

Ayn Rand defined the term "anti-concept" as follows: "An anti-concept is an unnecessary and rationally unusable term designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept. The use of anti-concepts gives the listeners a sense of approximate understanding. But in the realm of cognition, nothing is as bad as the approximate . . . ."

Welcome to my friend from another universe - @JanyceSolo - so happy to have you here on FA. It takes a little while to get used to the site - I recommend going into your Preferences...Appearance and checking the "Enable Advanced Web Interface" - this will give you a wider view. This is an uncensored site where you can speak freely amongst other rational patriots!

I can’t let Memorial day pass without honoring the memory of my great uncle Alex who gave his all to the cause of freedom in France in 1918. Thank you uncle Alex!

Perhaps this is part of the answer as to why Marine deaths from "COVID" didn't start until after the mandate...

Also the data driven argument of those w natural immunity having superior immunity - and those with the vaxx carrying a higher viral load and having a more severe COVID compared to nonvaxxed peers.

It's all there. Plain as day.

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Good morning FA - I live in Pennsylvania - any advice on who to vote for today?


This is a perfect summary.
It’s how I view education—Personalized, meaningful interactions that make better humans. Thank you to the FA founders, contributors, and anonymous patriot supporters. What generosity!

I am thoroughly grateful for this beautiful lily pad. One in a million.

@Bryan - I believe this would cover 4 months of service, right?

Then yay! Let's keep it up and get a year's worth of service covered so we can then concentrate on further tooling. :D

So, in closing, to our dear Anonymous benefactor, I hope that I am not being presumptuous in assuming that you have contributed so generously to this site without wanting any personal "credit' because you believe that it is providing value to you and to the world and for this compliment I offer my personal thank you and I pledge to rededicate and redouble my personal efforts to keep this site alive and thriving! END

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FA was not created for the "individual" whose social media efforts are driven by a desire to gain self-validation and artificially self-esteem through the collection of "likes" and clicks, but rather the type of true who thrives on the accumulation of knowledge and the continual feeding and validation of their thought process. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a bit of positive attention from those whom we value, what is more important is to learn and to share information and ideas.

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We knew from day 1 that we would never become a Twitter or a Truth Social. Rather than becoming a giant site that would one day spawn cubicles full of bright young minds managing our inner-workings, what we have strived for has been simply to become meaningful and special by tapping into the unlimited potential of the free and unrestrained individual. In my mind, the measure of FA's success lies not in how many interactions occur here, but rather in what the result of those interactions is.

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We started this site in order to attract strong, value-driven individuals who are powered by the strength of their own convictions with the hope that it can serve as a hub of information and ideas that will be fostered
here and spread far and wide.

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THREAD - For Sir or Madam Anonymous - FA's number 1 benefactor.

I am humbled to report that FA has just received a mind-blowingly generous anonymous donation of $1,000. While we don't know who this benefactor is, what we do know is that it is precisely for them that this site was erected.

I’m really starting to Like this guy - this is a topic close to my heart and he is 100% correct!

Good morning FA! I want to thank everyone who has contributed towards funding this site - for those of you who came from the dark and fraudulent place called QV, our needs are much more modest than the alleged $5,000 per month to keep the lights on - our lights only cost $250 per month and I think they are much brighter and better quality! We are at about 50% of our initial break-even goal and we are very appreciative of all of your support!

Thank you so much for your contributions everyone - you are all awesome!

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