Let‘s not turn into these people

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I am currently battling my inner self over this very sentiment to not be like them. I am on the verge of canceling our Christmas dinner. Only 4 of us showed up last year and were told we were irresponsible for doing so. Now they are all vaxxed and we are the only ones not and they won't shut up about it


If they are going to abuse your mental health, it is not worth it

It's how you go about doing it that will make you DIFFERENT from them

I do not attend family functions because of similar issues

I do not, however, lecture others, wave my finger etc. etc.

I simply give an excuse as to why I cannot attend, and I am loving, sweet, and polite about the whole thing

To be anything else would be a betrayal of my own standards and would only give them more ammo


You can hold your own opinions, act in your own interest, and yet still do it graciously, without having to involve guilt, shaming, etc.

I've learned that when I'm the calm person in the asylum, people usually start to see things my way - eventually

The left doesn't take that route - They play on your shame, your identity, your emotional center while screaming in your face


I agree and its really the only option if you want to persuade someone. The ones that can be reached will come back around if you conduct yourself in a reasonable manner. In the case of the Christmas dinner, I would just get my $ back for the building we rent and not say a word about it. I don't think they would bring it up if we didn't mention it first.


Get your money back, for sure

Sounds like a great plan ❤️

If I have to come up with an excuse, my first grandbaby is gonna arrive 2 weeks prior so I think I have a solid out without stepping on any toes 🤣

@Tinyhouse4life @FreyjaFrija

It's really sad - disappointing - that it's come to this, but it really has for so many of us.

I'm the only unvaxxed in the family, ands I'm the one who cooks Thanksgiving dinner.

Right now it's anybody's guess what's going to happen.


I'm sorry you are faced with this, especially with no back up! Are they turning up the pressure or have they accepted you are not budging? I pray all of our loved ones will come back to their senses soon. At the very least just let us live our lives in peace is all I ask!


Thank you so much.
We don't discuss it, really, and I'm afraid to broach the subject of whether or not the kids are vaxxed. I'd almost rather pray over them & not know.

With the holidays coming, I suspect the subject will be broached. It's never easy, and they're not especially pushy, just give me the patronizing "stupid old woman" hairy eyeball, but we'll see.

It's like a cloud that hangs over the family anytime we're together.

I'm so sorry for you too.


Thats good they don't pester you about it. That's what twists my panties in a knot. I only want to be left alone. I am grateful the ones that I love the most are in the boat with us, especially the mother of our grandchild. She will die before she takes the vax or gives it to the baby. I am worried about my brother. He's in Cali and I fear he has been forced by this point. I'm like you, I don't ask, I just pray. I have no control of it anyway so I have to let God handle.


Yes, ma'am, it seems like our best positions at this point are as prayer warriors.

God is really the only Authority Who can handle this, and change it.



This has been such a difficult position for me to accept. It's my job to heal people! It has been the hardest challenge I have experienced in my professional life to watch this trainwreck and not be able to do a damn thing to stop it.


Oh, sister, I know, and I am so sorry.

It's a daily heartbreak, and I know it well.

We are all on this dark train ride with no control of where it goes, or how it ends.

But I have faith that higher ground is up ahead.

And FAITH is truly an ACTION word in times like these.

[[big hugs]] 🌺


@Tinyhouse4life @FreyjaFrija

It's a crime on so many levels how this manufactured bioweapon has shredded our families and lives.

All the guilty must be held to account. ❤️ 🌺


I don't know what happened to these people

My mother got the shot but very live-and-let live - just wants to enjoy her life

My father's turned into a dictator - wanting to stop ppl at the door for their vax card

Mother put a halt to that

It's causing MAJOR problems between them & other family

They've been married for nearly 50 years

My father had 2 heart attacks and isn't in good health

This isn't the way they should be spending their last years

Not at all



Ack, that is heartbreaking.

I am so sorry.

Sounds like you dad is scared.

And FUCK the system that scared him so badly. The system he's trusted his whole entire life.

This is all deliberate, and criminal to the highest degree.



My father is scared but he does it to himself

He literally has CNN, MSNBC, PBS, etc. on all day long

My mother won't retire because she doesn't want to be at home with that all day long

(She also loves her job)

But my dad was the one who taught me to never trust the "corporate media", and to never trust the government

But now..?

These demons did a good job of brainwashing

I barely know my father now - I love him, but I don't know him anymore



I'm so sorry.

I wish there were a resource he could be steered toward that had at least a middle of the road position.

Sickening, all of it.



I think with the second heart attack (10 years ago) it made him realize his mortality and it scared him to death

I'm wondering if that's when the doorway to the brainwashing was open - his fear of mortality

I love him, but, it's just exhausting


@FreyjaFrija @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life

The lying demons have done incalculable damage to our social fabric and it was a pre-meditated attack by arrogant, greedy, SOB’s that someday must pay.


I should mention that while I was writing this, I was sitting on my balcony, and heard an extremely disturbing conversation between two of my neighbors

They're both pro-vax and what they want to do to the sceptics is beyond disturbing

Sort of triggered me to realize, this shit ain't going to go away overnight

Fighting these people about it ain't going to fix anything either

I need a drink

@CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life


Just bad.

