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Corrupt cheat with thousands of voting in Primary Elections. This explains Kemp's lead. No way Georgia peeps vote for Kemp over . No way!

I think this needs an investigation! Unbelievable.

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

They're so corrupt, there's nothing they won't do to stay in their seats. Nothing. It's in their DNA.

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Chasers driving into the eye of IVAN on I-75 LIVE!

IVAN came Ashore at Caeo Cossa, off Englewood Beach, Fly at, 03:05 hrs at 150 mph.

Very slow moving for 24 hrs.


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Live Chat too!

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Cont'd 3 —

Sit back and enjoy the show, as the Unselect Committee is feverishly tearing through Mar-a-Largo documents trying to connect the "thousands of dots" for their one final hearing before Election Day!

Remember: The closer we get to the Midterms, the crazier the Communist Left will get. They're desperate.
Expect anything! They cheat, and they know we know how they cheat. We are the majority! Overwhelm the ballots with a Red Tusamni ♨️


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Cont'd 2 —

That this case isn't proceeding under CIPA is telling. The whole thing is a charade. The government is bailing knowing it had a Judas' Goat on the 7th floor whispering sweet nothings into the ears of senior officials who bought in hook, line and sinker giving the go-ahead for the Trump raid. They're paddling and bailing a sinking ship waiting for the Captain's order to "Abandon Ship", still not knowing that the Captain has left them to drown like rats on a sinking ship!

cont'd .

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⚖️ -a-Largo Raid

Having gone through a federal criminal trial prosecuted under the Classified Information Procedures Act (CIPA), USC Title 18 Appendix. The Special Master appointment in the Trump Mar-a-Largo case is missing a CIPA Court Appointed Security Officer that has been appointed in every CIPA case in history.

1 cont'd...

ICYMI from January 2021:

Trump declassified these Crossfire Hurricane records.

He may have legally declared a copy as “personal,” under the Presidential Records Act.

These records could be very damaging to Biden, Obama, and Hillary.

Hence, the unprecedented and unlawful raid?

President 's 1hr. interview w/#Hannity.

Equal Justice is a Constitutional right. Not today!

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Huge Legal Victory!

5th Circuit US. Court of Appeals, in a 113 page opinion, Upholds Texas Law Banning Companies from and of Users. Section 230 Protects Users
Rights. (160922).

⚖️ Opinion:

Albeit we reported on this five days ago,xits gone largely unnoticed. Censorship and Deplatform of Social Users is Over Folk's.

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Forget about the . voters are virtually impossible to poll after Biden's "MAGA Republicans Speech" according to top pollsters. Rather then get on the FBI's terrorist list, GOP voters choose to remain silent. They didn't like being called "" in 2016, now essentially being called terrorist they simply will vote and not poll. ♨️

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Can't help wondering, if these jabs aren't meant to counter 's claim to have superhuman soldiers via CRISPR-cas9 gene editing the DNA.

U.S. military could hardly ignore the 's claim and not move to counter—one up it.

We really have no way of knowing what's going on behind the scenes, especially with and Biden's transhumanism E.O. Advancing Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing... of 12 September 2022.

Just sayin!

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@ArnGrimR @Andre re'

@PatelPatriot blew a credibility shoot across the bow of the crew citing a far left ANTIFA blogger, Tom Burghardt, as their source for their primary argument that CoG existed since 911. , ANTIFA
INFO — BULLETIN Number 160. Patel further argues that theory of is completely wrong.


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Hey @Andre Congratsl

Just saw NZ lifted All Restrictions and inviting visitors.

So, it's time for us to toast glasses 🍻 Cheer's Mate!

V 🌴 Chr.


@CowboyLogic - 09/11/22: Special Presentation - The Truth About January 6th Documentary with Jake Lang:


EXCLUSIVE! Jake Lang — #911 jail interview 620 days incarcerated:


Support Jake Lang ⚖️ -



☎️ (202) 224-3121 ☎️

Thank you for your support, ✝️⚖️Ⓜ️🇺🇲


My utterly limited understanding of how stuff works (based on war movies and special effects, most likely) suggests that one way to know if you've hit a target is the emergence of secondary explosions.

In the war movie, if you hit the ammo dump, you get to see not only the bomb's blast, but the ripple of subsequent explosions.

Secondary explosions (at least in the war movie vernacular) are a sign of success.

So, with our black hole theory, i.e., we may not be able to know any...

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