The 5th Circuit’s brilliant opinion staying OSHA’s vaccine

The Court gave a nod to the SC’s decision earlier this year holding that the CDC may not make housing policy by stopping evictions. It noted Congress can only give away so much of its authority, for “health agencies cannot make housing policy, & “occupational safety agencies”cannot make health policy.”

The 22 pg opinion contains more & it’s written almost entirely in plain English, enjoy reading it yourself.

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Thank you, I posted too, to get it shared to wide an audience as possible!

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Here is the PDF link to read the 5th circuit Court order stopping Bidens Vaccine mandate.

In effect it is as close to a permanent injunction you can get. It also states that upon further judicial review in higher courts, it most likely will not withstand those reviews either.

Bidens corrupt Justice Dept. responded Monday and Tuesday, but got their ass handed to them.
There will be many other rulings coming Fast & Furious now from other lawsuits.

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Let's pray that this is so.

It's not going to be in time for me to avoid being "disciplined" or fired from my federal job, but at least the contractors and small businesses are safe.

I am sick inside about our fighting men and women. They have very few legal remedies. Almost all accommodation requests are being denied.

They take an oath that states that they are prepared to give their lives for this country. Death by Vaxx is NOT what they had in mind.

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