Bad, bad bad

I may make a thread on this.

The one neighbor (let's just call her K) is an absolutely terrible human being, so didn't surprise me

The other two are husband & wife (E&B) and we're friends - and they've been very, very good to me - especially when I was having serious medical issues last year

It's not just like "well these assholes should lose their jobs"

It's like "these assholes should be put to sleep like dogs"

@EricStoner @CDuBois


K is from Ireland - why doesn't she go back if she hates sceptics in the US "who are ruining it for everyone else?"

E&B are from Australia & Brazil - they could go back as well and get away from "those fucking Trumpers"

E&B are both "scientists" too - but they're chemists - NOT immunologists

K worked for Pfizer for 20 years as an executive assistant so she thinks she knows everything about the pharmaceutical industry

@EricStoner @CDuBois


Now, this is the really fucked up part

K is moving to Florida next month - permanently - because she loves Florida

The woman who detests Trump supporters and vaccine skeptics is CHOOSING to move to DeSantis' state


They're moving to TEXAS in November as his company here in NYC is relocating because NYC handled this crisis SO BADLY the company needs to move to a more "structured and reliable" state

No. Self. Reflection.

@EricStoner @CDuBois


Both red states.

Neither state run like NY.

The reason FL is so attractive is in large part because of how DeSantis runs the state.

The irony runs deep with many at the moment.

@Tinyhouse4life @EricStoner



E&B are livid they have to move because "TEXAS RED STATE" but he could have easily found another employer here in NY

I asked him (in a polite way so he didn't realize I was making him look like an idiot) why didn't he just switch jobs to stay in NY since he's so eminently qualified?

"Well you know, money, and I mean, Texas has a lot lower taxes"

No. Self. Reflection.

@Tinyhouse4life @EricStoner

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And for the grand finale:

While they're pontificating about the health of the nation and how skeptics are "making US pay for THEIR mental illness!"

All the meanwhile - all 3 of them are puffing on cigarettes

K is obese & has asthma & smokes

E&B both have 2 young children under 4 and smoke heavily (and not just cigarettes)

Because Cigarette smoking & second hand smoke doesn't lead to higher health costs, right?

@Tinyhouse4life @EricStoner

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@CDuBois @FreyjaFrija @Tinyhouse4life

Had a niece and husband over for a visit and dinner. The wife asked what they thought of DeSantis and she said she can’t stand him because he won’t stand with teachers on making kids wear mask:-) Wow!

I mentioned that her dad called and was mocking horse dewormer. Asked her if she ate chicken cause the get antibiotics in a lot of them so, better stop with the chicken dewormer:-)

I hate these decisive times, I truly do and I blame the media, the left!

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The truth of the matter is, the vaxxed are the ones who need to be isolated together.

To protect the rest of us.

They are super shedders/super spreaders.

@EricStoner @Tinyhouse4life

@FreyjaFrija @EricStoner @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life
It makes such a huge difference where people live. In this area, I'm usually surrounded by people who resisted masks all the way through, who proudly wore shirts and hats supporting MAGA, flew their flags and sported their bumper stickers.
The vaxxed and the bitter are still in the minority here.
I'm sorry for all those who live surrounded by such willful ignorance and hatred.
Especially the young who are so influenced by it.


It does, but you‘ll find bumbling idiots everywhere

If I go 15 miles West of me, its way more MAGA - but I‘m not going to add 90 min + to my commute

I also know MAGA people a couple doors away, I‘m just sandwiched between 2 idiots

Most people keep their thoughts to themselves but these 2 are particularly bad

Still, if you want to beat your enemy, you need to understand them

Learning a lot so far…

@EricStoner @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life

@FreyjaFrija @janis @EricStoner @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life

If your stuck between two, change your wifi name to "Trump won" they will see it every time they look for or hook up to wifi.

Your welcome 🤣😅🤣😂


Oh dude I did that back in May

That drove them out of their MINDS

Especially K - drove her NUTS - she kept coming out on her balcony and asking other neighbors if that was their wifi

May & June were especially giggly months for me :D

@janis @EricStoner @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life

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@FreyjaFrija @EricStoner @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life Usually when someone asks me about being vaccinated, I just say yes or "you can't ask me that".

I know it's a shtty move, but also I reject the idea of making segregation.


Oh, no I'm the same way

I just smile and say "You know, I really don't like to discuss medical information with others than my physician - it's just kind of intrusive"

And I smile

It disarms 99% of all schmucks I run into

@CDuBois @EricStoner @Tinyhouse4life


It‘s like dementia but not - he can‘t see what‘s going on - it‘s such a departure from his common sense

@CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life

@cully45 @CDuBois @Tinyhouse4life @FreyjaFrija

Freyja, I would not WANT them to come over because THEY will infect YOU! Do a Zoom call. And enjoy yourselves away from virtue signaling.

@Tinyhouse4life @FreyjaFrija
That is rough and completely destroys the meaning of Christmas.


My neighbor got the shots & he's sick as hell with Covid. Oops, those guilty of crimes against humanity don't report those stats do they?


No they do not report those stats

Dr. Mengele all over again 🤬

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