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NETWORK, Peter Finch aka Howard Beale, 1976 - I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!

Please PA-LEASE forward this.

No charge. 👍

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Going forward into 2022?

The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost:

Grassy vs worn?🤔

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You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley, Mississippi John Hurt, 1963ish?

This man was a gift to humanity.

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Do not take my kindness as a sign of my weakness.

Whatever you do.

@oystergirl @as2

My nephew is so arrogant he told me 'not to send Newsmax' articles?😮

I have not been to Newsmax in 5 YEARS.


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In more in a Columbo fashion?

One more question. 🙄

I am about to go to battle with an arrogant nephew of mine that is a nurse and all hyped up about the vacc and boosting.

Is there a FA # set up for 'peered reviewed' articles that support the anti COVID vacc?

Don't advise me going against the battle.

Just give me the tactical air support missiles😎

Show me the articles.

Only because I know there are others here that need the same type of ammo in their personal quiver.

@oystergirl @as2

This is the police officer, a rookie, that shot that motherfucker who died today.

He is going through PTSD right now.

IF he was not there??? As back up or whatever?

Can't image what would have happened.🤷‍♂️

So pray for him too and his family.

@pamby1 for our first responders.

Feelin like you're livin' on Shakedown St yet?

Grateful Dead - Shakedown Street:

This way I can't be accused of not playing enough Dead, even IF it's their response to disco. 🙃

Jerry started out in jug band before the Dead.

But you Deadheads know this already. 😀

"...It's nothing personal, PAL..." -

Joe Biden to Peter Doocy

They are in MASSIVE damage control as 'the bridge' has suffered a direct HIT.

"..It's nothing personal, you shithead..." - HP

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"Israel prepares to evacuate over 75,000 Ukrainian Jews"

Well, I guess that does it. 🤷‍♂️

WITH the understanding how our presence in the world is, used to be and how it will be going forward?

Should we get involved in protecting Ukraine with ANY tactical support?

Blankets aside, under Obama. 🙄

Not sure if this was posted up yet?

But it turns out Clapton 'put the guitar down' and is playing a six string super 'bass-ed'.

He went from being a 'guitar g-d' of mine then, to a humanistic 'hero' now.

Full circle of life.🤔

We are in a bit of trouble here.

When we have a current Democrat POTATUS

About to, try and 'out do' an FDR?😮

The famous 'war time Depression Era' president we all know of.

But there is no Churchill to speak OF, involved!!

TO save the day.

Uh boy.🙄

@THEDodgerPrincess @Andre

In the spirit of Spartacus today?


THAT stupid sonofabitch.

OUR own new personal stupid SOB.


When a 'fool of a tyrant', speaks of the people.

We don't listen. 🤷‍♂️

@Andre @MMA @DuaneCates @BrianCates @PatelPatriot @HunDriverWidow @rosemaxx7 @JFAnon @KarePatriot @Horatio

Here is Devin Nunes first live interview yesterday with Maria B...

Also if you do not have a Rumble account, get one now.... try and use the same screen/user name and email for all your Trump TMTG accounts.... including Rumble... just some personal advice from me....

The Best is yet to Come!!

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"Yet I am always with You; You hold me by my right hand. You guide me with Your counsel, and afterward You will take me into glory." Psalm 73:23-24 ❤🙏

@StacyW @Ashley @LeaTXlrp @Kimy54321
@GeorgiaMAGA @MegasAlexandros @KarePatriot
@Luther @SomeLadyinVA @Lumuz
@Greeklivesmatter1970 @watson @Java @PitchforkPatriot @KodiakIsland @JFAnon @JesseStone @Horatio @LoveAlmonds @Andre @nchia @Amdelcoco @mimimayes

Praises, Requests & Updates

@Horatio @pamby1 @as2 @Andre @TXPatriot2021 @MMA @Arcalian @jmc464 @ajthethird @oystergirl The CBC is trying to push that it's about icy, dangerous road conditions in British Columbia.
Yeah, icy conditions thats it. Seems legit.

@Horatio @Kevmo @MMA @as2 My grammar has suffered a bit since I began hanging out online. I wonder why?🤔


Our paths WILL cross.

And the Highwaymen are AWESOME.

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