The Real Story of Jan. 6
An Epoch Times Documentary

Free for everyone to view today:

We fill out our ballots together as a family. Kathy and Ian make me read the candidate statements from the voter guide to them, then we discuss who is the best candidate for each position. We don't always make the same choices...

One of my favorite family traditions. 😁

Acappella has been singing for 40 years.

They went back to the studio this year and recorded a new album. This video is a sneak peek of what the album will be like.

I've met over half of these guys in person, and I consider Keith to be a mentor.

If you have good speakers on your computer, you'll appreciate the bass from Rodney and Wes.

I live in Washington State, where we have 100% mail-in voting.

Should I turn my ballot in as early as possible, or wait until election day?

Please comment with your reasoning.

Larry Elder's documentary "Uncle Tom" is now available for free on YouTube.

Everyone needs to see this film.

DoD root certificates on The Laptop are not the smoking gun Mr. Maxey would have us believe.

I bought a refurbished laptop a few years ago. Discovered that it had a CAC reader, so I researched where I could download and install all the DoD certificates, so I could check my work e-mail via Outlook Web.

Anyone who has access to the Internet can do this.

Be cautious about what you get all spun up over.

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