Sade - No Ordinary Love

I’ve got a near 4 decade crush going on for Sade and her music. Also, my version of Heaven includes Saturday afternoon Sade concerts in the park near my Heaven home. You know assuming I’m allowed into the neighborhood.

If you're not following Burning Bright on TS or his substack you're not doing yourself any favors.

Something kind of clicked for me in the middle of the night after I had read some of his TS posts.


They would have had to shoot me in the back to keep me from going in.

Imagine it is your child in the school and you watch dozens of heavily armed police officers standing guard on the perimeter, appearing only to keep you out? Regardless of what policy/procedure is or isn't. After the fact you find out the active shooter was picking children off for an hour while they all stood outside?

How does this look to the average person?

Good God.

We need answers.

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I am giving this the 72 hour rule but from what I am reading concerning LEO's action/lack of action in Texas, is unbelievable. I watched the video, briefly, until I couldn't any more. Officers standing outside, holding parents back/down.

It is said they waited an hour for SWAT. Could be false. But also maybe not. My initial reaction is one of horror and contempt that it looks like nothing was done. If this did happen, will people turn on LEO?

Too much is wrong with this entire thing.

Larry hits Gold with this article. Stuff in it most have no idea about. MUST READ

Globalists' Midway
Perhaps, for the first time, the world elites truly are on defense

Larry Schweikart
13 hr ago

Much hoopla and some gnashing of teeth attended the midterms out of Georgia, not the least of which was that two of the enablers of the 2020 Great Steal, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, won their primaries without breaking a sweat.

Rare that anything not comical comes from this account.

I’m not from Georgia but I just read where Georgia is an “open primary”. So let me see if I follow.

Abrams, the poster child for voter fraud runs unopposed. So dems can go ahead and vote in the republican primary and Kemp wins by a mile.

At this point I’m all in on some kind of plan being in place to take our country back. Because, what other option is there?

That said, Trump being who he is, does it not seem logical that he would know this was going to happen?

I can normally compartmentalize things like terrorist attacks on innocent children such as what happened in Texas today. It’s necessary for survival. I’ll gently shut the door on that compartment tomorrow but tonight I’m feeling it. Deeply.

For all the apparent good that seems to be happening I’m just tired of the evil. It’s abject. It’s flaunted. I know that ignoring politics got us where we are. But now, EVERYTHING, even tragic events that causes God to weep, is political. I’m tired of it.

@watson @MMA Experience absent accomplishment is meaningless. Does anybody think that somebody with 40 years of experience cleaning toilettes will clean them any better than somebody with 1 year of experience? Biden has 50 years of experience accomplishing colossal screw ups. 50 years immersed in the swamp learning how to be a crook. he is completely living up to his experience.

Well would you look at that…..this could be the type of gift that keeps on giving. Now do 2020.

Watched a couple of clips of the WEF meeting in Davos. It's so surreal listening to these people speak matter of factly about enslaving the planet that it almost seems like it is produced, like a movie..... But I am sure that is how they all are. Especially the part with the "president" of Ukraine in his trademark camo brown tee shirt zooming in for his Ted talk on freedom and democracy.

I was watching Saving Private Ryan last night for the nth time. Every time I've seen it, I'm deeply moved - but this time, it was different.
In the last few weeks, I read Prussiagate for the third time.

With this scene, all I could think of were the dollar signs for the MIC while American families paid the price. All that loss of life while the MIC rakes in the dough for the consumables of a war set in motion by the predecessor of the WEF. Same globalist shit, different decade.

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