THREAD: I have two DIVERGENT thoughts on what may be unfolding in Afghanistan.
The first thought, if true, is an unmitigated disaster for America, the Middle East & the Afghan People.
The second thought sort of "piggybacks" on the first & while on the surface looks just as horrible, it would END the instability & violence in the region.
Guess which one I"M rooting for?
Irregarless of which it actually is the Biden Presidency is FINISHED. (& you can quote me on that!)

The first thought is that CCP Joe, at the behest of his Chinese Handlers (who aren't actually Chinese, there are several BUFFERS between Joe & those Chinese Generals) had scrapped Trump's DEAL with the Taliban & while that freed the Taliban from KEEPING THEIR WORD & unleashed Hell Joe ensured the current CHOAS the CCP intend to take full advantage of by yanking the US Troops out almost overnight **WITHOUT WARNING OUR ALLIES BEFOREHAND**
Leaving literally everyone high & dry & in danger.

Do you know what most Americans abroad use as their "weather vane" to know when it's time to leave a foreign nation in turmoil?
I know people/human nature.
You can issue as many "strongly worded" emails as you please. (h/t @HeshmatAlavi)
It won't mean a thing.
Those people have lives & ties in the Region.
They'll wait until the last minute-LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO!
CCP Joe tricked them in an act of pure MALICE.

Thousands of Americans won't be able to evacuate before the Aug. 31st deadline.
Which means thousands of Americans will become "guests" of the Taliban who will almost certainly end up executing some of them.
America's Role on the World Stage is now **DESERVEDLY** diminished as our Allies react harshly to be treated so callously & indifferently during US.Mil's rapid & stealthy flight from the region.
Great Britain took the unusual step of officially censoring Biden.

By leaving practically overnight without warning them (or anyone else) this caught the British flatfooted & unprepared **placing British lives & property in danger**
What Biden has done has crushed US-UK relations harder than anything Obama's antics ever came close to doing.
All of Europe will follow.
The only viable remedy will be a change out in our government.
Right now, as you saw in Alavi's clip, the VILE State Dept. is busy blaming TRAPPED AMERICANS.

As all of this crater's the US reputation WORLDWIDE the CCP is slobbering in the shadows, eager to take Center Stage as the US is pushed into the Background.
Afhganistan's rare minerals are theirs for the taking, & with the US reputation & POLITICAL WILL in turmoil Taiwan is no longer out of reach...
You know, the Nation (Suck it, CCP!) that supplies the Modern TECH World with the majority of it's microchips?

We bow to a long planned MEDICAL Tyranny & the World bows to a long planned TECH TYRANNY.
The Modern World now runs off of those microchips & the technology it's plugged into.
You can't shut that off even if you wanted to because our NATIONAL SECURITY is included in that equation.
Sounds pretty dire, huh?
Time for me to cover my SECOND DIVERGENT THOUGHT on what's happening.
The one that prevents everything I just mentioned in the first thought.
Here's HOW thought #2 is made possible=

US.MIL has National Security concerns that TRUMP courts of Law.
He's been on their "radar" for years as a CCP Asset & NO, that's not speculation or hyperbole.
Hunter got a 1.5 BILLION dollar payoff from a CCP Shell Company just days after returning from Joe's "failed" negotiations in Beijing in 2013.
His selling out US Interests for money actually began under Bill Clinton's Presidency.
ALL the Dems "wet their beaks." with CCP $$$.

That an infamous line from THE GODFATHER II.
Don Fanucci demanded his cut of DeNiro's ill gotten gains.
The Democrats started off wanting "just enough" & habe ended up being owned by CCP Generals who see their INFORMATION & INFLUENCE OPERATIONS with the US as a W_A_R.
The Democrats & many Tech & MSM Figures are now SKINNY DIPPING in CCP $$$.
When you take the $$$?
The CCP coopted the Triads, Chinese Gangs that had turned BLACKMAIL & EXTORTION into a science centuries ago.

My THEORY is that the US Military & the Gulf Cooperation Council have already HOLLOWED OUT the Taliban in the same manner as they did in Syria & Iraq but not in the same way.
What does that mean?
Well in Iraq & Syria the THEORY is the GCC infiltrated ISIS & Extremist Groups & assassinated & replaced their Leaders over a number of years.
"Hollowing" them out & thereby rendering them "toothless" as threats to Arab or western interests.
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is a prime example.

HTS was just another Al Qaeda affiliated mob of bloodthirsty Murderers when it had a, uh, changeout of Leadership.
The dead Leader was replaced with this man, Abu Mohammad al-Jolani, a former US Detainee who was somehow inexplicably released from US custody in Iraq.
He then renamed the Group from Jabbat Al-Nusra to HTS & began attacking ALL THE OTHER Extremist groups in Syria.
He was wildly successful because his fighters are highly skilled & have AIR POWER at their disposal.

Unlike any other Terrorist Group fighting in Syria, HTS had the ability to coordinate AIR STRIKES on their opposition with devastating results.
It was NOT US Airpower, BTW.
Officially no one claims to be helping HTS.
But it's clear it's the GCC.
Iraq & Syria have been successfully stabilized thanks to the GCC's timely & approved of intervention in that region.
Al Jolani is now negotiating to form a new Syrian govenment to PEACEFULLY transition from Assad's brutal rule.

