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"I really don't have words to describe how glad I am to be here with everyone."

Texas Patriot


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Do not take my kindness as a sign of my weakness.

Whatever you do.

Two years ago? And way before that.

Think about it?

When you had a party or a get together albeit with TWO or TWENTY people, for b-day or other event?

Did you ask if they, the 'invited' to your place, if they got a flu shot before they came over to visit you??

This is DONE, as IF they do not want us to gather together to literally talk and communicate with and ASSEMBLE with one another.

Freedom of Assembly is critical to our existence as individuals and a country.

This POS is home now safe in Chappaqua.

Maybe the illegals that landed in Westchester County airport could live in the basement, BILL.

He wants me to 'listen to my body'.

What a shithead.

I bowled over with hysterics with this one. ๐Ÿ˜‚

When it got to Tesla, I lost it.

(h/t Annie IOTWr)

Some years ago I was venting to my husband about the pope(?) or something I generally disliked about the church. I told him I want to be an episcopalian. He told me there's gonna be something about every denomination I won't like. Then he said, "You know how I'm sure we're in the right church? Who does *everybody* call when they have a demon they need to be rid of? A Catholic priest (exorcist)." I stopped complaining that very day. ๐Ÿ˜‚
@Nobody @nchia

Commotion, CCR, 1969:

"...rushing to the treadmill...rushing to get home..."

Now let's take that apart in 2021.

He even mentions the White House. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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Whatever we do, don't forget about those service members that were killed in Afghanistan and the civilians killed by 'mistake', as well, in that Fiasco.

It's like POOF, they the sleepers in the White House, want to talk about everything else but THAT.

They laugh and look at their fucking watches.

That is what they do.

They don't give a dam or shit about the rules, or you.


Long as I Can See the Light, CCR, 1970:

Another GEM from Cosmo's Factory.

Reminds me of many road a trip in the past. ๐Ÿค”

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Up Around The Bend, CCR, 1970:

"...there's a place up ahead and I'm goin'... just as fast as my feet can fly..."

"...leave the sinking ship behind..."

@ajthethird @Arcalian @NancyDrew @oystergirl @as2 @jmc464

"Meghan Markle turns lobbyist and writes to Pelosi and Schumer saying paid leave for parents should be a 'national right'

This projecting virtue signaling dumb dumb needs to STFU.

In Alaska you get it all mountains, ocean, lake, streams. My favorite hike in Kodiak is around Lake Gertrude. The ocean is there too with the mountains. Itโ€™s heaven on earth.
@LoveAlmonds @oystergirl @as2 @NancyDrew

@LoveAlmonds yeah, I only lived away from the shore for my four years in college and I hated it! Great pictures buddy!!! @Horatio @as2 @NancyDrew

Dennis Prager contracted
CCP-13 'out of his own will', in order to get antibodies, NOT get the shot, and the Neo Pharma Left ergo the Blue Bird, flipped out!?

Whether you want, like, don't want OR have the shot. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ


He has been so consistent over the past year and a half about this medical and social fiasco of our times.

Sharksโ€™ Evander Kane suspended 21 games by NHL for reported use of fake vaccine card:

This is not like getting a fake ID in Times Square in the late 1970's, to get into a bar around the corner.

Uh boy.๐Ÿ™„

Is anyone else wondering where this Steve Bannon contempt of court thing is going.


Since the very early Breitbart days when he helped finance that joint, I was and have been a fan.

I love the gruff fuck you style.

'You're a damn liar': Joe Biden lashes out at voter in Iowa, December 16, 2019:

The guy, the current POTUS, is full on projecting POS and could barely look at that guy, until he got pissed off.

He called the guy FAT.

Hey Joe?

"Let's Go Brandon"

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