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Do you know someone on Medicare or planning to be on Medicare?

"The Biden administration is proposing to repeal a Trump-era rule that gives medical device companies faster Medicare payments for life-saving products."

There's still time to stop this!

You'll want to take the time to read this Bloomberg article (in full) about what the Biden Administration plans on doing

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I'm seeing this image around, but it's selling too many people short.

No, we're seeing people engaged in the equivalent of working for the Nazis, not just complying.

This is like George Soros working for the Nazis to help confiscate their belongings on the way to the gas chambers.

No, these people are collaborators. They are complicit in the evil & should good triumph, they will see the fury of their victims & their victim's families.

That's not completely true . I wont wear a mask and I've never done drugs. Ever. I did one time ( for God and country) take the gold in the Boob luge here at the bar . I felt it necessary to defend our countries sacred honor as I was the only American. Who was surrounded by Canadians, Pols and Russians at the time. I did it for you and no worries the good guys won. America won gold and got sick a little while later. 😜

@Bakerfiend Big hugs sweetie. We all must abide and we are lucky to have each other for support. I appreciate all you are doing and all that you are. We are blessed to have you with us! @CDuBois @FreyjaFrija

The president of Brazil‘s son makes more sense than 90% of our politicians 🤦‍♀️

You watch: Next they‘ll want to defund Border Patrol

No, I‘m not kidding

After all, that‘s what they‘ve always wanted

1. Ebola is funnier

2. These are regime figures - they ceased to be comedians long ago

Notice how two comedians were quietly removed from CBS/Viacom?

Jon Stewart (say what you want, but he NEVER backed away from supporting 9/11 responders - and he‘s spoken out about Wuhan)

Craig Ferguson (a man who CELEBRATED becoming a US citizen on his show & wrote a book on how much he loved becoming an American)

Now I know why they were shown the door…

I was running business errands all day then did my once a month food shopping. I come home. I’m hungry. I sit down to eat leftovers and look at emails and these are the headlines in my Medscape News for Nurses. @CDuBois @oystergirl @FreyjaFrija

Well, they‘re going to try to remove him from office now 🤣

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