Do not doubt that the "Scientists" who rigourously studied the TIDE POD CHALLENGE to determine the validity & level of CONTROL social media has on people under 25 has.
To validate the MONEY & EFFORT their Patrons (The FASCIST BILLIONAIRES) have spent on that CONTROL METHOD they will certainly take stock of ALL social media posts regarding Christmas to determine how greatly their efforts to devolve Christianity are succeeding.
(Measuring Stick)
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@Bleukitty @NurseRatched @Sydneykaye01


They know but they don't care, and they hope the majority of Americans don't care, either.

I'm an old woman, and this same movement has been hard at work since before I was born, redefining everything in secular terms.

They think they've succeeded.

I do not agree.

Saying that Christmas is at risk because of supply chain issues makes me think that you don’t know the meaning of Christmas.

Starts at 10 PM CST!

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Unless Trump's plan is to destroy the system intended to operate and exploit these nano-devices.

@Andre @DuaneCates @justhuman

IF what she's saying is factual.
It sure doesn't bode well for Trump, and his continued enthusiastic support of the vaccines.

This is the most important video that I have come across in a long time.

The jabs will be used to implement a control system that will allow them to target and kill those who do not behave as they are told.

The spike protein is just the start.

It gets much, much, much worse.

@DuaneCates @justhuman

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"You Should Have Asked Questions Your Viewers Care About" - Democrat Terry McAuliffe Abruptly Ends Interview, Berates Reporter For Asking Tough Questions (VIDEO)

Dr. Kelly Victory has been the chief medical officer for Walgreens, Continental Airlines and Harrah's. She's is a mass casualty expert and has 15 years experience as a trauma surgeon. She's one of the clearest voices on Covid and is often on The John Phillips Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. They have archived shows on the website.

As attorney general, Harris took the unprecedented step of charging Daleiden with violating a state eavesdropping law. Part of the investigation entailed seizing a variety of materials from Daleiden's apartment — including then-unreleased undercover video footage of Planned Parenthood. 

Yes we know. Why is she still free ??

From Dr. Kory’s Twitter:

I am now an expert witness (pro bono) in a big lawsuit against a large pharmacy chain responsible for their pharmacists (also named) ILLEGALLY PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE.. by refusing to fill IVM. Hey pharmacists still doing this shit: heads up, they're coming for you

I missed this before, but it is a good example of conservatives fighting back. There are several others but you have to look hard to find them since most don't report on it.

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