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Yeah...debating on at least selling enough to cover my in...but I doubt it will see that again as you say. I put in an order at $10 when I saw the news release last night. By this morning, after hours had it at $15. I started to just say hell with it, then jumped in at the bell.

Looks like we may have seen the plateau at 57...it was fun to watch though


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@SeymourTruly @DrFell I jumped in early myself and tripled my initial investment.
I think it’s a stock to hold as well.
Once the firms that halted trading resume we may see it climb again.

At FA you can post across all mastodon forums...at SQV you are a prisoner , isolated Commie site... Head Pig is a POS and deserves to fail bigly. As for SQV's members if they are too stupid to see how they are manipulated and isolated to a fake forum, with hardly any members, Still holding members that have long gone quit and using their accounts at a total of subscribed... Fuck'm , fuck'm all

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Dear CNBC, it won't crush your ratings if you cover this at some point

it's all over the place now it's down to 28 ... anyway this could take weeks to settle in at a value

Trumps new Social Site on the stock market under DWAC opened at 10$ and shot to 30$ , tripled and was shut down for trading. don't know if it stated up again. A 15 min. chart from this morning to now👇

BTC can pull back to 61.5k before going higher, is my guess.

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Happening Now: House Begins Debate On Holding Steve Bannon In Contempt O... youtu.be/BpS4eUsDlc8 via @YouTube

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Biden AG Merrick Garland concedes that he started targeting parents for "possible domestic terrorism" because the NSBA sent a letter.

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The Wall Street Investors and Greedy elite don't give a shit about America. they think of the citizen as a Consumer that they can squeeze more inflation or taxes out of.

They run the money system promoting ideas that are all bad for the average person. They don't care if people get fired,, they'll just hire illegals.. They think illegals are the answer to the jobs situation.

One asshole recommended that they strip the airplanes to fill with cargo from the ports, at the expense of Consumer

There is an Energy meeting coming, Paris accord related green energy. Russia China Saudi /Opec refuse to attend... they said shove it.

Next time Trump is in the WH he needs to take his time choosing officials to fill cabinet and staff etc. No more back stabbing pos.

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