A quick thread on DESPERATION. A quick thread on understanding our ENEMY. Biden cannot hide his desperation - do not do what he wants you to do. Do not comply, but do not fight - just laugh at him. Utter impotence is what he fears the most...

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Let's understand our enemy by decoding their actions. Biden released an utterly absurd and utterly offensive executive order. Please don't just take it for what it is, please evaluate it in its full context. His purpose is not what it appears on the surface and we need to understand it in order to avoid the trap that he is trying to set.

Does Biden really think that COVID is akin to the plague and requires extreme measures? No - of course not. What Biden thinks is that things are getting utterly desperate and he needs a strategy to get out of an utterly desperate situation that he himself is in. He is trapped like a rabid animal in a trap. He sees no way out, so he is making desperation moves.

Is the purpose of the executive order to get everyone vaccinated and save us from the dreaded COVID? Of course it isn't. The purpose of the executive order is to get his opposition worked up into an utter frenzy so that they will react with violence. He has real powers against violence, but he doesn't have real powers against the tidal wave that is about to hit him, so he wants us to be violent so that he can use his powers against us.

The answer is simple. Remain calm. Ignore him. Resist him. Laugh at him as he presents his naked and impotent self to the world. Do not become violent. He is only taking this extreme measure because he is extremely desperate. Don't make it a success for him. Just ignore him. He has no more real power left. He is a fraud and everyone knows it. Rest easy knowing that his act of desperation is proof of his utter impotence. He has lost. Raise your glass to freedom!!!!!! ***END***


Magnificent thread. What you said x100.

Stay cool. Do not comply. Laugh at and ridicule the demented CCP monkey boy.


@Andre @Bryan WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Mother FUCKING EXACTLY! Keep calm and ignore on!!!! :usflagtw:

@Bryan what sorts of civil disobedience do you think would be the most useful? I'm hugely a fan of what the french are doing by eating their lunches outside of cafes. That's doing it right.

@fucksiliconvalley Anything and everything. Know your rights and DO NOT COMPLY. Above all else LAUGH AT THEM - that is what they fear the most!!


Excellent thread! I did not realize it was a thread and should have read farther before responding to your first post.

I agree with all you have said except the (or any) characterization of Biden as having control over anything other than pro forma acts as directed by his puppetmaster, whoever that may be. I doubt he's mentally capable of even fully developed emotions.

Again... great thread!

@EsseQuamVideri I think we are in complete agreement then. I think he is just following orders from the puppet-master and I think that it is he (or she or it) that is truly desperate.


You win! I've only had two, back to back. Guess we're clearly partial to the breed, even though they have their unique challenges!

@Bryan @EsseQuamVideri My neighbor had 2 Weimaraners when I was a kid. One of them, Bear, discovered us 1 day in the woods between our houses after he jumped his fence. Scared the crap out of us at 1st, he blended in so well. He broke out almost everyday after that to come play with us. Our neighbor stopped wondering where he got off to once she realized he was everytime she went looking. We loved Bear dearly.


I will agree it is someone's purpose but not necessarily Biden's. The question, to me, is exactly whose purpose is it? And to what end as it certainly is not to take the wind from the sails of any pandemic.

I have nothing but questions.

Do they seek a violent opposition?
Are they being forced to accelerate a timetable and being ham fisted out of desperation?
Who is really pulling the strings, who is the Puppetmaster?

I only know we must not be complicit in our own destruction.


I don't believe Biden has enough cognitive function left to fear anything. He can barely do as he is told and even does that inadequately.

@EsseQuamVideri I believe that the Weimaraner in your photo has more cognitive ability and rationality than Biden. No human can exist qua human in his role and situation.

@Bryan Tess, I don't believe this is true. I would not put it past them to beat him to get him to dow hat they want. Seen him limping? Seen him with a black eye? They roughed him up and now remind him constantly. Do it or else. @EsseQuamVideri


Oh, I put nothing past "them" either. But However, I think in Biden's case there is no longer any there there, so we'll have to congenially agree to disagree in that point.


@EsseQuamVideri Oh, i agree with you, but when nothing is there there, pain and pleasure are the only motivators. @Bryan

No doubt! Not that that says much about either man or dog....


Excellent insight.

For now, play the 'Find your center and breathe"' card and wait for the opportune time to drop the 'Namaste, motherfucker' card.


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