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They had a traitor who sabotaged that ship and their incompetence allowed it to burn. Who was the traitor and when did he hang?

Be careful before you decide to donate to Michelle Lyons, California’s version of Kim Klacik.

She is most likely another Dem plant, like Errol Webber and Joe Collins. She will siphon donor money away from swing district candidates and spend it on even more fundraisers.

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FYI Virginia 2021 Update

-New Monmouth (Dem) poll has Youngkin now tied with McAuliffe 46%-46% among *Registered* voters (McAuliffe led by 5% in September).

-Where it gets interesting is Youngkin leads by 3% among *Likely* voters.

-The side tabs tell the tale though ~

Youngkin 48%
McAuliffe 39%....ouch!

-Suburban Women now support McAuliffe by 4% (but in September McAuliffe led by 14%).


This is very personal but I think it needs to be seen.

This is in my 9 year olds writing journal.

This is real.

He has parents who fight for him.
He has parents that don’t follow any of this.
Imagine everyone else…

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I am going to fly under the radar for now. I am going to be outed very shortly and I fully expect to have all my social media (all the very small bit of it) scoured.

I never discuss politics at work and not even with the ladies in my breakfast group. Only my family
and my FA family knows how I feel. Not even my bestest knows how much I support the President.

It's not something I want to do, but for the time being, something is telling me to keep my head down.

Don Jr. just announced this on Hannity. Trump's new social media site. It's in the early stages, but people can sign up now and be part of the test phase.


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FYI His Fraudlency Update 2

-New battleground state polling shows Biden and Dems losing blue/purple states.


-Arizona - Approval 41%; Disapproval 53%. (Kelly internals show him underwater too).

-Colorado - Approval 44%; Disapproval 48%.

-Florida - Approval 41%; Disapproval 52%.

-Georgia - Approval 40%; Disapproval 52%. (Warnock is in trouble, according to friends 😉).


The booster shit shot will not go well... I highly doubt more than 35-50% of Vac people take the booster....

Emerald Robinson ✝️
Just wait till Biden and Fauci declare that any vaccinated American who did not take all their booster shots is officially considered "unvaccinated" as well.

That's coming soon.

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As I've always said from the very beginning, Dr. Charles Lieber & his LIEBER (RESEARCH) GROUP are at the heart of whatever happened in Wuhan.
Peruse this and realize that NANOTECHNOLOGY is at the very heart of COVID & especially the Vaccines.

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I looked at the shelf life of the vaccine in frozen state, its six months Nov.-May the first six months were the vaccine from Trump. The vax from June -November on is on Bidens watch.
I can't find anything on on problems first six months vs second six months.
I do find it interesting that they are pushing so hard for the mandatory vaccines from June on.

June to November is six months.

@ConnieinVA @Andre @Nobody @DuaneCates @justhuman

Tough to find data on that, but its the CDC- I can only go on perceptions from news stories, it seems more in the news from the last six months of people having adverse side effects.

Dr Mercola published this chart over a year ago.

Looks accurate.

Dr Mercola was silenced.


My request to everyone who can is to step up and get involved in your local communities…take a stand!

Local Action = National Impact

God help us and may God bless and protect our children and grandchildren and continue to shine His light on America as the last bastion of democracy on the planet.

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The WH is full on attempting to turn America into a communist nation. Mandates without law, all sorts of violations of the constitution, lockdowns, forced vaccinations for children, food and other commodity prices going through the roof, inflation rates quadrupling, energy costs skyrocketing, illegals being flown all over the nation without consideration for the impacts to society (ie., healthcare, housing, crime rates, etc), this can no longer stand.

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