Daily Beast Corrects Articles, Apologizes to Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman After Being Sued

READ: 1.breakingheadlines.news/6sxER

I posted this on FB:
Seen on twitter:
"Since 2019 4598 kids have been shot in the US. Of those 43 were school shootings. I need to ask why the left isn't upset about the 4555 kids that weren't shot in school? Because there is an agenda."

I'm waiting for the fact-checkers to block this post and tell me that there were actually 4556 kids that weren't shot in school.

General Flynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Donna Brandenburg for Michigan Governor

Interesting fraudulent petition signature gatherers worked for 2 current dem Congressmen…

And Republican assets paid the same fraudulent petition signature gatherers NOT to turn in petitions…both to sabotage candidates ability to get in the ballot….

Hodgetwins @hodgetwins on twitter
Anyone ever seen Pelosi or other dems push for alcohol to be banned to stop DWI deaths?

Kash told X22 that he believes Sussmann will be convicted.
When asked if Durham is protected Kash laughed and said yeah. He’s not worried about that at all. 😎
Comfy AF!

Full interview here:


@TheLeoTerrell on twitter
Breaking News: Texas shooter was arrested In 2018 because he threatened to shoot up a school when he became a senior in 2022. You cannot make this up. Shocking

Seen on twitter:
"Elon Musk attempted to purchase the Bidens, but China refused to sell."

Bruce Castro @justathinking on TS
Libs apparently are all for a two tier Justice system… ONE SET OF LAWS FOR THEM AND ONE FOR US…
** They burn down buildings, it’s called peaceful protest.
** We peacefully protest, it’s called terrorism and insurrection.
So how about a multi tier PRICE SYSTEM?

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