@pamby1 @Lori

Pamby, we all need to be in prayer right now.

Let's build up a group of prayer warriors. I pray nightly between 8 - 8:30 p.m.

I invite everyone to join me.

Pray what you will, as you will.

But please include the saving of our Country, the righting of all wrongs, and the bringing of truth to light.

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@CDuBois @Lori Yes, CC. Good thinking. I will add this to the prayer thread tomorrow.

@CDuBois @pamby1 @Lori

I ask this because I don't know.

Is there a way to "connect" our prayers?

Something that tells God that we are two or more gathered in his name?

Snort, like he doesn't already know this, but it helps me, and let's face it, it's all about me.

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori


Well, we could all say a certain thing when we start ...a phrase that unifies us ...

Any suggestions?

@CDuBois @pamby1 @Lori smart-ass me suggests, "Hey God, this is all 1031's fault."

How about, "Lord, I join with my friends from FA...?"

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori

Haha ... I know that God has a great sense of humor!!


I've often said that unbridled laughter lets the walls collapse, and that's when God can reach right in and grab us.

@pamby1 @Lori

@CDuBois @pamby1 @Lori

Good to know. I've left a lot of wall wreckage in my wake.

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori

Sister, the way you love animals, I can tell you, you're in good shape.

@CDuBois @pamby1 @Lori

Oh if you only knew my spiritual struggles of late.....but I plug away

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori

Well, you're in the right place, here on FA.

Lots of good, caring believers.

And plugging away is all any of us can do.

Faith is an action word.
It's not always easy, but it is essential to a well calibrated moral compass, and a life GPS.

So happy you're here!!

@CDuBois @1031 @pamby1
Oh yes! I try to laugh at everything. Relieves stress, & drives most people crazy. A twofer!

@CDuBois @1031 @pamby1 @Lori
He does
(Psalm 1:4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh)
u till he doesn't
(Revelation 19:And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood...15 And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.)


People are well aware of, and have been brought up on, God's wrath.

What they don't seem to know much about is His sense of humor, and His ability to be gentle and loving ... compassionate and merciful.

He created those very tendencies in us; they are ever more magnificent in Him.

I was lucky in Seminary to have an instructor that loved teaching those parts of God's dynamic.

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori

@CDuBois @1951 @pamby1 hwi

I do remind God that he made me, and he made me stubborn, willful, and wholly possessed with an ability to laugh most of the time. So yeah, I guess I blame God for how I am. And then it occurs to me that he gave us free well. And THAT blows the whole blame game to pieces. This would be so much easier if I had a visitation.


You can ask for one. You can pray for one, you can tell Him how you want it to happen.

Then be open, and keep praying.

It happens.

@1951 @pamby1

@CDuBois @1951 @pamby1

Wow, now THAT would be amazing.

I keep wanting to feel God ALL THE TIME...but I once read that sometimes we need to regard God as we do a black hole (don't take that the wrong way). We can't see black holes, but we see their effect, and I know I've seen God's handiwork, and once felt him. it was incredible. I want it back.

I'm reminded, too, to ask what I've DONE with those experiences. Pondering that these days.

@1031 @CDuBois @1951 @pamby1
I'd freak out. I did see angels flying over me. Right after I was diagnosed with breast ca. In the dream it I was in my bed but up in the sky. Translucent angels all flying urgently definitely to somewhere.
They where barely be seen against the dark, outlines floating. Then they held their arms out & became seen,shimmery on top of translucent. Like putting a dress on. One glided closer to me, said: "There you are!" Caressing my arm as flew by.
Most amazing feeling!

@CDuBois @1951 @1031 @pamby1
You'd kinda have to think he's got a sense of humor - just look at a few animals. Hippos, giraffes, pladypus, and any big dog thinking it's really a smaller but weighs > 80lbs! The best dogs!

@1031 @pamby1 @Lori

Something as simple as,

"Lord/Jehovah, etc., we are Your warriors in America, and we need Your help."

@CDuBois @1031 @pamby1
Yup! It'll get on the right track. Modify for special purposes. 💕💕💕

@CDuBois @1031 @pamby1
What I want to say but should say are 2 different things.
(wanta say-FU Brandon & the ds swamp! You have no power over us anymore! In the name of the Sacred Heart ofJesus! We cast you out! To put in the rightful president & administration.)
But that might be too stern..

@Lori @CDuBois @pamby1

I always figured that whatever else comes out of my mouth, God sees what's in my heart. So yeah, he knows about the FUBrandon thing, and there's no hiding the FJB emblem on my car. And in my mind....

Your opening prayer works for me.

@1031 @CDuBois @pamby1
I'm pretty much a straight up, no chaser kinda gal. I've given people too much honesty & like that movie-they can't handle the truth. Even if you say it in the nicest-bless-your-heart-way. I'm in my 60's now so don't care if their feelings can't handle the truth. I'll be nice but c'mon! Weeds out the riff-raff too! 😍

@1031 @CDuBois @pamby1 @Lori as the resident saint I can make this happen with just the right chant to bless the digital cloud.

@Phil @1031 @CDuBois @pamby1
As long as I don't have to dance.... 😉
Had to fix that quickly!

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