@DuaneCates mentioned on his Thunderdrome episode that this wasn’t supposed to happen.


The tyrants thought that they had us under their boot with the lockdowns. NOW was the time to seize power. NOW was the time to implement their totalitarian policies!

They thought that we were so afraid that we would go meekly along with whatever they said.

American liberty was a problem that needed a sufficient amount of “education” to eradicate.

And they began…and kept at it for 50 years.

But they made a fatal error.

They forgot about the power of “fuck you”

At the start, as @DuaneCates said, Americans were genuinely trying to help.

“Stay at home for 14 days to fix this? Yeah, we can do that!”

And then the goalposts moved.

And again.

And again.

And then America voted. This was the first time America said, “fuck you”

When the assholes realized it wasn’t going their way, and they were looking at a catastrophic loss, in their desperation they stopped counting the votes…and tried to steal the election - in broad daylight.

Now that they “won” by dragging their corpse of a candidate across the finish line, they thought they were safe to implement what they wanted all along.

The enslavement of America…and then the world.

One problem.

As they tried to push their CRT, tell little boys they were broken girls, make everyone hate each other, turned the FBI loose on average Americans, and threatened Americans with financial RUIN if we don’t COMPLY…people started saying, “fuck you”.

It was a voice or two at first…now it’s “FUCK YOU BIDEN!!!”




“Thank you Lord for this food, and fuck you Biden, that senile dude”

Some are almost there…almost.


I agree.

"And give us these gifts..."

There is a Reckoning simmering.


Like nothing the world has ever seen, Horatio



Right now? In 1776?

NY and Brooklyn was a MAJOR defeat and they are high tailing up to White Plains in haste, to dig in there for the next fight.

Harlem Heights was a lucky 'draw' about a month ago.

This is a great British battles site:


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That’s a neat site. I’m going to check it out

Thanks for sharing it with me.

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