So I've heard in a lot of chats that all of the West's super-sanctions of Russia, including kicking Russia out of SWIFT, is just going to bring Russia closer to China, as they work to create an alternative financial system that breaks the US dollar's hegemony and ushers in a "multipolar" world.

But, to be quite honest, I just don't see it. China is already leaving Russia on its own here for the most part, and China and Russia both are in too intense a debt to try anything that ambitious anyway.

Why is Russia telegraphing it's intentions to the world by amassing massive amounts of troops on the Ukrainian border?

It's because Ukraine was never actually the real target, and Russia is engaging in a classic military deception tactic. The real target, I suspect, is the Baltics. There's a weird piece of land Russia gained in WW2 (the Kaliningrad region) that's now sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania and separated from wider Russia. If Russia wanted to "reconnect" with this territory...

Remember all the hullabaloo about DICTATOR DRUMPF making plans to military seize voting machines or what have you?

This guy and the 103K+ likes on his tweet (most of which are probably bots, being quite honest here) seem intent on resurrecting it.

*This* unfortunate dude who responded got ratio'd, however:

So we got the Canadian Freedom Truckers, the Joe Rogan "COVID-19 Misinformation"/N-Word (Manufactured) Controversy, what else can start politically coming to a head this month?

Why is Biden moving to call Qatar, proud host of the Al-Jazeera propaganda network, a "major non-NATO ally"? Even discussing "European energy contingency" plans with them.

Is this just a "puff piece" symbolic motion, or is there something deeper behind this? Might a "hot war" with Russia be in our immediate future?

Hmmm, Trump wouldn't buck a "popular" choice like Robby Starbuck for no good reason, and especially in favor of a seeking RINO like Morgan Ortagus so what's he trying to accomplish here, assuming that this article isn't just entirely propaganda?

@Andre @DuaneCates @justhuman

It seems that Business Insider has picked up on the voting machine "seizure" stuff.

Will this tie into the "coup" talk alarmed about a while back?

What is Trump's game plan here?

Now how was the Jan 6 commission, or the blatantly hostile media source "Politico", able to access these sensitive materials?

Why *did* Trump never finish and issue those voting machine seizure drafts? Is it because he has much bigger, less obvious plays in mind?

Another example of low-tier propaganda from the lamestream media.

This line I especially can't get over.

"Donald Trump's performance in his first debate against Joe Biden in 2020 was widely viewed as a disaster, and he was perceived by viewers as the loser of both that and the second debate."

As I saw it, the first debate was a tie due to moderator bias, and the second debate saw Biden being completely blown out. Where is this "perception of Trump loss" coming from?

I'm genuinely at lost to see what's Saul's problem here. What did he find objectionable in that thread now that he hadn't before? Why is he trying to browbeat a longtime friendly SQV member for, by all counts, doing literally nothing wrong?

What's with all this bellyaching about "coups" now? This is the latest "upcoming Trump coup" story just this week.

Are certain people...are certain people *worried* about something?

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