God took her back last night after forty-seven years of her being Gods gift to me and everyone she touched. Her outer beauty was eclipsed by her inner beauty so I was a very lucky man.

I’m devastated and will be off-line for a while. Hold the line.

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In 2020, was the one and only issue on which Biden regularly polled more favorably than .

Dems want to keep the Covid crisis going for many reasons, but one of them is that it has been the only issue that they poll well on.

Minus the most intensely blue cities, every other issue is a loser for them.

They need the crisis, both for the polling win and the mail in ballots to cheat with.

However, it is a poisoned chalice now.


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Another explanation could be the fact that his family is under Federal investigation for the deals they made with entities. Not a good idea to do favors for someone that you are under investigation for doing swampy deals with.

Or maybe he just isn't as influenced by CCP as was perceived. Either because he never really was, OR because that influence ended when his son's CCP business partner disappeared and the Feds came knocking on Hunter's door.


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Matt Walsh on Twitter:

"Leftist activists can come to your house with bullhorns. Film you in the bathroom. Loot your business. Burn police stations. The FBI does nothing.

But if conservative parents raise their voices at a school board meeting, they’re hunted down as terrorists.

The law is dead."

“Whistleblowers are the ones who are ignored, smeared, and sometimes killed.

“Whistleblowjobbers are the ones who get television time in D.C. with attentive, bi-partisan audiences.”

From: t.me/quitefranklytv

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#noagenda #McAfeeWatch


With that being said I am pleased to Announce that McAfee Intel
have joined Forces with Team Telegram to Protect this Platform at all Costs
Until [[45]] Returns:


No bedrock, core beliefs, just whatever they think serves their political goals.

“Wasn't she the Obama appointee who kicked thousands in campaign contributions to then senator Obama, whose husband Obama subsequently appointed judge to the bench in the District of Columbia Superior Court in 2011 and who let Imran Awan go scot-free?”

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I’m sure he’ll be sued over that right? We have the right to peacefully assemble and if BLM can burn down cities then parents can protest schools exposing their kids to propaganda. Time for parents to work behind the scenes and take over the school boards. Elect your friends folks.

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U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland mobilizes the FBI to address a "disturbing spike of threats" by parents against school boards, teachers.

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They're desperate. This will blow up in their faces. People have had it. And parents with kids in school? Wow.

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Photo ID with a Finger Print to Vote in American Elections.

Anything less with these cheating criminals is stupidity.

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The hits keep on coming today. The pos that murdered my childhood friend back in May was found incompetent to stand trial. The doctors asked the pile of shit what his attorneys name was and he kept saying Mr. Coffee. That's all it takes in NY to beat a murder charge. This penniless sexual offender and murderer, has one of the top lawyers in this . Who the fuck is paying for him?

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@MissLane I can't blame it on the judges. They have to follow the lax laws here. I blame it on the mental health "experts" for their decision. It's really that simple to beat the system. Call your attorney Mr. Coffee. Wtf?!

At least the opposition isn’t real smart! Watch to the end.

So, the Stasi has been activated?

BREAKING: Attorney General Merrick Garland has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing "threats."

The letter follows the National School Board Association's request to classify protests as "domestic terrorism."

And Obama wanted this guy on the Supreme Court?

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