I'm still shocked that a judge of any kind has to take diversity, equity and inclusion training...I didn't ask him ,as I'm realizing it now , but wouldn't all that crap influence his decision making. Of course it would I'm thinking and that's the whole point..scew the justice system

Ray Walter just left here , what great guy. I'm friends with his brother a State Trooper and they both were in for a drink .. Ray is Supreme Court Justice here in New York ...we had him rolling 🤣 so much so he granted me a pardon in New York's 8th district..he was in Westchester for diversity training. Soon as I herad it I went into a rant about everything that is going on ..for like 10 minutes..who's a psycho ..this guy..it was funny though bc they did spit out thier drinks a couple of 3 x

Also I made one extra shirt for the ladies auxiliary Fire department..I had no idea they had one ..anyway its size small .. if anyone on here wants it ....I'll send it out to you free just send me where you want it to go

I do believe it is ..Taxation is theft ...liberals and grifters get angry when you say it .. so I'll say it

We have been playing more modern "patriotic" music at night... most people don't there are musicians who are maga or patriotic.. Struggle Jennings and Caitlynne " God We Need You Now "..Hi-Rez and Jimmy Levy " Faith Over Fear " "Take The Lead" "God Over Government " " This Is A War" & Tyson James..it's a tactic of the left to influence people with music but fuck it ..I have a college age crowd from now till August . I gotta chop wood even if it's with a butter knife youtu.be/dTOgRWuHg2o

Any news on Giuliani...he got three votes from the owners of this bar ...

Beautiful steak and Balsamic, bacon Brussel sprouts ruined ...with ketchup..... this is why I hate sharing my food with ppl lol I'm such a shit 🤣

I made my voting shirt today ..lol its a cut and paste iron on over another one..came out shitty ..but I love it 😀 it's the FA possy.. don't worry I'm gonna throw it out..after I vote ..for Giuliani baby !

Saved the day 🙌 they Frankensteined the compressor for us ...and you know how it pays to be nice to people? Remember the FDNY guys I mentioned awhile back ? I know you don't 😏 they came walking in the door 20 Strong outa nowhere just camping and saved the day..actually they might have bought me a new compressor they way they ate and drank ..God is good, ebs and flows my friends life's full of them..I'm so grateful 🙏 you have no idea

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My beer cooler had the compressor blow on it ...on a Friday no less..it was 12 years old so it was up there...But really bad timing..it's been slower than usual and I had a waitress quit too..this was not a good day ..all I had to sell food and bottled water by 3pm it was looking like I'd lose my kegs and food ..thank God for Sailor Blaut and Bob Olsen Two old timers and Navy vets. One was an electrical engineer on a Sub in the 60s and the other was on a battleship in the 70s ..these dudes

I was down this morning and the last few days...I keep forgetting a good fighter never quits and gets back on his feet ,shakes it off and brings it ..I hate zelinski but I'm stealing his look ...fuck Bill Gates and Fauci ...mini me looking terd ...gimme my money back bitch !

Almost all the local people here have to travel a minimum of 60miles to work..excluding the landscaping, construction and guys...who travel much more in a day...it's more travel for everyone. And if they've got a good job then it's to the city and back.. For ppl the travel was always worth it for the country living..till these Biden crisis fuel prices came about...all see is a bar that's a 1/3 full of city tards. my regulars have become ghosts because they can't afford anything. FJB!

Like fat people believing in diet pills or a magic drink that makes you skinny..just wanting to dance around the issue ...the issue is putting in the work! You can't get anything without work ..I spoke but for a minute or so ..as soon as the shop owner started talking about good guys to follow and bad guys ..I knew his heart was in the right place but his head is up his ass..but I should have known as well when I was asked to speak..that was a red flag .I still believe in ppl but FFS wake up

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Completely disturbing to me because the 30 or so people there weren't looking to sticker , put up signs about the Vax, voter fraud, , connect with people in office and join community boards or groups as much as they exchanged ridiculous ideas and theories about "secret plans " and "white hat" ppl. I had to wash after it was over. I felt dirty and used , dirty like a stunt double in a porno. I'm happy young ppl are waking up and scared that it's to just complain and believe BS. They are

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My update on my Monday adventures
1 the Arab guys still hate me but not
enough to not take my chicken wing
money .. no change in their political point of view ..as I was shewed into and out of the shop with great haste and lots of hand gestures.. nothing new.. my brother however thought it was a positive sign I was not given a meat cleaver hair part . He's a pussy and they're just greedy , my take on it ..
2 the Body shop meet up with parents and teenagers was

I get to go with my brother to the chicken place in Jersey tomorrow..I haven't been there in months...my brother gets agita when i go with him there so I took a break ..but I wonder how my A-rab chicken producers are, wonder if they're still hating on President Trump ..we shall see.

I'm so craving a steak dinner right now. I forgot to eat today 😩 I was just working so much and ironically around food too..so stupid

I love , love, how the barflys try to hustle free drinks... we're closing and Dawn , super nice grifter that should have an easy pass installed in her pants ..Lotta traffic there..anyway we're cashing out and she says " did someone buy my drinks for me ?"..like yeah the drink fairy 🧚‍♂️..not ! Did someone buy my drinks for me. That shit actually works some places...I wanted to say yeah a Chinese guy ..Chue ..Chue paying for your drinks ..getting money from the flies is like pulling teeth

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