My niece was vaccinated a week ago at 10 weeks pregnant.

Today she's in the ER with pulmonary blood clots.

Please pray for her.


No no no why did she do that?!

Oh G-d bless her and her innocent little one


I cannot describe how angry I am today. Not with my niece in her 3rd pregnancy without any issues before.

Or her sister who also got the jab at 10 weeks with her, despite my warnings, data & desperation.

Or even my 3rd niece, the nurse, who surrendered to the fear and is now making excuses about how common pulmonary clots are in pregnant women.

No, I'm beyond words with hatred for the DEMONS who are murdering people for world domination & depopulation.

This is a NIGHTMARE!

@GetsGreased @FreyjaFrija
It makes no sense whatsoever...
They will pay for the multitude of death on their heads.

@GetsGreased @FreyjaFrija
I am so sorry. So much unnecessary pain, misery, death and destruction.
Prayers for all involved.
Good thing God is omnipotent, because if all the prayers being said every second over this stuff were headed my way and I was supposed to do something about them, I'd be inclined to pack my things and head to the woods.


You and I feel the same.
The anger and helplessness I feel is eating me up. And I waffle back and forth about being sorry I took the damned jab.

@StephanieAnneLR @GetsGreased

You can cleanse the spike proteins out with a Liver cleans as long ass you don't keep getting boosters. And before you get real sick from covid.

@Jradical @DrFell @GetsGreased

Will get a script for that when I move to my new doctor in late Oct. I hope we're still able to get it then. Biden seems to want to stop us from using that as well as the hydroxy. It seems his cabal want as many dead as possible.

@StephanieAnneLR @Jradical @GetsGreased

I'm going to swing by a Tractor supply today or tomorrow I'll let you know how they come.

@GetsGreased I’m very sorry. 🙏

I’m also praying the people who caused this will burn in hell.


Oh dear... I am so sorry!

I pray for your niece & her baby... I pray that they get the medical care they need and have a 100% recovery.

Lord, let it be so! 🙏 🙏 🙏

@GetsGreased 🙏🏻 I will pray for her and her baby🙏🏻

@GetsGreased I'm so sorry! The miscarriage rate for first trimester vaccinations is also very high. ☹️

@GetsGreased dear Lord, please allow those who play stupid games to win stupid prizes. Amen
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