Get the RINOs off the ballot for the General Election! Tomorrow is the Republican primary in Georgia.

Here are the MAGA candidates endorsed by Trump:

Herschel Walker for Senate
David Perdue for Governor
Burt Jones for Lt. Gov
Jody Hice for Sec of State
John Gordon for Atty Gen
Patrick Witt for Comm of Insurance

Erdogan wants ‘actions, not statements’ from NATO applicant

Sanctions imposed on Ankara by Sweden cannot be ignored, the Turkish president says

What are some examples of Q drops of any significance?

So they are lining up my 96 year old Mom who just beat cancer for the fourth time,
twice since being triple vaxxed and boosted,
for her 5th shot.
And she,
believing the Canadian fake news
that MILLIONS have died of Covid in the USA because so many here are unvaccinated

is more than happy to get it.

Every day my rage at the fake news MSM burns hotter.

They need to hang for what they have done, misleading the easily misled.
For money and fame.
Scum of the earth.

BREAKING: Suspected Terrorist released into the state of Florida by the Biden Administration, Governor DeSantis outraged, demands to know how many more are living freely in the U.S.

All of this to try and divert attention from NATO countries creating bioweapons in Ukraine.

And yes their ultimate goal is to implement mail-in voting for November because they are about to get buried. They need voter fraud.

If you all thought this was already crazy enough, I have a feeling it’s about to get a lot crazier.


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"At the moment (I have 7 1/2 before dinner) I can only note that the past is beautiful because one never realises an emotion at the time. It expands later, and thus we don’t have complete emotions about the present, only about the past."

--Virginia Woolf's Diaries 1925-1930

During talks with Russian FM Lavrov, his Malian counterpart Abdoulaye Diop has claimed that more people die from food shortages - than from terrorism or security issues.

We had the pleasure to speak with Mr. Abdoulaye Diop himself.

I don’t hate Stacy Abrams because she is a fat tub o’ lard.

I hate her because she is an unprincipled agent of chaos.

Steyn calls out Schwab, and Zero doses of mRNA vaxx has proven to be 100% effective at protecting patients from Pfizer! Links 2 for May 23, 2022
1. Mark Steyn on Klaus Schwab's Blofeld impersonation, morphing into a pretty familiar Nazi theme.

Mark made an en pas

Tony Abbott is a faithful Catholic former PM of Australia. Espoused strong conservative values from opposition.
I am sharing this for two reasons: First, Tony was strangely ineffective as PM and signed a free trade deal with China. Secondly, in 2021 pre-Pompeo he visited Taiwan as a private citizen and criticised China.

Dr. Zelenko posted this a few hours ago...

Must See...

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko (Zelenko Protocol)
The video from my interrogation has finally been uncovered.

The real thinkers and solution makers think like you and me....Patriots.

Red Nation Rising


Anyway to keep all the Davos attendees in Davos forever?

The world would be a much better and safer place.

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