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3) President Trump has said he wants to be declared the winner of the 2020 election.

A vote from Congress would achieve this goal. The optics would be perfect, i.e. Trump isn't declaring it, Congress is based on the people who did the investigating.

That would be a hard pill for the establishment to swallow because they couldn't accuse Trump of anything, unless they wanted to look more foolish.

All the President would have to say is- that's what I have been saying all along!


2) Either way it's a win/win situation that brings a swift review of the rigged 2020 election.

Watch those Governors races in the swing states. Very important!!

If Lake, Mastriano, and Kemp win the door swings wide open to reexamine those purported Biden electors from those states.

Or as President Trump said, "or a minimal solution would be declare the 2020 Election irreparably compromised and have a new election, immediately!

Which to me means: Congress votes.

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I feel the same way. We've been asked to do our part. IE: vote in person en masse, work polling stations, be observers, get involved etc.

If we do that, one way or another this will work out either as in we win outright or else the cheating is stopped/caught in real time. No more of the late night bullshit that they were seemingly allowed to get away with in 2020.

It can be no other way. If it isn't and we have a repeat I fear for the future. It won't be what anyone wants.

Just a random thought.

After listening to the President at his last few rallies, I believe his confidence in a successful midterms means we WILL be successful.

Though this is just speculation, I get the impression the establishment is in a 'catch 22 ' position.

Either lose fair and square or get caught outright cheating. Something is telling me measures are in place (similar to 2020) to bust these criminals right away if they try it. Which would clear the decks to reveal the 2020 steal.

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4) So it appears as though a huge win in the midterms would allow for objections to be brought back to the table regarding the 2020 election.

There's no doubt in my mind that a controlled Republican house and Senate will open a case that has been thought of as a 'closed case' for the past two years.

Then it's full steam ahead, just like Marko Aleksandrovich Ramius straight into the target before it can activate.



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3) IMO, this is exactly what the establishment did on Jan.6th.

So it makes even more sense why VP Pence edited the ascertainment script with the word "purports".

Another words you can claim/allege anything you want, but it's not final.

This is why I believe the establishment is so confounded by the changes in the script of ascertainment.

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2) The Electoral Count Act of 1887, which the establishment is try so hard to reform.

This requires only one congressman & senator to object.

"Close elections in 1880 and 1884 followed, and again raised the possibility that with no formally established counting procedure in place, partisans in Congress might use the counting process to force a desired result."

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RE: The President's rally.

1) Did anyone notice when President Trump was speaking about President McKinley, and how he was such a big fan of his because of the his view on tariffs, he mentioned 1887 (twice)?

It's interesting because President McKinley didn't become President until 1897. Did President Trump make a mistake here on dates?

I don't think so. What happened in 1887?

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President Trump:
"There were only 45 people who became President..or thereabouts..
You gotta think about that last statement.."

So wait a minute, you expect me to believe that President Trump wasn't st8 up about' walking away' in his rallies leading up to the 2020 election?

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If you could figure it out, they could figure it out.

That is exactly why you cannot figure it out.


Trust is paramount.

Signs are there.

Not all see them.

By design.

Who genuinely cares?

Those paying close attention.

That is not all.

Some have other priorities.

That is simply the way it is.

Those paying attention will be at the vanguards.

The alarm will theirs to sound.

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@GCIslander @Fletchlives @Andre

God is above manly permission.

Any man who believes the plane is equal is a fool.

His reach will never be equaled.

To think otherwise is foolish.

Man will always fall short.

The most chaste among us.

The heart contains the glory.

Not all acts meet muster.

The heart.

God knows that.

The heart.

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Me and my cousin were having a bad ass conversation about whether President Trump has been sending BS hints about an early return or campaigning for 2024?

It appears that the whole debate hinges on a couple of things?

Did anyone really think the President was going to lose in 2020? With all the rallies, etc..

Fast forward-----Who thought his intentions were to walk away in the 'first place'?

MAGA- AGAIN!! Should tell us all we need to know.


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Dave from X22 Report never has sought fame.

He continually provides updates though.

He doesn’t want to be photographed or known.

He has become famous in his anonymity.

I have listened to his reports for several years now.

It never has been about him.

He is worthy of your time.

If you don’t know him, you should.

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