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I grew up in a small farming town in SE Idaho until the age of 15. We were almost all ranchers, farmers or small ancillary businesses owners. As kids we played every sport available, were in the FFA, 4H and most of us went to church. We hunted, fished, rode horses and also did stupid shit that only could be done in a rural community. All these things turned many of us into true, patriotic Americans.


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This was Omicron, so you don't require as much. At least this is our opinion it was, no test cuz they have no clue!

You can take it anytime. They are using it for Long Covid cases. Have you considered using Push Health to get a script and mail order it?

@CDuBois @pamby1

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Here is the list of ingredients:
*Candied orange peel, about 1 3/4 cups, chopped fine
*Sweetened Dried Cherries, about 2 cups, chopped fine

Ghirardelli ground chocolate, both white and chocolate versions

*4 cups of finely ground walnuts
*4 cups of finely ground pecans, toasted at 350° for 7 to 9 min.
*2 boxes Nilla wafers
*8 pkgs. Pepperidge Farm Zurich sugar cookies
*cane or corn syrup
*large bag of powdered sugar
1 bottle of TX blended whiskey

Pulverize the cookies, divide.

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@BrianCates @DuaneCates @Andre @HunDriverWidow

Our own Brian Cates is really getting some major air play by General Flynn these days!! Well done Brian!!

General Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
And I’ll add to this great post by Brian Cates below 👇🏻 , that We The People must OVERWHELM the opposition when we next vote. That was one of the major lessons from the recent Virginia Gubernatorial election.

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OK, here's the tutorial.

This one has dried cherries
Smarty Stop Sweetened Dried Tart...

and orange peel

OliveNation Candied Orange Peel...

which I chopped very fine. I ordered mine from Amazon.

The balls are flavored with Ghirardelli ground chocolates.

Ghirardelli - Sweet Ground...

You will need to order these first, they're not easy to find unless you have a very upscale grocery near.

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So for this version, you should start with the tutorial thread I posted (with pictures), and base it off of @MegasAlexandros excellent family recipe. This is great for those who need measurable amounts.

I do my cooking to taste. It might frustrate some of you, I'm sorry! But taste and adjust as you go and you will know from the look of it. This recipe can't really go wrong if you are within the basic proportions; it's very forgiving.

I'll post the tutorial thread on the next

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When I first heard the term, "Galentine's day", I thought it was a lesbian thing! I looked it up and was so happy to find that it was a nice way for single ladies to enjoy valentines day as the time to celebrate their friendship.

I have about 8 close girl friends. In the DC area there are more women than men, so most of them are single too.

Now that I'm in TX, I will miss having dinner with the ladies! But we're still exchanging gifts. I'm working on their bourbon balls right now!

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@MadBeachBimbo @BrianCates
@Andre @DuaneCates

Follow along Fellow Free A'tlantis friends...

There are some lurkers here too... We know who they are...

One of them ran to the Head Pig about an hour ago, soon after we made the post and told him a post went up in the pigpen SQV made by General Flynn of his top 10 Telegram sites he uses and respects. The post in the pigpen was an exact Copy of General Flynn's Telegram post, noting more and just as MBB stated above. No comment, nothing.

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So General Flynn put his top ten go to list of Telegram sites he uses and guess who was number 2??


I really wish someone would post this on SQV.

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