Trump went full bore on the Taliban after they killed 2 Americans while in negotiations with US.Gov & Trump in 2019.
The Taliban have always done this to show their resolve & to test the WILL of their Opponents.
Trump responded by killing 90& of the Talibans Leadership including their TOP People, not just the Battlefield Commanders, we took out people they had thought were secure & untouchable. (GCC)
& this was done in a TWO WEEK PERIOD.
The Taliban were STUNNED.

We knew right where their "untouchable" Leaders were.
They died like flies at the hands of US.Mil rather than GCC Operatives who were only used to PINPOINT their locations.
I am saying that the GCC is in Afghanistan & have been there FOR YEARS insinuating themselves into the Taliban Networks.
90% of their Leadership DEAD.
Wow, talkabout JOB OPENINGS, HUH?
Al Jolani, anyone?
I think the taliban have ALREADY been hollowed out.
Remember CCP Joe's completely PREDICTABLE.

Another point, the Afghan Gov. is a HIVE OF SCUM AND VILLIANY.
Along with your garden variety CORRUPTO-CRATS.
Withdrawing from the Country with THEM in charge would be less than sub optimal, it's be handing another Nation over to criminal enterprises that would ensure chaos & violence for decades to come, the exact opposite of what we're trying to accomplish.

With the help of our Arab Coalition Allies to stabilize the Region as the Biden Presidency is DROWNED in it's own Bad Faith attempts to foment chaos & loss of life.
This is WHY the weapons were left behind.
To arm the GCC led Taliban to DEFEND the country FROM the CCP, Iran & Russia.
Because FUCK THEM.
They're they Nations I call THE USUAL SUSPECTS as they foment chaos Worldwide to then take advantage of.
Who needs SMERSH or SPECTER when these REAL Monsters walk the earth.

Well, ONE of my divergent thoughts is going to solidify itself into our REALITY soon.
As ALL SIDES lie unabashedly to us for varied reasons to hide their BAD OR GOOD FAITH intentions.
Everyone will SAY thought #1 is happening.
The PROOF of thought #1 being the truth will be dead Americans/Westerners & a bloodbath of Afghans (be sure to SHOW US the corpses, though, M'kay?)
If that occurs I'll be devastated along with every other American & decent person on Earth.

If there is no "mountain of corpses" American or otherwise that says to me that thought #2 is playing out.
By the time the CCP, Iran & Russia figure out the ROPE-A-DOPE unfolding on them it'll be TOO LATE to recover.
The corrupt-to-the-Core Afghan Gov. will be gone **as well as all of the foreign HOOKS into it** replaced by a new Government that will DEFEND Afghanistan form all foreign HOSTILE encroachment, which is the main sore point that FORMED the Taliban in the first place.

With the GCC "Ghost Commandos" right there carefully guiding the action.
The Region will stabilize despite Aggressor Nation's best attempts to keep the violence & chaos going.
Peace. In. Afghanistan.
What a dream-like concept.
So I'm really hoping & pulling for thought #2.
I may be SEEING things that aren't there as my confirmation bias takes over...
Oh, & again, either way CCP Joe is TOAST!
**and that's a GOOD thing!**

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This is HISTORIC, in the worst way possible ... a sitting American President being censored by Parliament ... the optics are horrible.

And these optics reflect the attitude of the world toward this fraudulent regime.

What a MESS.

@DuaneCates I hate to say it, but they asked for a weak America. Now they've got one and they're paying the price.

Hopefully people wake up and take corrective action while we still can.


Thanks for your perspective...I know that TW has been firmly in this camp, too, really appreciate what y'all bring to the table!

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@DuaneCates Nicely done.

I'm beginning to wonder, with respect to the CCP & the Triads, Duane . . . who co-opted whom?

The CCP -- at the local and regional level -- strikes me as remarkably susceptible to Triad influence, muscle and bribery. A bottom-up corruption, precisely opposite our top-down version.

Whatever the case, the CCP is in a death spiral.


I'm really praying for the second scenario.

The only issue I have with this scenario is...

If the Taliban was gutted out and replaced by good guys then why do we hear stories about them murdering Afghan people right now? That would indicate that the Taliban are not working for us.

And why would they be stopping Americans from leaving?



Another point that really bothers me is...

Monkey Werx stated that the majority of Afghan people who were saved and put on airplanes coming into the US... Are males.

He speculated that this is like an invasion and people should be aware of these thousands of Afghan men coming into the country.

If the monkey guy is right, doesn't that pose a huge security threat in the homeland?

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I don't follow Monkey Werx too closely and I'm not sure if people agree with him but I heard that and I'm wondering about it.

@DuaneCates Reminds me of how globalists have been hollowing out our government for decades.

I don't think there are any "red blooded" American's with a Smith or Jones surname trapped in Afghanistan Duane.
Listen to them when they speak...
The State Department repeatedly said that "any Americans that "want" to come home...."
What type of an American would that be?
Why hasn't any of "The American Families" of those abandoned... called out and been on Tucker or Hannity? With pictures of their son or daughter, grandchildren?
It ain't right...they are lying about everything.


The downgrading of the United States and finishing the kenyans "fundamental transformation" of our great nation.

@DuaneCates I knew it was coming and now I'm sick! @HeshmatAlavi

@DuaneCates I'm curious if we'll see China offer to "help secure things" and "provide factory work" .. it starts with a factory town, which will eventually get its own airstrip, and its own city build around it .. expanding out. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chinese military/industry towns spring up around heavy metal mining sites in exchange for certain resources and favours to the Taliban leaders ... and then slowly expand outward until they take over the nation.

@DuaneCates I believe you are correct: The Biden Presidency (or whatever it is/was, is finished.

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