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Oct 21—Near Ahvaz, SW
Footage of a natural gas pipeline on fire near a local gas company site.

Political prisoners Soheil Arabi and Behnam Mousivand started a hunger strike since Tuesday after they were violently taken to the quarantine ward of Rajai Shahr Prison just west of Tehran.

At least 16 executions in in the second week of October alone. According to Iran Monitor, at least 255 executions were carried out in 2020, while the estimated total for 2021 stood at 286 on Monday, following three executions that day.

This is a "school" in Sistan & Baluchistan province, SE

Iran has the world's 2nd largest natural gas & 4th largest oil reserves. The money goes to:

-dictators like Assad
-terrorists like Hezbollah
-ballistic missiles
-a completely unnecessary nuclear program

Oberlin College has now given cover to Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, a former Iranian diplomat who called for Israel’s destruction at the UN, and according to Amnesty International, worked to obscure 's 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners.

No US casualties in coordinated attack on al-Tanf, which comes a week after pro- fighters vowed a ‘harsh’ response to an alleged Israeli-US joint strike originating from there.

"The official said the attack appeared to include at least one drone strike and possibly groundfire. The base is also located on a road serving as a vital link for -backed forces from Tehran to all the way to southern Lebanon and Israel."

-linked Al-Mayadeen quotes sources reporting five drones attacked the U.S. base at al-Tanf.

U.S. official confirms no U.S. injuries or deaths in coordinated attack on U.S. forces at Al Tanf in Syria.

Various reports currently circulating of rocket or drone attack targeting the Coalition's Al-Tanf base in .

CENTCOM official to Sky News Arabia:
"At Tanf base in Syria was hit by a rocket. No casualties."

This image, taken from Camp Rukban, is circulating, reportedly showing a fire burning in the American Al-Tanf base.

Sky News Arabia cites a CENTCOM military source saying initial assessments indicate -backed militias attacked Al-Tanf airbase, housing US troops.
Investigation ongoing.

—A militia contacted the base of the Global Coalition against Daesh in the Al-Tanf area that it should be evacuated.
—An hour later five drones attacked the base.
—One drone reportedly entered from .
—No casualties.

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A confirmed suicide drone attack targeting the Coalition base in Al-Tanf, .

Senator Menendez on selling oil in plain view to and the Biden administration refusing to take action, and thus violating U.S. laws.

Alternative to Islamic Fundamentalism

Due to the significant historical and cultural effects that has had on the region, a free Iran with a reformed view of religion could usher in a new era of freedom, prosperity, and peaceful coexistence in the Middle East.


's centrifuges continue to spin and produce highly enriched uranium

—China is testing a hypersonic nuclear-capable missile

—and North Korea is testing submarine-launched ballistic missiles

While Grossi voiced hope that “so many things can happen” before the next meeting of the board of directors, 's regime is baiting the int'l community with false promises, only backtrack & fail to meet its commitments & keep things in a state of limbo.

Can and/or its proxies deploy “dirty bombs” with suicide drones?

Tehran knows it will not be allowed to produce conventional nuclear weapons.

One option is using suicide drones in “dirty bombs” attacks by its own forces and/or proxies.

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