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Fellow Free Atlantians...

I've been toiling with writing a substack for quite some time. Today I finally took that first step to beginning a series.

I'll be publishing an article within the next few hours that introduces myself and the purpose of my writings.

If you're interested in COGnitive topics go subscribe so that you'll get an email notification upon publication!

Thank you & good day!

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MORE - U.S. State Department says Mr. Snowden should return to the United States to face justice.

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JUST IN - Russia says at the UNSC that Donbas, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia are "now returning to their homeland."

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JUST IN - Two nuclear power plants in southern Germany must run beyond the end of the year, Economy Minister Habeck (Green Party) suddenly says.

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Below is a cartoon of an NPC monster.
Lets cut the crap... Russia isn't at War with Ukraine it's evident the US is at War with Russia, blowing up it's pipelines etc. Ukraine didn't do that, but they get all the money.

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What A Coincidence

On the very day the world learns about the sabotage of Russia’s Nordstream 1 and Nordstream 2, guess what else happened? Poland inaugurated a new pipeline that will transport gas from Norway through Denmark and the Baltic Sea.

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@Sierra Update

The orthopaedic surgeon that saw Sierra yesterday just now offered her the procedure to fix he collarbone.

From the bottom of my heart (choking up a bit as I type this) I thank you all for your prayers and good wishes. I know that your focus and energy helped the surgeon to find the right way forward.

God bless you all and God bless this wonderful and supportive community.

I am grateful beyond words.

We have an appointment on Monday to take make plans for the operation.

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On the same day that MBS is named KSA's Prime Minister, this article appears condemning "the spiritual leader of Egypt’s outlawed Muslim Brotherhood who died on Monday at the age of 96, has left behind a poisonous legacy of hatred and Islamic supremacy."

MBS is reforming ALL of Islam, exactly as we were told by The Hermit.

And it's a good review of the execrable history of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Watch MBS expunge these savages from Islam.

We live in amazing times!

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If you cannot see the tectonic shifts in the world, you are not looking.

This is the front page of Arab News right now.

Nationalism rises and Islamic fundamentalism sinks.


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Republican Study Committee Chairman’s Bill Would Rescind Biden’s 87,000 New IRS Agents


If you haven't checked recent substack article reviewing Continuity of Government theories, go give it a read.

Understanding CoG can help us all better discern and interpret recent current events such as Xi Jingping's arrest and conviction of CCP leadership, Biden's frequent comments on using US Military forces to defend Taiwan and more.

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Prayers are having an effect for @Sierra

The plan is to use another type of sling (won’t work research says) and reevaluate in a week.

If not significantly improved, they say they will likely fix it.

Thanks to all and God bless!

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One of the reasons I found CIA's manufactured hysteria over "Russian interference" so laughable - other than CIA's own behavior -- is the Snowden files revealed how Obama's US Security State, along with the British, covertly manipulate populations

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This is, I feel, an excellent example of the sort of good faith critique and collaboration needed to help us all figure stuff out.

It is direct, polite, but unafraid to ask for more information where the writer feels it is needed. Exactly the sort of thing that will help citizen journalists and theorists to improve.

My fellow COGnitive thinkers...

My newest article reviewing 17SOG's Reconstitution series is out now!

Go give it a read and feel free to share and subscribe if you enjoy the material.

Hope to see you next weekend as I continue the work to... Trust, but verify!

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The comment that the East is banding together to oppose the globalist elite in the West has been made rather widely already.

There is an abundance of evidence that this is happening right now and as usual, MBS is in the thick of it.

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I began this short thread thinking Trump would have had to record declassification of the documents he had.

But as I thought about it, I don't even think that is necessary, based on what EO 13526 says under the reclassification part.

Trump, I think, transitioned to public life in mid-flight, in AF 1 on the way to MAL...

with all that information...

no longer protected as classified information.

It was now public.


This is the checkmate.

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