Advertising like THIS is what the bastards took from us!😆

"To the guy who's got a girl in every city". Vintage ad that would never fly today.

Utterly disgusting!

Denver DA drops all charge against security guard, says killing of protester was “legally justified.

Just found this bag of cocaine in my @Enterprise rental car’s sunglasses holder. So annoyed I no longer do cocaine. Los Angeles Airport rental😆

America’s universities and colleges have turned into domestic terrorism training camps. Young impressionable minds are radicalized with progressive and marxist ideology by tenured racial professors.

I never realized how stupid the general population really was until Trump let us know about the corruption. People are idiots and only watch the Tv. They are lying. Do your own research . How much worse does it have to get? Or more rights taken away? I can give examples if u like


This is why we will never go to the moon again.

"I need the exact distance from a to b, or six people die."

People here on Earth die every day from White Supremacist demands for precision . . . Yada yada . . .

I don't even know why we have elections.

It's a show and to pretend that it's anything else is idiotic.

America's selective outrage over Ukraine is fashioned by a well-oiled propaganda machine... just ask the people of Yemen

Professional virtue signalers drive Americans’ anger towards the Current Big Thing

Here's how the New York Times described a symbol on the jacket of Brenton Tarrant, the New Zealand mosque shooter, in 2019. The Buffalo shooter unequivocally cites Tarrant as his primary inspiration. How do you think the New York Times would handle the issue today

@mlsk8r @rosemaxx7 @MMA

My favorite saying.

"Liberals feel, conservatives think."

@rosemaxx7 @MMA

Mass psychosis. They're literally mindless corpses doing whatever the TV tells them to and be afraid of. No quality of life. Just exist to follow and obey.

Sadly, it will likely be a case of "meet the new liar, same as the old liar."

Thank God that snide, hateful, serial liar Jen Psaki is gone. A slimy smarmy snake

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